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Get to Know Estonia’s Andra Moistus

Morning Chalk Up

January 22   |   POWERED BY

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Good morning and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up.

In today’s edition:

  • We learn more about Andra Moistus following her sixth-place TYR WZA finish
  • Ranking the top teens in the women’s division
  • The Underground PDX provides safety and life skills for Portland’s at-risk youth

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“To make it to the CrossFit Games. This has been the dream and the goal for the last two years.” - Andra Moistus, Estonia's up-and-comer, on her goals for the 2024 season

  Top-10 Wodapalooza Finish Puts Estonia’s Andra Moistus on the Map  

Top-10 Wodapalooza Finish Puts Estonia’s Andra Moistus on the Map

When Andra Moistus found CrossFit in Estonia in 2018, most people in her country had never heard of it before.

  • In fact, even she wasn’t really sure what CrossFit was all about. She had seen a video on Instagram that a coach at her Globo gym had posted of people doing pull-ups and toes-to-bar at a CrossFit competition and assumed that was CrossFit.

Because Moistus had a pole-vaulting background, she was skilled at gymnastics and had good upper-body strength, so she decided to sign up for a local competition. She expected pull-ups and toes-to-bar but was surprised when she was asked to do box jump-overs, lift sandbags, and push a sled.

Still, she placed second and finished fourth in Estonia in the CrossFit Open (15,550th in the world).

That was six years ago.

Today, Moistus, who lives and trains in Tallinn, the capital city of Estonia, is a seasoned CrossFit athlete, which she proved last week when she placed an impressive sixth overall at the 2024 TYR Wodapalooza in Miami, FL. Here, the 27-year-old beat out a number of highly ranked CrossFit Games athletes, including Dani Speegle, Olivia Kerstetter, Emily Rolfe, and Sydney Wells.

Moistus admitted her finish in Miami was “a big surprise,” saying she hadn’t dreamed she would even be in the top 10.

The Coaching Difference

Before last season, Moistus mostly followed online programming, but often “cherry-picked” workouts and added pieces to her training sessions because she’s one of those athletes who always wants to do more volume.

  • “I was adding a lot of stuff, whatever I felt like doing. It was mostly a lot of EMOMs with burpees or cardio stuff,” said Moistus, whose strengths are long conditioning workouts, thanks to a childhood filled with running, biking, cross-country skiing, and gymnastics.

Fourteen months ago, though, she traveled to Norway to work with coach Silje Tonnesen on her ring muscle-ups. She connected with Tonnesen and decided she would trust her to become her coach.

Under Tonnesen’s tutelage, Moistus’ training changed right away. Much more emphasis was put on strength and power training, Moistus’ weaknesses. This meant not only working on pure strength work a lot more but also using heavy dumbbells and kettlebells during condoning workouts.

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🎙️ 🎙️ The Weekly Buzz: Check out our news brief collab between the Morning Chalk Up and Kettlebells and Cocktails to catch up on some of the top community, affiliate, and sport stories of the week.

  • On this week’s episode: Joe and Niki recap TYR WZA and discuss the big news from the week.

🗓️ ✓ The Crown Qualifier Deadline: The Progrm’s “The Crown” qualifier for the elite teen competition ends today, Monday, January 22.

PRVN Fitness New Coaches: With the announcement of their latest 1:1 program, PRVN Fitness also announced three new coaches on its staff: Tim Paulson, David Charbonneau, and Joey Tortora.

✍️ Quick Survey to Help PhD Student: CrossFitter Priscilla Fleming is a PhD student at Walden University, and she needs your help. She needs volunteers who have been doing CrossFit for the past three months to complete a short survey that examines the connection between the effectiveness of mental health treatment and CrossFit.

ICYMI: Chase Ingraham explains why everyday CrossFit athletes should work swimming into their training.

  The Top 4 Teenagers at the Games from the Past 5 Years, Ranked  


The Top 4 Teenagers at the Games from the Past 5 Years, Ranked

Since the 2019 season, four teenagers have stood out at the CrossFit Games in the women’s Individual division, not just for their youth but for their ability to challenge the best in the sport.

Below, we have ranked these four impressive young women based on their career stats at the CrossFit Games since 2019.

  • Fun Fact: All four of them also happened to win Rookie of the Year.

*Only the results from the athletes’ years as teenagers will be included below.

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  “More Than a Workout”: The Underground PDX Helping Hundreds of Youth At-Risk in Oregon  

“More Than a Workout”: The Underground PDX Helping Hundreds of Youth At-Risk in Oregon

Scott Bradley recognized how challenging life was for many children and teens in Rockwood, OR, a diverse neighborhood in the Portland area known for its high rate of crime and violence, or as Bradley calls it “the most diverse and dangerous community in the state of Oregon.”

So in 2015, the pastor and CrossFit L-2 coach at 3-46 GRIT CrossFit in Gresham, OR, decided to start offering free CrossFit classes to youth, most of whom came from “rough backgrounds” with families who could never afford $200 a month for a membership.

But when COVID-19 hit, “everything stopped,” including Bradley’s youth program.

When the world reopened, Bradley decided to not only re-launch his program but to create a new gym devoted entirely to at-risk youth.

And so The Underground PDX, a nonprofit CrossFit affiliate Bradley founded in Rockwood, was born in 2022.

The Underground PDX started small, in a 1,000-square-foot barn, but then Bradley began lobbying politicians and applying for funding and grants to build his program. To his surprise, there was a ton of public funding available for youth violence prevention endeavors, and he soon secured two loans from the City of Gresham, one for $104,000 and one for $150,000.

He was off to the races.

The Underground PDX Today

The funding Bradley has received in the last two years, including those first two grants from the City of Gresham, has allowed him to offer his free program to more and more youth and move from the barn into a 10,000-square-foot facility.

Further, he has been able to hire coaches, buy equipment, add a mentorship and tutoring component to the program, and ultimately expand it to a place where he’s able to make a difference in the lives of youth who really need CrossFit.

Finally, the Underground PDX has even been able to pay for some youth in the program to take their CrossFit L-1 and become intern coaches.

Today, there are 150 kids and young adults between the ages of 12 and 24 in The Underground PDX database, and generally, 20 to 30 of them show up to the classes that are offered five days a week.

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  Linda Keesman Signs with Reebok Europe for Year Six  

Linda Keesman Signs with Reebok Europe for Year Six

In 2016, Linda Keesman returned home to the Netherlands after studying abroad, feeling out of shape. She was inspired to join a local “strength and conditioning” gym in order to regain her fitness. Shortly after, she learned of the sport of CrossFit, and that the training that she was doing was similar.

Like many burgeoning CrossFit athletes, she watched all the documentaries, read and absorbed everything she could get her hands on. Wanting to learn more about the sport, while becoming stronger and fitter, but still not quite sure what that meant at the time, she secured an internship with Reebok Benelux and began training at a local CrossFit box.

  • “I could not do a single pull-up, but I became addicted to the process very soon and I knew I wanted to compete in the sport,” Keesman tells Morning Chalk Up.

Remind me: In 2022, Keesman competed at the Lowlands Throwdown, finishing 11th. As only the top five finishers were guaranteed a spot at the Games, she missed out by a decent margin. Coming into the 2023 season, Keesman felt motivated.

  • “I just started working with a new coach and I’ve had my best ranking so far during the Open, and Quarterfinals were okay as well. Then I traveled to Training Think Tank to prep for Semifinals. It was the first time for me to train in an environment like that for a longer period of time, being able to solely focus on training,” Keesman says.
  • “The level of athletes and coaching there was so good. It definitely helped me to get as ready as possible for Semifinals,” Keesman continues.

At the European Semifinal, the first day competing in Berlin was a huge let-down for her.

  • “The way I performed (on) the first day of Semifinals was quite disappointing, as it was so far off from what I did in training. Gladly day two and day three were way better and gave me a chance to fight for that Games spot. Lots of lessons learned and it excited me for what’s to come,” Keesman says.

Keesman finished 13th, two places off qualifying for the Games. Shortly after, she became injured, but because it’s one of her favorite competitions, she competed in the Madrid Championship. She admits that in hindsight, it wasn’t the smartest decision, and with the encouragement and support of her coach, Max El Hag, she realized that it was better to take time off and heal properly.

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