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Morning Chalk Up

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Good morning and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up.

In today’s edition:

  • Predicting “equipment-free” Open workouts.
  • First Look: The Reebok Nano X1
  • CompTrain plans a CrossFit training academy.
  • Some gyms experienced record revenue in 2020.

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  What An Equipment-Free Open Might Look Like 

What An Equipment-Free Open Might Look Like

With a global pandemic shutting down gyms and hundreds of athletes moving to workout from the comfort of their own home, equipment-free workouts have become exponentially more popular in the last year. So much so that this year, the CrossFit Games announced that the 2021 Open would feature an equipment-free division. While athletes cannot qualify for anything beyond the Open in this division, it will give thousands of athletes the opportunity to compete and feel like part of a community at a time when we all need to feel a little closer.

What does it look like: The equipment-free version of the Open is where we could really see big changes to the movements classically featured in the Open. While Castro has been known for his propensity to repeat movements and workouts, since 2011, we’ve only seen five movements that could be classified as “equipment-free.”

  • The burpee, the handstand push-up, handstand walks, push-ups, and pistols are the only equipment free movements in the Open since 2011.
  • Given CrossFit’s goal to make the Open more accessible to all, especially in the equipment free division, it’s unlikely that we will see the more advanced bodyweight movements like handstand push-ups, handstand walking, and pistols in the Open.
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  • Co-Founder of CrossFit SISU and Master’s Athlete, Pat Crosby, pens an op-ed in the Duluth News Tribune making the case for direct Congressional support for gyms:
    • “Local fitness centers are closing at unprecedented and unsustainable rates, and the best path forward is for policymakers to recognize the danger these gyms are facing and offer aid to boost the industry. If they don’t, communities across the country will lose out on opportunities to exercise and improve their health.
  • WHOOP member and trainer Drew Manning is intentionally gaining weight “to spread the message of empathy and the need for more of it in the fitness industry.” This is Manning’s second time going from fit to fat to fit and he’s cataloging the journey with his WHOOP strap.
    • “I want to make it more educational so people become more aware of just how living an unhealthy lifestyle can affect you in so many other ways besides simply gaining weight–mentally, emotionally, sexual health, finances, motivation, handling stress, relationships, memory, etc.”
  • Brazil gets its first female CrossFit Level Three trainer.
  • O2 is dropping a new Hydration Mix tomorrow. Send them a text to get early access, supplies are limited.
  • Food Network star, Jeff Mauro, the Sandwich King, started on a weight-loss and fitness journey a few years ago at O’Hare CrossFit. He’s down 50 pounds and happily transforming his “dad bod.”
  • The Brooklyn Lifting Company offers hand-sewn, straight weight belts, created by Steph Giacalone, a former competitive gymnast and current USAW weightlifter. The custom belts are lined with memory foam, providing extra support and making them comfortable.
  First Look: The Reebok Nano X1 

First Look: The Reebok Nano X1

Today Reebok announces the 11th edition of the Nano, the Nano X1, designed to be the most supportive, comfortable and versatile training shoe the brand has ever made.

One big thing: While the Reebok Nano X1 will be available in a wide range of color selections on its global launch date of February 3, a limited-edition release is available today, exclusively for UNLOCKED members at The “I’ll Call You Back” Nano X1 celebrates individuals who are consistently making the time in their day to shut out the background noise and distractions and put in the work for their own personal development.

The details: Designed to be the official shoe of fitness, the Nano X1 fuses the comfort of a running shoe while maintaining the performance credentials of a superior training shoe in order to meet the demands of the modern-day fitness landscape.

Reebok’s Athlete partners include Rich Froning Jr., Chyna Cho, Haley Adams, Jason Khalipa, Kristin Holte and more.

Of note: Reebok UNLOCKED members will be able to purchase the new Nano X1 starting January 29 and receive expedited shipping.

  The CompTrain Academy and How Ben Bergeron Wants to Shape the Future of the Sport of Fitness 

The CompTrain Academy and How Ben Bergeron Wants to Shape the Future of the Sport of Fitness

Big things are brewing at CompTrain and CrossFit New England.

We are less than two weeks into the 2021 calendar year and already two top 10 athletes from this year’s Games have announced they will be relocating to Massachusetts to train full-time at CrossFit New England with the CompTrain team.

As it turns out, it is all part of a larger plan from CompTrain’s owner and head coach Ben Bergeron in steering the direction of the development of athletes at various levels by creating a program whose holistic approach meets the demands and maturation of the sport of fitness.

Enter the CompTrain Training Academy, or as Bergeron puts it succinctly, a “world-class training facility designed to help people excel at the CrossFit Games.” The facility, which has plans for construction around the month of June, will be an addition to the CrossFit New England affiliate location, and will feature a full-service concierge style approach for its athletes.

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  Not All Doom and Gloom: Many Affiliates Report Gross Revenue Increase in 2020 


Not All Doom and Gloom: Many Affiliates Report Gross Revenue Increase in 2020

While financial loss was the overarching story for the CrossFit affiliate community, and the fitness industry in general in 2020, we surveyed 188 affiliate owners on a CrossFit Affiliate Owners Facebook group and found 40 percent of them experienced an increase in gross revenue in 2020.

The details: Forty one of 188 affiliate owners reported a 10 to 25 percent gross revenue growth in 2020, and another 12 said they’re up more than 25 percent.

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