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Getting Faster with a World Record Sprinter

Morning Chalk Up

October 14

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Good morning and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up. We are gearing up for the final stage of the 2020 CrossFit Games at the Ranch in Aromas, CA and today’s newsletter is packed with analysis. First up, Tommy Marquez takes a closer look at the schedule and day one hints. Then, Justin LoFranco digs into what happened when the CrossFit Total was programmed at the 2018 Games. And, don’t miss the seventh installment of Spenser Mestel’s “Not That Fit” series, this week he takes on “speed” with Team USA sprinter, Dalilah Muhammad.

  • Finally, Samuel Kwant is one of three male athletes to have competed at the Ranch before. Learn about him in today’s CrossFit Games Round-Up.

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A Closer Look: The CrossFit Games Stage Two Schedule

 A Closer Look: The CrossFit Games Stage Two Schedule 

Early Tuesday morning pacific time, the CrossFit Games announced the broadcast and streaming schedule for stage two.

The announcement comes following Dave Castro’s day one programming hint as the “Final Five” athletes are making the final preparations to head to California where they will quarantine in the competition “bubble,” prior to the start of the competition.

The details so far: Three total days of competition at the Ranch and any potential offsite locations, as well as 10 total broadcast and streaming windows across the weekend ranging from 10 minutes to two hours where events will be taking place.


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How the Six Athletes from 2018 Performed in the CrossFit Total

 How the Six Athletes from 2018 Performed in the CrossFit Total 

On Monday, Dave Castro revealed that day one events of the 2020 CrossFit Games would be the entire three-event 2007 CrossFit Games “and then some.” The final event in 2007 was the CrossFit Total, an event that was repeated a decade later at the 2018 CrossFit Games.

Games History

  • 2007: 1,225 pounds (Connor Banks) | 530 pounds (Nicole Dehart)
  • 2018: 1255 pounds (Royce Dunn) | 875 pounds (Tia-Clair Toomey)
  • Full 2018 results.
  • Rewatch the event from 2018.

One big thing: At first glance, it’s tempting to think Fraser and Toomey lock up easy wins because of how dominant they are on the field of play but there are a couple of factors that have the potential to affect that outcome.



Not That Fit: Getting Faster with World Record Sprinter Dalilah Muhammad

 Not That Fit: Getting Faster with World Record Sprinter Dalilah Muhammad 

After my convo last week with “So You Think You Can Dance” winner Michael Dameski, I’m feeling more coordinated but #NotThatFit overall. There are still three components of fitness left to master, so today I’m talking speed with team USA member Dalilah Muhammad.

Last year, Muhammad broke the world record for the 400-meter hurdles, which had stood for 16 years, and then she broke it again a few months later. However, Muhammad wasn’t a naturally talented athlete as a kid, and most of her success came after she graduated from the University of Southern California, which shows that speed isn’t a fixed trait and can be improved.


CrossFit Ranch Round-Up: Samuel Kwant

 CrossFit Ranch Round-Up: Samuel Kwant 

Schedule of Events and How to Watch the 2020 CrossFit Games

 Schedule of Events and How to Watch the 2020 CrossFit Games 

In just 10 days, the final stage of the 2020 CrossFit Games will kick off in Aromas, CA as the five fittest men and women square off for a slice of a $1.3 million prize purse as well as the title of Fittest Man and Woman on Earth. 

Starting this year on a Friday, this will be one of the shortest CrossFit Games since 2011 due to COVID-19. Athletes are already en route to California to make final preparations before entering the CrossFit Ranch bubble next week. 




The 2007 CrossFit Games

On Monday, CrossFit’s Director of Sport, Dave Castro dropped a big hint about the 2020 Games. In an Instagram post, he suggested that the first day of the competition would be comprised of the entire 2007 Games “and then some.” This quick video from CrossFit provides a great summary of the 2007 tests.

 Morning Chalk Up 



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The Five Best Mobility Drills for Lifters

Building sound strength is dependent on good mobility and oftentimes when training sessions are limited, mobility work is the first thing to get chopped. Strength and mobility feed off each other though, and here are five mobility drills you should incorporate into your warm-ups or separate, short sessions throughout the day.

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Congratulations to Sergio H., who was the first to correctly answer which Games had the most days of Individual competition. The correct answer was the 2016 CrossFit Games which had five days of Individual competition.

  • Today’s question: Which athlete(s) won the most individual Games events at the Ranch in Aromas, CA?

Submit your answer.



  • Happy 1st Anniversary Bronislaw and Lidka Dabrowska-Olenkowicz.
  • Jadzia Onorati- Phillips snatches 165 pounds for a PR. 
  • Mayra Luz back squats 205 pounds for a PR.
  • Manuel Mannironi snatches 275 pounds from the blocks.
  • Jessica Randle snatches 120 pounds for a PR.
  • Lee Mullin does a clean and jerk complex at 198 pounds.
  • Scott Rossi cleans 350 pounds.


Good Read: The Fittest Influencers on Earth

Money, a UK-based financial website recently published the results of an analysis of CrossFit Games athletes earning potential on Instagram and it’s a pretty good read. Based on a separate study that revealed each Instagram follower is worth $0.0043, Max Beckett, Money’s broadband expert analyzed the top 30 men and women from the 2020 CrossFit Games and found some interesting trends. Below is an excerpt from the list (only the top-five men and women who will compete at the Ranch in Aromas) with earnings and a few key takeaways:


  • Mat Fraser — 2.2 million followers — $9,452 per post.
  • Noah Ohlsen — 708,072 followers — $3,024 per post.
  • Justin Medeiros — 22,440 followers — $96 per post.
  • Samuel Kwant — 19,522 followers — $83 per post.
  • Jeffrey Adler — 14,818 followers — $63 per post.


  • Tia-Clair Toomey — 1.5 million followers — $6,181 per post.
  • Brooke Wells — 1.35 million followers — $5,768 per post.
  • Haley Adams — 246,320 followers — $1,052 per post.
  • Katrin Davidsdottir — 1.8 million followers — $7,814 per post.
  • Kari Pearce — 317,257 followers — $1,355 per post.

Beckett’s takeaways:

  • “At the top of the leaderboard going into the in-person finals and for potential Instagram earnings is Mat Fraser. After winning the CrossFit Games in 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019, Fraser has managed to gain a social media following of over 2.2 million. Known for dominating the field in previous years, the American CrossFit athlete could be earning $9,452 per snap on social media.”
  • “Unlike the men, ranking highly at the CrossFit games does not directly translate into more followers on social media for female contestants. At the top of the potential earnings is Sara Sigmundsdottir. The Icelandic athlete who has been competing as an individual athlete at the World Games since 2015, has over 1.8m followers and is potentially earning $8,017 per Instagram post. Despite the high following and potential earnings, Sigmundsdottir is currently ranking in position 21 at the 2020 CrossFit Games.”
  • “The 2020 CrossFit athlete with the most followers is Mat Fraser. The American athlete who has dominated the games for several years has over 1.5m more followers than the next most-followed male athlete, and over 350K more followers than the most followed female. Despite Fraser’s significant lead on social media followers, on average female CrossFit athletes’ potential earnings on social media are double their male counterparts.”

See the full list and read the analysis in the full post.

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