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“You are going to get bullied, a lot”

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“If you even dream of beating me, you’d better wake up and apologize.” — Muhammed Ali



Breaking news folks.

So we’ve brought you news about the Avolatte. We covered the diet avocado and even the trendy avocado toast bar in San Fran. It’s all been fun and games, but it’s time for us to get real.

We’re talking about Avocado Hand.

Come again?

Avocado hand: the condition that is taking Europe by storm. People are seriously injuring themselves during the process of peeling and slicing the millennial’s favorite delicacy. There are up to 4 cases per week of nerve and tendon damage from opening avocados.

Tutorials are popping up everywhere teaching folks how to peel and slice one safely. Some people even believe warning labels should be added.

Threat or nah?

Okay okay, we get it, accidents happen. But let’s be real–  brushing up on your basic knife skills could prevent any future avocado-related ER trips.

If all else fails, just buy Wholly Guacamole and call it a day.



What to tell your friend who just laid $20 down on the table…

Called out. That’s what Anthem CrossFit is doing to Dave Castro and Josh Bridges, challenging them to a duel of the first degree: guns and CrossFit. The owners are two former Army Green Berets so naturally there’s a little Army/Navy rivalry about which team’s got the better marksmen. The Siege shooting and CrossFit competition is now open for registration.

What to tell your friend who just got done watching Battle of the Sexes…

Love. OUTWOD was founded in 2011 in New York City and has now grown into the largest international LGBTQ+ fitness initiative. Yesterday, they launched a new non-profit (The OUT Foundation) and their first initiative, Open+LGBTQ, an all-inclusive custom leaderboard for the five weeks of Open WODs where all LGBTQ+ athletes can compete as a community and as the gender they identify with. The initiative also doubles as an annual fundraiser for OUTWOD. It’s completely free to join, you just gotta help raise some dough.



WATCH: Becoming Brooke Wells, EP. 2

In Episode 2 in this exclusive documentary series, Brooke Wells shares the story of her unlikely qualification to the CrossFit Games in her debut Regionals, at the young age of 19. 



HEAR: What Defines You?

Froning and Friends is back for a new episode diving deep into the topic of what defines you. Rich also dives into his Faith and how it has strengthened as the years have passed.



BUY: Free Bacon for 2018

The headline really speaks for itself. But anyone who starts their first order for all natural beef with Butcher Box will get free bacon with every order in 2018. 



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  • A MUST READ — We don’t often use that phrase so trust us. The Carlotte Observer tells the story of two women who found their fit out of unlikely situations: 64-year-old Brenda Keisler who’s doctors told her she’d never hold her grandkids, and 42-year-old Coach Amanda Kloo who battled cerebral palsy her entire life and competed at Wodapalooza this weekend.  
  • LESSONS FROM A 5-YEAR-OLD — Mom As Rx blogger Ashley Lynn is juggling all things life, mom, exercise, a newborn and career. But in the midst of it all she’s passing on one important lesson to her 5-year-old: “I love when she mimics me working out and that part of what I am teaching her by example is how to lead a healthy life and be a physically and mentally strong woman.”
  • REFLECTIONS ON DIVERSITY — Paul Strack from Little Rock, AR is a 55-year-old white male who never experienced much diversity growing up, until he joined Omnis CrossFit. “CrossFit is built on a culture of community. There are wide variances in age, background, ethnicity and culture within our membership. Although each group workout is relatively small in numbers (8 – 12), we all experience the same grueling, yet rewarding daily workout. What we share greatly overshadows our differences. Communities such as this
    would not exist if it were not for Dr. King leading the fight for justice for all.”

CHALK UP IN 2 MINUTES (a highlight reel around social media of CrossFit pros and average joes) 

KILL CLIFF launched a new websiteAll the Reebok athletes are heading to the Bahamas for the annual Reebok Athlete Summit Liz Marie hit a 175 pound back squat PR Congratulations to CA Regional athlete Bianca Casciari who got engaged down at Wodapalooza.

4x CrossFit Games individual athelte Christy Adkins on taking a break from competition…“This year, pregnancy or not, I had made the decision that I was not going to compete. Not as an individual or on team. I told myself I’m retired. Much to our great joy, I did get pregnant and it’s been an amazing few months. I am excited and nervous for what this year will bring as a new mom-to-be. I have no competition goals or timeline set for myself for down the road. But I do know, as if there was any doubt, that drive to compete is still there, that drive to test my limits and put myself out there is still
there…I also see how many opportunities there are to compete and join in the fun in the future and I know I’m not retired, just taking a little break for a while maybe even a few years.”



“Letter to My Younger Self” by Alyssa Ritchey

Dear Fifteen-year-old Alyssa,

Hey little Lys! It’s me, older but not much taller Alyssa.

I wish I was there to give you a huge hug.  I know you are going to struggle through high school, but once you’re done, your life will become the life you’ve always dreamed of.

You are going to get bullied, a lot, in your junior and senior year. They will dress up like you to make fun of your outfits. They will make a MySpace account about you and your best friend being lesbians. You will have trashed dumped on your lawn.  They will use soap to write Bi%ch, C*nt, Sl#t on your car.

You’re going to quit gymnastics. I know you’ll regret this decision once you make it, but trust me: you will excel in every sport, so let this one go.



1/20: Winter WOD’rland 2018 (Bend, OR)

1/20: Garage Games’ World Wide WOD (Worldwide)

1/20: Battle of the Ages (Fruitland, ID)

1/27: Winter Chiller (Fairmont, WV)

1/27: NorCal Masters 2018 (Richmond, CA)

1/27: IceBreather Classic (Springfield, IL)

1/27 – 28: The Fittest Experience (Austin, TX)

1/27: The European Championships (Maldon, UK)

2/3: No Weak Links “V” (Whitesboro, NY)

2/3: Caution Grounds 7 (Hialeah Gardens, FL)

2/3: Output Fitness Trials (Miramar, FL)

2/3: 6th Annual Women’s WOD Jam (Broomfield, CO)

2/3: 5th Annual Golden State Games (Stockton, CA)

2/3: Garage Girls Tour (Milton, GA)

2/10: Mirror Image CrossFit’s Cupid’s Clash (Panama City, FL)

2/10: New WODs On the Block – The Third Wheel (Nationwide)

2/10: Tuff Love (Boulder, CO)

2/10: A League of Their Own: A Women’s Only Challenge (San Antonio, TX)

2/10: Mayhem Showdown 2018 (Cookeville, TN) 

2/17: Lovers and Lifters (Springfield, KY)

2/17: Steel Rail Shootout 2018 (McComb, MS)

2/22: CrossFit Open 18.1 (Worldwide)

3/1: CrossFit Open 18.2 (Worldwide)

3/8: CrossFit Open 18.3 (Worldwide)

3/10: Women Who WOD (Barbados)

3/15: CrossFit Open 18.4 (Worldwide)

3/22: CrossFit Open 18.5 (Worldwide)

4/14: The Siege (Baker, FL)

4/21: Festivus Games (Nationwide)

4/28: Battleground SoCal (Wimington, CA)

4/28: Girls Gone Rx (Cincinnati, OH)

4/28 – 4/29: Walter’s Cup Throwdown (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

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