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Gym owners find creative ways to earn more revenue

Morning Chalk Up

May 8   |   POWERED BY

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Good morning and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up.

In today’s edition:

  • Gym owners get creative and earn more
  • Pliability continues to grow
  • Why you should be walking more
  • NOBULL CMO, Todd Meleney, resigns
  • Mother’s Day Shopping Guide for Fit Mamas
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  Gym Owners Get Creative to Build Community, Generate Revenue  

Gym Owners Get Creative to Build Community, Generate Revenue

While the group class has always been the bread and butter for CrossFit affiliates, most have discovered diversifying and offering other services—from personal training to nutrition coaching to individual design to renting out space to registered massage therapists or physical therapists—is beneficial for all parties involved.

Others still take a look at their square footage and community and see even more opportunity to find creative ways to generate additional revenue in a way that also helps their community.

Case in point: In February, we covered a gym in Cedro, CA—Country Strong Fitness— whose owners Karina and Lani Bangay turned their gym into a Learning Center for homeschooled children in 2021. Today, 60 kids pay anywhere from $450 to $550 a month for a place to workout and do their schoolwork supervised by a full staff. Ultimately, the initiative has allowed the Bangay’s to be profitable in an especially tough economic time.

Four Other Owners Thinking Outside the Box

Lewiston, ID: Amanda Long, the owner of CrossFit LCValley in Lewiston, ID read an article written by Two-Brain Business mentor Chris Cooper about advertising and had a brain wave. She decided to sell advertising space on one of her gym’s walls to other small business-owning members to generate some quick, easy funds to buy new equipment and “take care of miscellaneous things,” she explained, without having to rely on adding new members for new revenue.

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Does Your Coaching Software Do All This? CoachRx Does.

Does Your Coaching Software Do All This? CoachRx Does.

Is your coaching software holding you back? The answer should be no! And if it is, here are four reasons to ditch your coaching software and switch to CoachRx:

  1. Better Communication: weekly check-ins, touchpoint tracking, consultations, intake and reminders.
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  3. Equips You to Be a Pro Coach: client facing docs, assessment, planning and periodization, and all the tools.
  4. Built By Coaches Like You: constantly improved based on feedback from coaches just like you!

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🚨 🤯 Rich Froning announced that he will not compete at the CrossFit Games this year and will turn down his invitation in the 35-39 Age Group Division.

WODWell is now free, including daily workouts, active recovery, and rest-day activities, as well as logging capabilities. Check it out now.

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ICYMI: Check out the story of the STRONG Coffee Company

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  Expanding Paths and User Feedback Open Up Bright Future for Pliability  

Expanding Paths and User Feedback Open Up Bright Future for Pliability

ROMWOD underwent a rebrand in September 2022 as the company changed its name to pliability. This was the first step toward a brighter future, which has only continued with branching daily mobility paths and a focus on international customers.

One big thing: A mainstay in the CrossFit community, pliability has not abandoned the customers that have helped it expand. Instead, managing director and founder of pliability Scott Perkins and his staff have only found ways to expand with daily mobility routines that benefit people from a variety of athletic backgrounds.

  • One major focus early on was golf. Pliability joined forces with standout golfer Lee Westwood while addressing common concerns about the ability to rotate without pain while making important shots.
  • The paths have also focused on runners, weightlifters, swimmers, and a variety of other fitness enthusiasts. Though pliability’s biggest move thus far was a partnership with Tia-Clair Toomey and The MINT Prjct to support expectant mothers.

Cody Mooney, Director of Performance, pliability: “So for me, that is probably the one that stands out the most. I just thought it’s an amazing space to be into. I thought we could give a lot of good education and just kind of help that world.”

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  Five Reasons Every CrossFitter Should Walk More  


Five Reasons Every CrossFitter Should Walk More

Walking may not be difficult for someone who participates in regular CrossFit training, but there are complimentary benefits it can provide which may be missing inside the walls of the gym.

I’m in no way advocating that walking should replace CrossFit training, but suggesting that attending a 60 minute class is not enough physical activity to combat being sedentary in the remaining hours of your daily life.

If you’re not hitting around 10,000 steps per day, I would challenge you to try and increase your daily steps to this number for the next month. I recently discovered the impact this could have after reading Built to Move and implementing this into my daily routine for the past 30 days.

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  BREAKING: Todd Meleney Resigns from NOBULL  

BREAKING: Todd Meleney Resigns from NOBULL

The Morning Chalk Up learned today that Todd Meleney has resigned his position as Chief Marketing Officer at NOBULL.

At the moment details are scarce and Meleney was unavailable for comment at this time.

One big thing: This is important news as Meleney was the most long-serving and public-facing member of the NOBULL team aside from its slate of sponsored athletes in CrossFit, PGA Golf, and the NFL among others.

  • Meleney has an active and large following on Instagram where he is known as @IndustryTodd.

Remind me: He was the Brand Manager and first employee of NOBULL back in 2013, making him one of the original team members.

  • Since then, Meleney has been integral in establishing industry disrupting partnerships with elite athletes like Tia-Clair Toomey, Justin Medieros, Mac Jones and others.
  • In addition, he led the charge in making NOBULL the title sponsor of the CrossFit Games, and later brought NOBULL into the NFL market as the presenting sponsor of the NFL Combine, which later led to the NFL investing in the NOBULL.

Meleney has been recognized as a leader in his field, including as a rising executive by Footwear News and a brand honoree of the Cult Gathering.

This is a developing story. The Morning Chalk Up will provide more details as they become available.

  BREAKING: Todd Meleney Resigns from NOBULL  

Mother's Day Shopping Guide for Fit Mamas

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Four Ways to Start Your Coaching Business

If you are wondering how to take the plunge and start your coaching business, OPEX has put together a list of four ways their coaches are starting their coaching businesses. Use this as inspo to start chasing your dream of coaching!


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  • Congratulations to Zack Telander from HWPO on this barbell complex at 315 pounds/143kg— 1 clean + 2 front squat + 1 jerk + 1 front squat + 1 jerk.
  • Weightlifter Vadim Kozevnikov from Sarasota, FL hits a 424 pound/192kg squat snatch in slides.
  • Rebecca Fuselier back squats 280 pounds/127kg.
  • Rich Froning is putting his functional fitness to use on Froning Farms.
  • Not CrossFit, Still Cool: This body control is unreal.
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