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Happy Veterans Day

Happy Veterans Day! And welcome to the Morning Chalk Up. Today’s edition was chalked up while drinking some sweet tea in the San Antonio airpot. P.S. We’re in the San Antonio and Austin areas for the next week. If you’ve got a box to recommend, we’ll drop in and say hi!

America is the land of the free, because of the brave and we offer our most sincere thanks and gratitude to our veterans and their families.



“Success isn’t owned – it’s leased. And rent is due every day.” — J.J. Watt


Can you beat Annie Thorisdottir in a barbell Turkish get-up? Put up more than 40kg and she’ll try and match you kilo for kilo. Alexis Johnson also threw down a challenge…can you do 241 burpees faster than 13:21? Forbes thinks that marketing will save Reebok from another demise. This comes a little bit of a shock but the director of Fort Bliss Army Wellness Center discourages people from doing CrossFit, saying: “The average person who lives a sedentary lifestyle and sits behind a desk all day is not ready to do CrossFit.” Jacob Heppner plays soccer while doing a handstand. Melissa Doss really likes stretchy pants from Target so you can eat more at dinner. Carleen Mathews lands in Mexico and gets a workout in the hotel gym. Rich Froning ads rigging and flooring to the new CrossFit Mayhem. Jared Enderton snatches 317 pounds.


“Baby Boomers need to hit the gym” by The Journal News

“Loni Ackerman Kennedy is not your typical 67-year-old. A dancer and performer on Broadway since she was 18-years-old, she can do a high-kick that rivals most 20 or 40-somethings. For the last two years, the Upper Grandview resident has been a member of CrossFit Momentum and is the perfect example of how baby boomers should approach fitness in their advancing age.

‘”I was always athletic, always in a ballet class or jazz class,’ says Kennedy. ‘But for an older body, you need to work against your bones. I fell in love with it (CrossFit) immediately because to me it’s parallel to a great dance class; you are perfecting a movement; it’s all about technique and grace.”

“CrossFit’s Russell Berger on the Myths and Mantras Surrounding the Brand” by the Club Industry

Q: CrossFit is unique in that affiliates appear to have a lot of flexibility. As in, there’s a variety of experiences offered, as opposed to the uniform look and approach of major club chains. Is that by design? And from an executive level, how do you maintain control of the brand and the practices?

RB: Yes, it’s by design. One major reason for this is we want our program to positively effect the lives of as many people as possible. Telling our affiliates to dress a certain way, charge a certain amount ;or play a certain type of music will only interfere with that. Allowing our affiliates to tailor their businesses to the market they are seeking to reach usually ends with businesses that very much reflect individual personalities and values, meaning there is a lot of variety between CrossFit gyms. In other words, there is something for everyone out there. Another reason is that we simply want to allow our affiliates to experiment with business structure, pricing models, membership options, etc. It would be foolish for us to tell each of our 14,000-plus affiliates worldwide that we know better than they do how to structure and run their business.



Des Moines based CrossFit Carroll is partnering with the Carroll Police Department to raise money for two officers killed in the line of duty. The number of tires that athletes of Pisgah CrossFit and Asheville CrossFit have volunteered to move has increased from 2500 to 4000.


Brought to You by PurePharma — Do you sometimes struggle with eating healthy on those busy days in the office? Well here are some healthy lunch tips you can take with you on the go.


Caffeine and Kilos’ new International Hoodie is ” inspired by the members of the international space station as a reminder that there are no limits to what you can achieve.”
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