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Here Come the Stage Two Clues

Morning Chalk Up

October 15


Good morning and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up. The CrossFit Games Stage Two clues have begun rolling in and Tommy Marquez breaks them down. Patrick Clark concludes our series analyzing the performances of the final five men and women in different types of Games workouts; having covered odd objects, aerobic capacity, and heavy barbells, today he turns his attention to gymnastics tests. And, Michael Tuohy started his CrossFit journey on medication for high blood pressure and chronic digestive problems, but within four months, he had lost 40 pounds and had come off his meds; Emily Beers has his story.

  • In our CrossFit Games Round-Up today, Tommy Marquez talks Games programming and profiles Justin Medeiros.

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Here Come the Stage Two Clues

  Here Come the Stage Two Clues  

Brace yourselves, stage two Castro clues are incoming.

Tuesday morning Director of Sport Dave Castro posted to his instagram account a sticky note explaining that day one of the 2020 CrossFit Games will be the same as the 2007 CrossFit Games “and then some,” providing a hint to what the first tests of the weekend will be.

Remind me again: 2007 was the inaugural year of the Games, which featured three workouts over the course of two days, registration was open to any one and cost $50-$90 depending on the time of registration. The entire competitive field included 44 men, and 20 women.


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CrossFit Games Event Analysis: Gymnastics Could Be the Difference

  CrossFit Games Event Analysis: Gymnastics Could Be the Difference  

The final workout category we analyze for the ten athletes moving on to the live stage of the 2020 CrossFit Games at the Ranch in Aromas, CA on Oct. 23-25 consists of events that test gymnastics ability. These workouts include any featuring handstand walks and ring muscle-ups.

The big picture: Dave Castro has programmed two workouts per year that test athletes’ gymnastics ability every year since 2016.

Gymnastics workouts: Since the 2016 Games, there have been nine workouts that test gymnastics. Four workouts have included handstand walks and this year’s online stage featured a “Handstand Hold” for the first time.


Michael Tuohy Ditches Meds, Drops Forty Pounds in Just Four Months

  Michael Tuohy Ditches Meds, Drops Forty Pounds in Just Four Months  

It was only meant to be a 28-day diet challenge. In July, Michael Tuohy, and 24 other men between the ages of 20 and 65, joined the Man Up Challenge hosted by his chiropractor Nathan Thompson, the owner of Exemplify Health Center and CrossFit Exemplify, both in Yorkville, Il.

  • “I started the journey with the idea of eliminating sugar from my day-to-day life (for 28 days). The whole thing started with a pretty extreme three-day water fast,” said 46-year-old Tuohy.
  • “Nate (Thompson) had also been bugging me for a while to start CrossFit. He kept telling me, ‘We can do so much more for you if you give us the opportunity to help’…With the Man Up Challenge, we also got a 30-day membership at his gym. It was just the nudge I needed,” he added.

Where he was at: When Tuohy started the challenge in July, he weighed 235 pounds at five-foot-eleven and was on medication for high blood pressure and chronic digestive problems that caused him to go to the bathroom more than was considered normal. And at 102 mg/dL, his blood glucose levels were creeping into the prediabetic range.


Ranch Programming Analysis and Justin Medeiros

  Ranch Programming Analysis and Justin Medeiros  



The WIT Summit

The third annual WIT Summit takes place today and will feature an all-star line-up of some of the biggest names in the sport of fitness, including Patrick Vellner, Brent Fikowski, Haley Adams, Annie Thorisdottir, Jamie and Elliot Simmonds, and Eric Roza, plus the unveiling of the limited edition WIT x Reebok Nano X collaboration.

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A Pre-Games Check-in with Justin Medeiros

At 21-years-old, Justin Medeiros is the only rookie in the stage two field at the 2020 CrossFit Games. Tommy Marquez checked in with him at his gym in Fort Vancouver, WA as he puts the finishing touches on his Games training.

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Bloomin’ Apples

This fall dessert is amazing! Inspired by the ever-popular bloomin’ onion appetizer, this recipe includes apples, cinnamon and sugar, and caramel. It’s not the healthiest thing you’ll ever eat, but if you want to indulge this season, give it a try. A quick tip: the apple will start to brown quickly so you’ll want to get it in the oven to bake quickly after cutting it.





Good Read: Mat Fraser Enters GOAT Territory

Yesterday, the South China Morning Post published an opinion piece entitled “Mat Fraser Enters GOAT Territory as He Chases Fifth Straight Title” by Patrick Blennerhassett and it’s a pretty good read. In it, Blennerhassett makes a brief comparison between Lebron James in the NBA and Mat Fraser in CrossFit. While James will always find himself behind Michael Jordan in conversations about the greatest of all time, Fraser has a chance this month to cement an undisputed claim to that moniker by winning his fifth straight Games title. Here are some key takeaways:

  • “Fraser has four consecutive CrossFit Games titles, dating back to 2016. In his two Games appearances before that he came second both times, to Ben Smith and none other than Rich Froning.”
  • The American Froning is largely considered the Godfather of CrossFit. He won four straight titles from 2011 to 2014, and then retired from individual competitions. He moved over to the team division and has racked up more silverware for his trophy case.”
  • “One might liken Froning to Jordan in some respects, the sport’s first modern day GOAT. Jordan has been the unheralded and uncontested “greatest player ever”, having won six championships and accompanying awards as well as setting a number of statistical records. James will never silence the GOAT critics until he wins at least six titles. When looking at the “greatest” argument, the comparisons always start with the biggest and most important trophies.”
  • “Fraser, on the other hand, stands on the precipice of unheralded GOAT status as he readies for the climax of the 2020 CrossFit Games (October 19-25)…A fifth title will give Fraser the edge when it comes to CrossFit’s GOAT debate. Froning’s legacy is undisputed, but Fraser, who has come of age in a much more competitive and globalised time for the sport, will silence any logical critic by winning this year.”
  • “Where James still has work to do, Fraser can end all discussion at CrossFit “boxes” around the world. Froning’s accomplishments with his Mayhem Freedom teams are impressive, and a great show of longevity and consistency for the sport’s defining pioneer, but they would not hold a candle to another title…If Fraser wins this year, he will undoubtedly be CrossFit’s GOAT, the debate will be over, case closed.”

It’s a fascinating piece so be sure to read it in full.

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