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Historic Year for Canadian CrossFit Athletes

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In today’s edition:

  • Was 2023 the best year ever for Canadian CrossFitters?
  • How to enjoy a healthy Thanksgiving
  • The Weekly Buzz is coming in hot with sports and affiliate news updates
  • Oceania Affiliate Summit taking place at Down Under Championship

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  A Historic Year For Canadian CrossFit Athletes  

A Historic Year For Canadian CrossFit Athletes

Since Jeffrey Adler won this year’s CrossFit Games, you might be thinking that it was a solid year for Canadian athletes, but you actually have no idea how good a year it truly was.

Not only did they dominate every stage of competition throughout the CrossFit Games season, they also ran the field at off-season competitions.

We also can’t forget the number of records they set this year.

To give you an idea of just how elite Canadian athletes were this year, let’s take a look at all they accomplished:

2023 CrossFit Games

Jeffrey Adler becomes the second-ever Canadian man to win the CrossFit Games. The first was James Fitzgerald in 2007.

Canadian athletes collectively won eight events at the Games:

  • Event 1: Ride: Emma Lawson
  • Event 6: Helena: Jeffrey Adler
  • Event 7: Cross-Country 5K: Emily Rolfe
  • Event 8: Intervals: Patrick Vellner
  • Event 8: Intervals: Emma Lawson
  • Event 9: Olympic Total: Jack Farlow
  • Event 10: Muscle-Up Logs: Jeffrey Adler
  • Event 11: Parallel-Bar Pull: Brent Fikowski

This is the most event wins Canadian athletes have ever had at the CrossFit Games.

Jack Farlow set the record for the heaviest Clean and Jerk ever recorded at a CrossFit competition with 395 pounds.

Canadian athletes occupied 50% of the total Games podium (3 out of 6 athletes):

  • Jeffrey Adler, 1st
  • Patrick Vellner, 2nd
  • Emma Lawson, 2nd

That also happened to be the highest-ever concentration of Canadian athletes on the podium.

2023 Rogue Invitational

Patrick Vellner won the Rogue Invitational for the second time, it was also the second time a Canadian won the event.

Canadian athletes occupied 50% of the total Rogue Invitational podium (3 out of 6 athletes):

  • Patrick Vellner, 1st
  • Jeffrey Adler, 2nd
  • Emma Lawson, 3rd

2023 CrossFit Open

Jeffrey Adler won the 2023 Open for the second time.

That marked the third time in the last four years that a Canadian man has won the worldwide Open:

  • 2023: Jeffrey Adler
  • 2021: Jeffrey Adler
  • 2020: Patrick Vellner

Final Thoughts

As you can see Canada was not messing around this year, but now the question becomes “Can they get better?”

Will 2024 be the first year that we ever see an all-Canada podium on the men’s side?

Will Lawson be able to overtake the champs Horvath and Toomey-Orr?

We’re just going to have to wait to find out.

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🚨 🚨 Down Under Championship: Workouts for the Down Under Championship have been released for all divisions. The elite individuals will have eight scored events total. 

  • The final events (seven and eight) are “Grace and Double Grace,” a sneaky format in which athletes will be scored on the time of their first 30 reps and on the time of the total 60. Athletes will have to push harder than they might want at the beginning of that one.

The Fittest Woman on Earth, Laura Horvath, won the 2023 Hungary National Championship in weightlifting. Competing in the 76kg division, Horvath totaled 215kg or 473 pounds with a 95kg snatch and a 120kg clean and jerk.

🎟️ 🎟️ Spectator tickets for the Dubai Fitness Championship are now available.

ICYMI: Emma McQuaid returns to her quad bike roots while looking ahead to the 2024 Games season.

  How to Enjoy Thanksgiving without Sacrificing your Health and Fitness Goals  


How to Enjoy Thanksgiving without Sacrificing your Health and Fitness Goals

It’s that time of year again when we all gather around our tables with our close loved ones and share a delicious meal. No matter where you are in your health and wellness journey, we want to help you navigate the holiday in a way that is most appropriate for you and your goals.

This article specifically addresses the Thanksgiving holiday, but you can absolutely apply this to any other holidays and celebrations as well.

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  Oceania CrossFit Affiliate Summit to be Held at WIN Entertainment Centre before Down Under Championship  

Oceania CrossFit Affiliate Summit to be Held at WIN Entertainment Centre before Down Under Championship

The Oceania CrossFit Affiliate Summit is set to return on November 30, the day before Australia’s largest off-season CrossFit event, the Down Under Championship, in Wollongong, Australia.

Lily Free, Australia’s CrossFit Country Manager, is keen to build on the success of last year’s Oceania CrossFit Affiliate Summit as she explains:

  • “This year we’re trying to provide value to the affiliate owners (at the summit) and we’ll be providing opportunities for them to learn,” she said.
  • ‘We’ve got four different speakers that will be adding value to the affiliate owners.”

Guest speakers at the Oceania CrossFit Affiliate Summit include:

  • Shane Orr and Dwight Upshaw from PRVN Fitness, who will discuss how programming can positively influence the culture and community in your box.
  • Adam Barbaro from Box Jump Brands, who will educate attendees on how to maximize social media content and how to add value, boost membership and keep your gym profitable.
  • Rob Noy from BirdBox, who will share insight into understanding yourself as a coach and exploring the psychosocial elements of coaching.
  • Kate Gordon from CF Kate Nutrition, who will discuss nutrition for affiliates and provide advice on how affiliate owners can implement nutrition strategies in their gym, and make money from it.

Other events that are planned for the Oceania CrossFit Affiliate Summit include:

  • A panel discussion hosted by Alphafit that will focus on the future of CrossFit. Panelists will include a long-term affiliate owner (10+ years), a representative for the sport of CrossFit, an Alphafit representative, and a representative from CrossFit HQ.
  • A roundtable discussion facilitated by CrossFit HQ. This will involve formatted discussion questions where delegates are on a round table with other affiliate owners. It’s an opportunity for sharing ideas and problems and coming up with solutions.
  • “We often get the best feedback on that piece,” shares Free.

The bottom line: The Oceania CrossFit Affiliate Summit is a chance for affiliate owners to interact with industry professionals, build connections and enhance their businesses.

  • “For CrossFit to be successful, the most important thing is for affiliates to be successful,” reflects Free.

The event is free and is open to all affiliate owners, not just those based in Australia. If you’re an affiliate owner heading to the Down Under Championship, it’s not too late to secure your spot at the Oceania CrossFit Affiliate Summit.

  Oceania CrossFit Affiliate Summit to be Held at WIN Entertainment Centre before Down Under Championship  

The Weekly Buzz: 11/20/23

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