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Holte Surgery Only Minor Season Setback

Morning Chalk Up

January 25


Good morning and welcome to the weekend edition of the Morning Chalk Up. Sanctional number six, Strength in Depth, is off and running, and we’ve got a full recap of day one. And, Tommy Marquez breaks down athlete performances in “The Standard,” the first CrossFit Games event to be repeated in a Sanctional. Today:

  • Strength in Depth: Day One.
  • Top 10 athlete performances in “The Standard”: 2019 CrossFit Games vs 2020 Strength in Depth.
  • FloSports and Loud And Live ink important livestreaming and broadcast deal.
  • NOCCO is launching a “new for the U.S.” flavor, “Miami Strawberry” in a limited edition can — just in time for Wodapalooza.
  • Kristin Holte starts the season off with wrist surgery.

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“Muscles are meant for humans. They don’t discriminate genders.” — Amanda J. Barnhart

Strength in Depth: Day One Recap

  Strength in Depth: Day One Recap  

In a competition headlined by some of the greatest athletes ever to compete in CrossFit, day one of the CrossFit Strength in Depth leaderboard is headlined by a teenager, a former contender and a team not named Mayhem. The opening day featured two events that tested cardiovascular endurance (a 6,000m run for individuals and a 6,000m sandbag run for teams) and their muscular and gymnastics endurance (“The Standard” for individuals and a variation of “The Standard” for teams).

The team division: Just on sheer name alone, Mayhem Freedom was expected to be the team to beat. However the team of Rich Froning, Tasia Percevecz, Chyna Cho and new member Scott Panchik find themselves in unfamiliar territory, sitting in fourth, 42 points behind the leader.

  • The leader is Team WHEY’D, a team we spotlighted as one to watch in our preview, a team consisting of two-time Irish national champion Emma McQuaid, Lithuanian national champion Arminas Balevicius, 2018 men’s Irish national champion Michael Smith and Helena Collins from the UK.

Team WHEY’D currently holds a 10-point lead over Spanish team TRAINLIKEFIGHT.COM, thanks in part to a first-place finish in the event one run and a third-place finish in event two.

  • Mayhem Freedom was able to bounce back from a ninth-place finish in event one to win event two handedly.
  • This is the first time since the Rogue Invitational in May that Mayhem is not on top of the leaderboard. Mayhem led from start to finish at the 2019 CrossFit Games, their worst event finish was fifth in the Team Ruck event.
  • TRAINLIKEFIGHT.COM recorded a third place in the event one run and finished only 20 seconds behind Mayhem for second in event two. The team is led by Belgium women’s national champion Manon Angonese and David Mata (2018 Games team competitor – CrossFit Norte Redondela).
  • Vondelgym Motion is in third, 18 points off the lead and 24 points ahead of Mayhem.

The Mens’ Division: Lukas Hӧgberg’s mission to earn an invite to the Games through a Sanctional event got off to a good start on day one. He leads heading into day two after a second-place finish in the run and third in “The Standard.” Hӧgberg, who podiumed in the 2018 Games, holds a six-point lead over the reigning CrossFit Games champion Mathew Fraser.

  • Fraser doesn’t show any effects from the long lay-off between the Games and his first competition floor appearance. He placed sixth in the run and was the only athlete to finish the “Standard” under eight minutes. His time in event two was 12 seconds faster than his time in the same event in the finale of the 2019 CrossFit Games.
  • Greece’s Giorgos Karavis, as expected, is battling for the Games invite. He’s in third place, just eight points behind Hӧgberg.
  • Romain Fellonneau and Will Moorad are also in the hunt for the Games invitation and sit in fourth and fifth respectively. Fellonneau won event one but dropped off considerably in event two, finishing 17th. Moorad appeared healthy after a back injury forced him to withdraw from the Mayhem Classic two weeks ago, he placed fourth in “The Standard”.
  • Eleftherios Theofanidis and Evan Morris withdrew from the competition prior to the start of the competition.

The Womens’ Division: Confidence is the difference between 2019 Haley Adams and the 2020 iteration, at least according to her. Those who questioned her got to see firsthand that Adams should no longer be considered a “rising star” but a contender for the crown. She sits atop the leaderboard after a second-place finish in event one and an event win in “The Standard”. She was the only woman to finish event two under ten minutes and picked up her second career Sanctional event win.

  • Polish national champion Gabriela Migala sits in second place, 28 points behind Adams. She placed fifth in event one and was the runner-up to Adams in event two.
  • Mirka Henriksson has an early edge for the Games invitation as she sits in third place. Behind her are Camilla Salomonsson Hellman and Laura Horvath, who each have Games invites as their respected country’s national champions.

On tap for day two: Three events are scheduled for individuals and teams. The event to keep an eye on is the first-ever on-the-water rowing event in CrossFit competition for the individuals. Following that all events will be held in the sold-out NOCCO Arena in London.

 The Overall Top 10 After Day 1

  1. Haley Adams (192) | Lukas Hӧgberg (182) | Team WHEY’D (180)
  2. Gabriela Migala (164) | Mathew Fraser (176) | TRAINLIKEFIGHT.COM (170)
  3. Mirka Henriksson (144) | Giorgos Karavis (174) | Vondelgym Motion (162)
  4. Camilla Salomonsson Hellman (138) | Romain Fellonneau (146) | Mayhem Freedom (138)
  5. Laura Horvath (120) | Will Moorad (144) | AOD Fitness (128)
  6. Nicole Chovan (118) | Sam Stewart (134) | Esprit De Corps (94)
  7. Carys Webster (104) | Nicolay Billaudel (130) | Stratton Oakmont (92)
  8. Kirsty Oliver (96) | Andre Houdet (128) | Wolfpack (88)
  9. Christina Agerbeck (96) | Daniel Skov (122) | Team Aarhus CrossFit (76)
  10.  Steph Chung (92) | Zack George (118) | Team Nordvest Black (68)

Check back with the Morning Chalk Up for daily updates, recaps and Tommy Marquez’s analysis on event two, the “Standard”. You can follow our coverage on the Strength in Depth Sactional page.


The Standard: Results and Comparison

  The Standard: Results and Comparison  

In yesterday’s edition, we broke down the top times of Mat Fraser and Tia-Clair Toomey in the 2019 Games final event, “The Standard,” that athletes at Strength in Depth would be tackling as the second event of the competition in London. After 29 women, and 35 men took their best shot at The Standard on Friday, here’s how the top 10 in each division stack up to the best of the best at the Games (in bold).


1. Haley Adams 9:48 – Tia-Clair Toomey 8:25

2. Gabriela Migala 10:04 – Jamie Greene 9:14

3T. Camilla Salomonsson Hellman 10:07 – Anna Fragkou 9:34 (DQ)

3T. Nicole Chovan 10:07 – Kristin Holte 9:38

3T. Steph Chung 10:07 – Kari Pearce 9:47

6. Mirka Henriksson 10:19 – Amanda Barnhart 10:04

7. Laura Horvath 10:23 – Thuri Helgadottir 10:35

8. Alison Scudds 10:30 – Haley Adams 10:40

9. Kelsey Kiel 10:38 – Katrin Davidsdottir 10:56

10. Tayla Howe 10:55 – Bethany Shadburne 10:57

Worth noting:  Haley Adams improved her time from the Games by nearly a minute to win the event, but still no one was in the same stratosphere as Tia-Clair Toomey.

  • In fact, only one athlete in the first two heats of women – Finland’s Mirka Henriksson – managed to finish the ring muscle-ups before Toomey’s time from the Games had gone by.
  • The top 10 in London all bested Katrin Davidsdottir’s and Bethany Shadburne’s times, but the fact that Adam’s time still would’ve placed her 6th at the Games reinforces just how good the podium level women are relative to even some of their peers at the Games.


1. Mat Fraser 7:54 – Mat Fraser 8:05

2. Giorgios Karavis 8:21 – Noah Ohlsen 8:09

3. Lukas Hogberg 8:33 – Bjorgvin Karl Gudmundsson 8:22

4. Will Moorad 8:36 – Scott Panchik 8:35

5. Sam Smith 8:47 – Adrian Mundwiler 8:52

6. Andre Houdet 8:48 – Matt Mcleod 8:57

7. Zack George 8:55 – Jacob Heppner 9:01

8. Alex Kotoulas 8:59 – Saxon Panchik 10:06

9. Daniel Skov 9:07 – James Newbury 10:58

10T. Austin Bolen 9:08 – Will Moorad  CAP+90

10T. Bronislaw Olenkowicz 9:08

Worth noting: No surprise that a fresher Mat Fraser cruised to a better time than at the Games.

  • Interestingly enough though, after the “Grace,” portion of the workout, Fraser was actually 10 seconds slower than his pace at the Games, but made up a ton of ground on the muscle-ups, highlighting the fatigue factor in Madison on a movement that proved critical for overall placement.
  • Will Moorad got some revenge on the workout, notching a time that would’ve placed him 5th at the Games after he couldn’t complete the workout due to injury in Madison.
  • Twenty men in total broke the 10 minute barrier (compared to 6 out of 10 in Madison) which Dave Castro cited as his benchmark for a well-rounded athlete in the event.

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FloSports + Loud and Live

  FloSports + Loud and Live  

A multi-year deal between FloSports and Loud And Live Sports was announced on Thursday, January 23 giving five Sanctionals an exclusive live streaming and on-demand service for the 2020 season and beyond. The five Loud And Live Sanctional events include the Wodapalooza CrossFit Festival, West Coast CrossFit Classic, Madrid CrossFit Championship, the Granite Games and the final Sanctional of the season, the Mayan CrossFit Classic.

One big thing: This multi-year deal with Loud And Live makes FloSports the single largest broadcasting company in CrossFit. It also makes FloSports the exclusive provider of content for those five events.

  • After partnering last season with both Wodapalooza and the Granite Games, FloSports will extend their reach on two more continents. The international market for the Austin, Texas-based company will now include two Spanish-speaking countries in Mexico and Spain.
  • This is the largest CrossFit live streaming partnership deal since the CrossFit Games and Facebook signed an exclusive broadcast deal in 2017. That deal involved the 2018 Games season and included the broadcast of five Open announcements, eight Regionals, the 2018 CrossFit Games and the 2018 CrossFit Invitational.
  • One-fifth of all Sanctioned events are behind a paywall for the 2019-2020 season. This means that viewers will have to pay to view the broadcast.

Why the paywall: Broadcasting a livestream comes at a huge cost for Sanctional organizers with the price tag ranging anywhere from $25,000 to $100,000. Though some events are breaking even in the long run, it’s not directly tied to revenue through the livestream. This leaves many Sanctionals in the hole financially before the event is held.

The big picture: With a multi-year deal like the one between FloSports and Loud And Live, it could signal a shift in how organizers plan livestreams and broadcast their events in future seasons.


The Miami Edition: NOCCO Launches New Flavor in US Market

  The Miami Edition: NOCCO Launches New Flavor in US Market  

NOCCO is releasing its fifth flavor to the US market, debuting “Miami Strawberry” just in time for the Sanctioned event in its namesake city — Wodapalooza.  

It’s bold and vibrant — but NOCCO said that’s the point — paying homage to the vibrancy of Miami, Florida with this limited edition product.

  • Ben Jones, CEO, NOCCO USA said: “‘We are excited to announce our first flavor extension for the US market.”

“The vibrant Miami packaging & delicious strawberry flavor will be another major springboard for NOCCO & we are stoked to make it available to the fitness community here in the US,” he said.

The beverage company — one of Europe’s leading BCAA products — is also focusing on the American bodybuilding and powerlifting market and is launching the product at FitExpo in Los Angeles this weekend.

The BCCA strawberry beverage will also be available to customers at Wodapolooza in Miami, next month.

But it’s not entirely new: The limited-edition product launched in Europe in March 2019. It now adds to the four other flavors — Caribbean, Peach, Tropical, Apple — already available to customers in the US.

You’ll remember we recently took a look at NOCCO’s massive few first months in the US market.

Here’s a quick update:

  • The brand’s now expanded to 700 accounts across the country. Impressive considering the Los Angeles HQ only opened in March 2019.
  • 60 US brand ambassadors have now signed on including Tia-Clair Toomey and 2019 Rookie of the Year, Haley Adams.
  • The Swedish company has expressed plans to continue this fast-paced growth in 2020. Watch this space.

Holte Surgery Only Minor Games Season Setback

  Holte Surgery Only Minor Games Season Setback  

The reigning Second Fittest Woman on Earth announced on her Instagram page that she had surgery on her left wrist for carpal tunnel syndrome two weeks ago. She is currently rehabbing and is expected to be recovered in four weeks. The injury has been bothering and limiting her for over a year, including her podium performance at the 2019 CrossFit Games, and in the 2020 Open.

Holte took the time to talk to the Morning Chalk Up about her latest developments.

  • How has the surgery changed your approach to the 2020 Games season: “It hasn’t changed much at all. I have plenty of time to get strong and fit for the Games in 2020. I truly believe that every injury or setback is a great opportunity to learn, grow and come back stronger and better than ever. So that is what I am going to do!”
  • Do you plan on still competing at the Norwegian CrossFit Championship? If so at what capacity? “My plan was to compete on a team at Norwegian CrossFit Championship, but unfortunately due to my surgery I will not be able to compete this time. But, I will be there all weekend. I am very excited to get to watch some amazing athletes and I am excited for international athletes to get to see and experience the Norwegian Winter.”
  • What events do you plan on competing in once you’re healthy to do so? “I will compete at Rogue and Lowlands Throwdown in May before the Games.”

This isn’t the first time Holte has had surgery on one of her wrists. In November 2016, Holte had the same surgery but on her right wrist. She recovered quickly and won the 2017 CrossFit Meridian Regional.

  • Powering through the pain: Despite the pain and knowing she would need surgery, Holte still competed in the Open and finished third worldwide. She earned her invitation to the 2020 Games by repeating as the national champion of Norway.
  • Holte is keeping busy: In her Instagram post she states while she rehabs her wrist, she is “biking, running and building super strong legs.”

Holte’s message to fans and supporters: “Thank you for all your love and support. I can not wait to meet a lot of you during the Sanctionals and the Games this year.”




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  • Christian Harris throws it back to a 305 pound touch and go snatch for 2.
  • Laura Redman clean and jerks 180 pounds and snatches 125 pounds post-partum.
  • Caroline Lambray clean and jerks 175 pounds for reps.
  • Melissa Koepke overhead squats 195 pounds for a double.
  • Chelsea Sellers push jerks 265 pounds.
  • Christina Alber hang power cleans 120 pounds for a PR.
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