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How Big is Gillette for CrossFit?

Morning Chalk Up

May 26


Good morning and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up. NOCCO USA just signed Chandler Smith to an endorsement deal, adding him to a major roster of elite athletes. And, an Iowa affiliate was awarded a major state grant for small businesses but returned it to help those with greater needs. Today:

  • Chandler Smith joins the NOCCO USA team.
  • Justin, Niki and Armen discuss big sponsorships on The Bottom Line.
  • CrossFit 563 returns big state grant to help others.

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Team NOCCO USA Adds Chandler Smith to Stacked Sponsorship Roster

  Team NOCCO USA Adds Chandler Smith to Stacked Sponsorship Roster  

Team NOCCO USA continues to add to its impressive roster of sponsored CrossFit athletes by signing 2019 Games athlete Chandler Smith. The BCAA beverage company has made an impact in the world of fitness over the last year, securing many top athletes to endorsement deals.

One big thing: Smith joins a NOCCO roster that features Haley Adams, Thuri Helgadottir, Becca Voight, Samantha Briggs, Zack George and Gabriela Migala. The Swedish company has made a move into the US market after being one of the top BCAA-based beverages in Europe.

  • “I’m super happy to be working with a company whose products I genuinely enjoy,” commented Smith in an exclusive interview with NOCCO. “That’s always been my one rule in regards to working with folks and so this is a dream come true. Since I first got to try them last summer, I’ve been a consistent customer and it’s an awesome stroke of luck that a company I believe in has chosen to believe in me as well.”
  • NOCCO has signed over 60 US-based athletes as ambassadors, the addition of Smith shows that despite a global pandemic, the company is going strong. Consumers can find their drinks on and in over 500 gyms across the US.
  • This is the second major endorsement deal for Smith in the last week as he also signed with Gillette as part of their #GilletteSweatForRogue campaign.
  • Smith will make his second CrossFit Games appearance after qualifying both through the Open and after winning the Mayhem Classic. The active-duty US Army Captain stationed at Fort Knox, Kentucky made his first Games appearance last year and finished 15th.

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Video: How Big is Gillette for CrossFit? | The Bottom Line

  Video: How Big is Gillette for CrossFit? | The Bottom Line  

Iowa Affiliate Awarded $15k COVID Grant, Returned It for Those in Greater Need

  Iowa Affiliate Awarded $15k COVID Grant, Returned It for Those in Greater Need  

Like the majority of CrossFit affiliates around the world, when Heather Kiddoo and Jake Ledvina shut their doors on March 17, they began to worry about the financial future of their business.

So when their governor in Iowa launched a small business relief program, Kiddoo and Ledvina applied for the grant.

  • “We applied because we were worried we would lose significant income and had no idea how long COVID would last,” Kiddoo said, the owner of CrossFit 563

Shortly after applying for the state grant, the federal government announced the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP). They applied and were approved to receive USD$13,000.

Then just one week ago, more good news: Kiddoo received an email informing her they had won the state grant, and would receive $15,000.

Even though CrossFit 563’s revenue was down 30 percent since before the COVID pandemic, Kiddoo and Ledvina decided to return the grant money to the state and asked the governor to give it to a business in Iowa more in need than their own.

  • “Our losses were not near as much as other businesses in Iowa, and it was clear in my mind that not accepting the money was the right thing to do. Some businesses may not recover,” Kiddoo said.
  • “I hope the money we didn’t take can help others in our state stay afloat and come back to life now that we are all beginning to reopen,” she added.

Tyler Edwards, a member at CrossFit 563 for the last five years, said gestures like this are just part of who Kiddoo and  Ledvina are.




Fans React to Receiving a Call from Tia-Clair Toomey

Sitting in quarantine, the Fittest Woman on Earth, Tia-Clair Toomey, asked fans to send her their phone numbers. She selected some at random for a phone chat. Watch how they react to hearing her voice. And, she gave away signed NOBULL trainers to a few lucky individuals as well.

  Morning Chalk Up  


Better Movement

The Professor (Brent Fikowski) and his team of CrossFit Games regulars (Patrick Vellner, Cole Sager, Chandler Smith, and more) want to help you learn how to move better during all your CrossFit WODs (yes — even if they are at home). Start your movement journey with a free 7-day trial of The Professor Project.

  Morning Chalk Up  


Colleen Fotsch’s Training Plans for the Future

In this episode of her vlog, Games Athlete Colleen Fotsch talks about her reaction to the news that she would not make the CrossFit Games this year, and why it’s important for her get a little downtime right now.

  Morning Chalk Up  



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Healthyish Chicken Salad

Give this summery chicken salad a try, you can eat plate after plate of without feeling like you’ve downed a jar of mayonnaise — because you didn’t! Tender poached chicken breast, crisp greens, cukes, and scallions get tossed with a gomae-inspired dressing, with pops of crunch from sesame seeds and the creamy nuttiness of tahini in every bite.



  • Earnest Doyle does “Murph” in 42:02.
  • Minjung Choi finds her 2RM hang clean at 110 pounds.
  • William Wall does 1/2 Angie in 11:50.
  • Julie Hougard Nielsen hang snatches 183 pounds for 2 for a PR.
  • Talen Rashad clean and jerks 335 pounds for a PR.
  • Steve Cristini snatches 265 pounds for 2, plus a single at 275 pounds.
  • Marcus Bang cleans 271 pounds for a PR.


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Here are some of the top trending stories at the Morning Chalk Up right now:

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  • Chad Cole and CrossFit Apollo take a stand.
  • AlphaFit gave Scotti Saunders a custom-made squat rack and barbell for her first birthday, now everyone wants one.
  • Brandi Forbes is our #LiftUpMyTrainer, check out her story.
  • The DCC2020 Online Challenge is drawing elite athletes for a top prize purse.

Bonus video: Live Q&A with Kelsey Kiels and Zack George national champions who were disinvited to the 2020 CrossFit Games.

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