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How History Could Repeat Itself in Aromas

Morning Chalk Up

May 27


Good morning and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up. We are beginning a new series today, shining the spotlight on some frontline workers in the CrossFit community, learn more about ER nurse Suzi Cancar below. And, Dave Castro has hinted that the CrossFit Games will be an opportunity for the community to learn about the history of the event at Aromas, Tommy Marquez breaks that history down. Today:

  • Emily Beers introduces our frontline worker series.
  • Which events from past CrossFit Games at the Ranch might be repeated?
  • The first episode of The Titan Games premiered on Monday and Matt Chan was featured, how did he do?

Tell us about the fundraisers and other good works going on across the CrossFit Community. Hit us up at [email protected].



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“Crossfit forces us to ask ourselves: who am I? What am I made of?” – Julie Foucher


Frontline Worker Spotlight: A CrossFit Nurse Talks about Her Experience with COVID-19

  Frontline Worker Spotlight: A CrossFit Nurse Talks about Her Experience with COVID-19  

Last week, we put out a request to affiliate owners to nominate an inspiring nurse from their community.

Within fifteen minutes, we already had close to 50 nominations to sift through. And while we could have selected any one of them, some stories jumped out of our computer screens. Suzi Cancar’s story was one of them.

Cancar, an ER nurse in Cleveland, OH, didn’t think much when she started experiencing some congestion at the beginning of May. She suffers from allergies, and allergy season was upon us.

  • “Then I started to feel a bit short of breath at work and had a headache, but again I thought it was from a long 12-hour shift wearing a mask. Headaches are pretty normal after a long day wearing a mask,” said Cancar, a member of CrossFit Roaster Barbell.

Shortly after that, Cancar noticed she had lost her sense of taste and smell, which she knew was one of the less common COVID-19 symptoms. But again, this often happens to her during allergy season, so she was convinced it wasn’t the virus. Besides, she had been doing every right to protect herself: wearing a mask, washing her hands, disinfecting appropriately.

Though unconcerned, Cancar decided she would get tested anyway.

  • “Just in case,” she said.

The day after her test, on Saturday, May 9, Cancar received a call: She was positive for COVID-19.

  • “I was actually shocked. I basically just did it for peace of mind,” said the 28-year-old.
  • “But I’m so glad I did, because my parents were going to come over that day to help me with something around the apartment,” she added.

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How History Could Repeat Itself in Aromas

  How History Could Repeat Itself in Aromas  

Director of the CrossFit Games Dave Castro recently revealed via Instagram that the forthcoming events in Aromas were an opportunity to “remind the athletes, remind the community, remind everyone, what it’s about, where it started, where it came from, and that’s something special.” The inspiring commentary from Castro — which came while he was performing errands around the fabled CrossFit Ranch — immediately struck a chord of nostalgia and had us thinking about what possible repeat events could be in the pipeline for the 2020 Games.

There are plenty of options for Castro if he decides to dust off a past workout from the backyard barbecue days of Aromas or the brief excursion the individual athletes took back to the Ranch in 2016. There’s a decent likelihood that we will see elements of various past events woven into the fabric of entirely new tests — similar to the Amanda .45 event in 2017 that beefed up a classic Games workout. Looking at each year in its entirety, there are a handful of events that stand out as potential repeats, and we broke down which ones stood the best chance among the bunch.

2007 CrossFit Games

Programming: 3 events; CrossFit Total, Hopper-Style CrossFit WOD, Trail Run (5k estimate distance).

Repeat potential: Hopper-Style CrossFit WOD.

Analysis: The way that the workout was selected actually stands the best chance of being repeated rather than the workout itself and here’s why. The workout — which starts with a 1,000 meter row immediately into 5 rounds of 25 pull-ups and 7 push jerks (135-lbs/85-lbs) — has already been repeated at the Games in Carson in 2013. It was renamed “2007,” and even seven years ago athletes demolished top times set in the inaugural year. The workout would need a facelift, but the hopper method of creating the workout is something that could show up again this year. The hopper model is a core tenet of the CrossFit methodology and preparing for the “unknown and unknowable,” has been a driving factor of the sport since the beginning. Both of the other events from the first year have also been repeated, so the hopper (which was actually an old peanut roaster) gets the nod.


Matt Chan Comes Up Short in Season Premiere of Titan Games

  Matt Chan Comes Up Short in Season Premiere of Titan Games  

Matt Chan has seen his share of challenges; not just in competition but also in his life. The six-time CrossFit Games athlete suffered a life-threatening bike accident that nearly cost him his leg in 2014 and in his daily job as a firefighter is asked to put himself in harm’s way regularly. So when he had to face off against the two largest athletes in the field on the season premiere of NBC’s The Titan Games on Monday night, he showed not only his athletic ability but also the grit, toughness and heart that has made the 2012 Games runner-up a legend and fan favorite in CrossFit.

The format: In a twist from Season 1 of The Titan Games, the athlete field was cut down to 36 athletes and split into three regions.

  • The 12 athletes in each region will compete against each other and then face off against a professional athlete hand-picked by host Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson to claim the Regional championship and advance to the finals.
  • The athletes go head-to-head in physically grueling events with the best-of-three winner advancing to face the Rock’s professional athlete in the final event of each episode, Mount Olympus.

Event 1, “Nuts and Bolts:” Chan, the oldest competitor in the field at 42-years old, was matched up with Kentucky State Trooper and Tennessee Titans mascot Bartley Weaver in the opening match-up of the Central Region. Weaver was the much bigger athlete, standing 6-1 and weighing in at 270 lbs. Chan is 5-9 and weighs 215 lbs. The first event featured a wall with 2,000 lbs of weight which the athletes had to strategically shed in order to pull the wall down and release a lever, the first athlete to pull the lever wins.

  • Both athletes were neck-and-neck until Weaver decided to attempt to pull the wall down with over 700 lbs still left attached. Chan continued stripping the weights while Weaver failed to pull the wall down. Chan took advantage of Weaver’s mistake and won the event. Chan – 1, Weaver – 0.



The Saunders Celebrate Scotti’s First Birthday

Last week we reported on AlphaFit’s special first birthday gift to Scotti Saunders, now watch her open it (with mom’s help), and check out Kara’s training session that day.

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Josh Martin Encourage Trainers to Redefine their Services

Certified Two-Brain Mentor and Two-Brain Coaching co-founder Josh Martin lays out how coaches at his gym, CrossFit for Glory, take a “sleep, eat, move, and manage” approach with clients. The true value of coaching, Martin says, is in helping a client move closer to his or her goal.

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Beer Can Burgers

You’ve heard of “beer can chicken,” but what about beer can burgers? Summer grilling season is upon us and these look amazing. Use the beer can to shape the ground beef into a cup, wrap the whole thing with bacon and fill with cheese and veggies!



Congratulations to Austin M., who was the first to correctly answer who has the fastest time (woman or man) for a CrossFit Games Murph Event. The correct answer was Josh Bridges. He won the 2016 CrossFit Games Murph Event in 34:38.83.

  • Today’s question: Which Master (female or male) won the most Age Group Online Qualifier Events in her/his career?

Submit your answer.



  • Steve Perigo PR’d his 500-meter row at 1:28.
  • Jen Elsaesser snatches 95 pounds.
  • Ty Surmons jerks 250 pounds for 2.
  • Cainan Sletten snatches 237 pounds for a PR.
  • Alexandria Molony does a clean complex at 105 pounds.


Community Roundup

Here are a few of the fundraisers and cool events that have come across our desks recently:

  • OUTWOD’s OUT-A-THON: The OUT Foundation is hosting a virtual OUT-A-THON fundraising event on June 26, 6-9 pm EST featuring amazing guests, “Category is…” showcases and a live-recording of the OUTCast podcast. Tickets are free, but please donate if you are able, their goal is to raise $25,000. 
  • Project Astraea: Andrew McLaughlin and a crew of athletes are teaming up to raise funding to open a community gym in Glasgow, Scotland. To kick things off, McLaughlin has pledged to cycle (on a Zwift training set up in his apartment) the equivalent elevation of Mt. Everest (8848m) in under 24 hours, ten times over in May and June. His first attempt on May 24 took 20 hours. His second ascent will be live-streamed today. Learn more and donate. And follow them on Instagram for other fitness pledges.
  • IRB CrossFit T-Shirt Fundraiser: The team at IRB CrossFit in Indian Rocks Beach, FL are holding a t-shirt fundraiser to help cover rent as they get into re-opening. The tie-dyed t-shirts are locally made and one-of-a-kind. Learn more and get one! 
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