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How LSKD Finds Comfort in Being Uncomfortable

Morning Chalk Up

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Good morning and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up.

In today’s edition:

  • WHOOP upgrades with new AI coach powered by OpenAI
  • Kansas State study reveals effectiveness of CrossFit in high school setting
  • LSKD makes waves in CrossFit; stays true to its ethos
  • Chalktober, an auction benefiting Compete for a Cure, is live

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  Whoop Integrates New AI Coach for Customized Individual Performance Insights, Powered by OpenAI  

Whoop Integrates New AI Coach for Customized Individual Performance Insights, Powered by OpenAI

Just two weeks ago WHOOP announced perhaps their most innovative feature yet, with the integration of artificial intelligence technology in order to provide personalized data and advice to each user in the WHOOP Coach feature.

In order to interpret your performance and recovery scores in the past you had to rummage through FAQ pages, videos, or general support pages, but none of those sources had the ability to provide personalized insights.

Through the new AI coach feature that problem has been solved as you can now instantly ask the AI to give you recommendations and explanations based on your specific data generated by your WHOOP.

And one of the best parts about this AI, is that it’s powered by OpenAI, the company behind the worldwide phenomenon ChatGPT.

How Does It Work?

Here’s how WHOOP describes it:

  • “WHOOP Coach takes proprietary WHOOP algorithms, a custom-built machine learning model, the latest in performance science and research, and your unique biometric data to identify patterns and connections in your WHOOP data. With OpenAI’s latest technology, WHOOP Coach generates highly individualized, conversational responses to your health, fitness, and wellness questions – all within seconds.”

This is incredibly convenient for understanding why you are feeling or performing a certain way, because the AI can instantly analyze all your data points and examine them to give you a reason as to why you may be less efficient than usual.

From there you will get personalized recommendations, even up to completely customized training and recovery programs, based on your daily schedule.

Plus, over time, WHOOP Coach analyzes what works for you to continue to refine its recommendations.

Here are some sample questions you can ask your AI coach:

  • How has my recovery this week compared to the past three weeks?
  • Why am I so tired today?
  • Can you make me a workout for an active recovery day that will improve my sleep tonight?
  • How does my sleep compare to other people my age?

Who Can Use It?

Anyone with an active WHOOP membership can use the WHOOP Coach feature.

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Crash Crucible starts tomorrow, October 13 in Spartanburg, SC. A stacked field of Games and Semifinals athletes will take on six Re-Tour events over three days. Watch live on the Sevan Podcast YouTube channel.

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Quintessential Health and Performance, an online programming company offering comprehensive training plans championed by high level CrossFit athletes like Jamie Simmonds, has just released Daily 30.

  • Athletes can use this program to create a new routine to feel better about themselves, as a gateway to fitness, or as a stepping stone to get through a busy period.

ICYMI: Hard work and determination birth Hero Barbell Co.; new round of investment announced.

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  CrossFit, Weightlifting Classes in Idaho High School Leads to (Shocking) Big Gains, Finds Kansas State University Study  


CrossFit, Weightlifting Classes in Idaho High School Leads to (Shocking) Big Gains, Finds Kansas State University Study

Not all of the teachers at Vision Charter School in Caldwell, ID were as sold on CrossFit and weightlifting as Coach Jason George was when he began offering CrossFit in lieu of traditional Physical Education classes to students in 2016. Even coaches of various sports teams were hesitant to have their athletes join George’s CrossFit or weightlifting class.

But after witnessing firsthand the results his non-traditional PE classes were having on his students year-after-year, George decided to reach out to Dr. Katie Heinrich, a researcher at Kansas State University with a PhD in Health Psychology, to evaluate his program more objectively.

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  Chasing the Vibe: How LSKD and Founder Jason Daniel Find Comfort in the Uncomfortable  

Chasing the Vibe: How LSKD and Founder Jason Daniel Find Comfort in the Uncomfortable

What does it mean to be 1% better everyday? It can mean nudging beyond what you thought were your limits. It’s “chasing down the future you,” and “growth through the grind.”

Pushing boundaries as a BMX rider and aspiring professional motocross athlete, Jason Daniel, the “Loose Kid,” conceived, then built LKI which later became LSKD, the brand rapidly gaining worldwide popularity in the CrossFit space and beyond. It has been on a steady incline since its original inception in 2002, then its rebranding in 2007 and once again in 2018. Today, LSKD is one of the most worn, loved and athlete-endorsed brands currently thriving in the world of fitness.

Some background: The transition from Loose Kid Industries in 2002, to LKI in 2007 then to LSKD in 2018 came to be, due to Daniel questioning his ‘why.’

After racing motocross for 10 years, and running the company with its previous name, Daniel acknowledges he made some mistakes. LKI’s inventory was diverse, and ran the whole gamut from motocross gloves, to clothing to lifejackets. This vastness in the brand’s offerings was part of the problem. Once this was realized and accepted, the insight led to an eventual narrowing of focus, on high-quality activewear, with a particular streetwear aesthetic, which can be credited with LSKD’s success.

  • “In 2018, I was prepared to go backwards,” recalls Daniel. “I went through a rough time, if I’m being honest. It was rough. But I loved being a part of something. I had to ask the question, ‘why am I doing this?’”
  • “After a series of events,” Daniel continued, “we asked ourselves, ‘how do we make ourselves better?”

After revamping their business model, and realigning their focus, Daniel, along with his team, brainstormed their company values, those key components on which they wanted to build their brand and their community, within the walls of LSKD and beyond. They stayed true to those values, began (again) slowly, and eventually grew outward, into the brand we know today.

  • “The core values are such a huge part of what we are… and we created them as a team, which is so much. Everything is about (the team), and all of us, working together. There is always so much collective feedback. We’re building it all together,” said Daniel.

LSKD today: In the CrossFit space, we are seeing more and more professional athletes partner with LSKD, training and competing in their clothing, carrying their gym bags, or as the focus of one of LSKD’s short films.

The athletes like Sara Sigmundsdottir, Khan Porter, Matt Dlugos and Anikha Greer among others, representing LSKD, fully align with the ideology of the brand, thus forming long-lasting mutually beneficial and supportive partnerships.

  • “It’s all about having a relationship…they’re part of our team and it’s all about support, finding those ones that completely align with our mission and values,” said Daniel.

Rogan Dean, 2023 CrossFit Games Champion in the Lower Extremity Division, and another of LSKD’s sponsored athletes, shared his appreciation of the brand and the entire team.

  • “What Jason and the team have created at LSKD is truly something special. It goes far beyond just a clothing brand. Their core values and community engagement is what really sets them apart from the rest.
  • “I’ve been with team LSKD as an athlete for a year now and the support they give us as athletes is unreal. I’m grateful to be part of the team and extremely excited to see LSKD grow and expand even further,” said Dean.
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  Chasing the Vibe: How LSKD and Founder Jason Daniel Find Comfort in the Uncomfortable  

Chalktober: Benefitting Compete for a Cure

Bidding is OPEN on select items for Chalktober: an auction with products donated from your favorite brands with all proceeds going to Compete for a Cure, a 501(c) non-profit that funds breast cancer survivors’ and thrivers’ wellness within local communities, and provides education for coaches, trainers and athletes. Show your support for Breast Cancer Awareness month, and win some great prizes! 

If you would like to donate directly to Compete for a Cure, text “mcu” to +1-325-603-3395! 



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