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How Many People Participated in the 2019 Open?

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So How Many People Participated in the 2019 CrossFit Open?

The ninth year of the CrossFit Open wrapped-up last week. The verification process is well underway, but while we wait for the final results to be tallied, here’s a breakdown of who participated in the 2019 CrossFit Open.

Registrations: Athletes could technically still register until the last day of the Open. In fact, 1240 athletes registered after the close of 19.1 through the close of 19.5.

  • Total Male Sign Ups: 204,853
  • Total Female Sign Ups: 153,793
  • Total Sign Ups: 358,646

Participation: Because athletes can switch between Rx and scaled from week to week, it makes tabulating absolute participation a little more challenging.

  • Total athletes submitting 1+ scores: 341,501

This number is unbelievably high; that amounts to 95% of registered athletes logging at least one workout. Naturally, far fewer completed all five weeks Rx.

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Reebok Athletes are Hitting the Bahamas

Athletes are en route or already down in the Bahamas for the fifth annual Reebok Athlete Summit.

  • Who’s going? The Summit is packed with the “who’s who” of CrossFit: Camille Leblanc-Bazinet, Ben Smith, Lindy Barber, Patrick Vellner , Becca Voigt, Emily Bridgers, Austin Malleolo, Spencer Hendel, Christy Adkins, and Graham Holmberg to name a few.

Held at the Albany Resort, the multi-day retreat is Reebok’s once-a-year opportunity to get in front of their top athletes to develop content, have meetings, test new gear and bond together as a team. It’s also a deload from the past five weeks and a few quiet days before the bulk of the season kicks off.

  • Confirmed, the Reebok Nano 9.0 will be on site and a big part of the trip according to a Reebok rep.
  • Athletes will be walked through all the upcoming footwear launches over the next year and will have a chance to give feedback on new products.
  • This is one of Reebok’s longest sretches without a new release. The Nano 8.0 was officially released on January 18th, but it was available for custom pre-order a month prior for a limited time; that’s now a full 1 year and 2.5 months since the official release.

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The next time you’re looking for something to do on the weekends…

Spend a day or two with 76-year-old Jill Ridge, who is up for the award of “Great American Grandma.” When Ridge isn’t training at CrossFit Naptown she’s volunteering at a nursing home hosting a class to help wheelchair-bound seniors get mobile by dancing to her 1950’s playlist. Her favorite song on the playlist is Aretha Franklin’s “Respect” which is all we’ve got for this Grandma.

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WATCH: Chris Henderson of 3 Doors Down, Nutrition on Tour

In part two of this Working Against Gravity story, get a closer glimpse into a day in the life of Chris Henderson, the rhythm guitarist for 3 Doors Down, and how he balances his nutrition, training while touring and working in the music industry.



HEAR: Don’t Negotiate with Yourself During Training

Jon, Luke and Todd of the Legion Strength and Conditioning podcast cover the difference between pacing to get your best possible score and pacing to get a desired stimulus and why principles from one style of pacing may not be applicable to another.



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Today’s edition of the Morning Chalk Up is powered by

Chalk Up Community

  • SWAFFORD FAMILY FUNDRAISER — Secret City CrossFit in Oak Ridge, TN is hosting the 2nd Annual Heavy Day Morgan Fundraiser on May 4. Named after Morgan Shell, who received all funds raised last year, he has decided to pay it forward to the community this year. The recipient of the 2nd Annual Heavy Day Morgan is the family of Greg Swafford, who passed away
    March 4 from a brain tumor.
  • MAYHEM ADAPTIVE PROGRAM — Mayhem Athlete just launched their Adaptive program. Use the workouts Rich programs and learn how to adapt them for an adaptive athlete.
  • REPS FOR RESCUE FUNDRAISER — CrossFit Hanover in Hanover, PA and Reps for Rescue held a fundraiser last Saturday. The event raised over $3,000 for Speranza Animal Rescue.
  • 2019 NORWEGIAN THROWDOWN — The Norwegian Throwdown is a three-day fitness competition in the Norwegian mountains from August 30 – September 31. The online qualifiers for the 2019 Norwegian Throwdown will begin May 6. 
  • NEW PROGRAM — CrossFit Pick Axe in Grass Valley, CA just introduced Longevity Strong, a program on Tuesdays and Thursdays before their regularly scheduled Longevity class. The class focuses on increasing strength and muscle memory for Legends athletes for everyday activities like picking things up and getting up and down out of chairs and cars.
  • CP FUNDRAISER — CrossFit Dairyland in Grand Chute, WI is hosting a fundraiser for cerebral palsy this Saturday. They will be doing a workout in honor of Miles Taylor called Smiles Hero WOD. All funds raised will go to a local nonprofit that supports people with special needs in both Appleton and Green Bay.

CHALK UP IN 2 MINUTES (a highlight reel around social media of CrossFit pros and average joes)

Margaux Alvarez got some outdoor training at 6000 feet elevation over the weekend • Get pumped for the Granite Games Taylor Deering does 220 pound touch and go squat cleans • Olivia Vollmar gets a 145 pound front squat PR • Annie Thorisdottir snatches 198 poundsAlethea Boon does 100 unbroken double-unders for the first time in three years • Jamie Hagiya has teamed up with RX Smart Gear and Left Coast Vibes Co. for a March Madness giveaway Kate Nye jerks 312 pounds for a PR • Danny Lopez-Calleja back squats 441
for three • Taylar Stallings hang snatched 218 pounds • Teresa Trojanowski hit a 245 pound 3RM back squat.

…and Games athlete Kenzie Riley puts the new mainsite programming to the test out in the real world. 

Down Under CrossFit Championship — Individual Event 5 of the Down Under CrossFit Championship has been announced.

— And added to their roster: Amanda Barnhart announced on her Instagram story yesterday that she is confirmed for the Down Under CrossFit Championship.

C4 Shot Rocks — C4 released a new line of pre-workout called C4 Shot Rocks. “They said it couldn’t be done. That our righteous idea, to channel the explosive energy of pre-workout into the format of popping energy rocks, was too far out. Too bodacious. Just way too radical. But guess what? They were wrong.”

— “Who are ‘they,’ you ask? It doesn’t really matter who ‘they’ are! They’re not jacked. They don’t lift. And they don’t know how to rock. But we do.

— And so does this radical video they made to celebrate.

Doing the Open with Parkinson’s Disease — Steve Osbourne does CrossFit at CrossFit Allied in Longton, UK. He’s been documenting his experience doing the 2019 Open with Parkinson’s disease.

— “I’m so glad that I’ve completed the Open as I’ve met so many people who work out at different times than myself. It felt like a community of people who wanted to test their mettle and cheer others on to dig deep. Parkinson’s disease can be quite isolating and the community has been a great tonic to me. I’ve been very moved as I have witnessed so many people dig deep, as their fitness has been pushed to the edge and they find the courage and the steel to press on.”



“Third Time’s a Charm: Travis Mayer is Going Back to the Games,” by Will Edmonds, Morning Chalk Up

Five hours to redo 19.5 for a third and final time.

Just five hours to recover, refuel, refocus. 300 minutes for your legs to feel fresh, for your ripped hands to heal. 18,000 seconds to summon all your strength, heart, nerve and sinew for one final push. Just five short hours to qualify for the 2019 CrossFit Games.

That was the prospect facing Travis Mayer at 11am on Monday, March 25th.

Mayer had opened his 2019 Open campaign with 5th, 19th and 61st place finishes solidifying a seemingly rock solid bid for a Games invitation. Then a 210th place finish in 19.4 and suddenly plans for the first week in August seemed a little premature. It would all come down to the final week.

Flash forward to Monday morning, 11am and Travis (sometimes known as Trevor) is looking to improve on his respectable, if not dazzling, opening 19.5 gambit of 9:10. A Monday redo would surely get that well under 9:00, no problem. But not this week. Not this workout. With 9 reps to go, Mayer saw he was way off his Friday pace and stopped.

So what now? Was 9:10 enough? Do it again? Is there enough time? Do I have enough energy?

A quick look at the leaderboard at this point provides interesting reading. In theory, as long as Mat Fraser, Björgvin Karl Guðmundsson and Willy Georges hold tight as National Champions for the U.S., Iceland and France respectively, Travis would technically secure an invitation from the Dubai CrossFit Championship after his fourth placed finish there back in December.

Equally, if Patrick Vellner could climb up into a top-20 position, Mayer’s second place finish at Wodapalooza could also give him the nod for Madison.

But that’s not how Travis wanted to secure his spot at the Games. Not through a backfill. He wanted to win it for himself.



4/5 – 4/7: Iron Sharpens Iron Camp (Nashville, TN)

4/1 – 4/8: Northern California Classic Online Qualifiers (Online)

4/1 – 4/11: The Liege Throwdown Online Qualifiers (Herstal, Belgium)

4/3 – 4/8: 2019 Rogue Invitational Qualifier (Online)

4/6: Feed, Clothe, Love and Lift (Amarillo, TX) 

4/6: St. Peters CrossFit Fitness Awards (Saint Peters, MO)

4/6: Powerstroke Partner Throwdown 2019 (Fallon, NV)

4/6: Metcon Meltdown (Flemington, NJ)

4/6: Two Peas in a POD Competition (Burlington, MA)

4/6: Rookie Rumble at CrossFit Diversion (Williamstown, NJ)

4/6: Rise of the Machines IV (Austin, TX)

4/6: Bay Area Beatdown 2 (Webster, TX)

4/6: Rookie Rumble at CrossFit Cornerstone (Cincinnati, OH)

4/6: WOD 4 Trent (Phoenix, AZ)

4/6: Smiles Hero WOD (Grand Chute, WI)

4/10 – 4/24: Granite Games Online Qualifier (Online)

4/11 – 4/14: CrossFit Lowlands Throwdown Online Qualifier (Online)

4/12: Throwdown in Joe Town (Saint Joseph, MO)

4/12 – 4/13: Capstone Caveman Clash and Cook Off (Lubbock, TX)

4/12 – 4/14: Mid-Atlantic CrossFit Challenge (Washington, D.C.)

4/12 – 4/14: Athens Throwdown (Athens, Greece)

4/13: The Craic Throwdown (Norwood, MA)

4/13: Capacidad De Dos Amigos (San Antonio, TX)

4/13: Warrior Affiliate League Deuces Wild (Chino, CA)

4/13: Battle of the Ages (Pineville, NC)

4/13: 5th Annual Battle for the Mountain (Dawsonville, GA)

4/13: The Requisite Masters Classic (Philadelphia, PA)

4/13: HandSTANDUP for Haiti (Smyrna, TN)

4/13: WOD Wars Fit Fest (Dunedin, FL)

4/13: CFL Loganville Lockdown (Loganville, GA)

4/13: CrossFit Katy Team Classic (Katy, TX)

4/13: Rescue Road: Obstacle Course Event (Alpharetta, GA)

4/13: Quad Wars at CrossFit Adversary (Williamstown, NJ)

4/13: First Annual McClaren Cup (Rio Rancho, NM)

4/13: Garage Girls 2019 Tour at CrossFit Grit (St. Simons Island, GA)

4/13 – 4/14: Freakin Throwdown 6 (Miramar, FL)

4/13: Burden Games at CrossFit Morgantown (Morgantown, WV)

4/13: Bryan Hall Memorial WOD (Frisco, TX)

4/14: To Hill and Back 2019 (Albemarle, NC)

4/15 – 4/27: Top Of The Box Online Qualifier (Clarksville, TN)

4/19 – 5/1: CrossFit French Throwdown Individual Online Qualifier (Online)

4/20: The Wodfather VII 2019 (Keller, TX)

4/20: Rookie Rumble at Bucktown CrossFit (Chicago, IL)

4/20: Barnyard Throwdown (Ohatchee, AL)

4/26: Rookie Rumble at CrossFit Nashua (Nashua, NH)

4/26 – 4/27: Gameday Competition (Mankato, MN) 

4/26 – 4/28: CrossFit Italian Showdown (Milan, Italy)

4/26 – 4/28: The Sun Coast Fitness Festival (Kwa-Zulu Natal, SA)

4/27: 4th Annual Spring Fever Partner Masters Comp (Souderton PA)

4/27: Rookie Rumble at CrossFit KOA (Cranford, NJ)

4/27: The Gnardog Challenge (Reedley, CA)

4/27: Festivus Games (Worldwide)

4/27: Raising the Bar for Charlotte (Medina, OH)

4/27 – 4/29: Asia CrossFit Championship (Shanghai, China)

4/27: Autism Rocks and Rows (San Clemente, CA)

4/27: Garage Games Xs and Ys (Hiram, GA)

4/27: The Explode Individual Classic (West Chester, PA)

4/27: Fast Times at West Tech High (Las Vegas, NV)

4/27: Tyler’s Voice CrossFit Competition (Jefferson City, TN)

4/27: SWFL Sharks Semi-Pro Grid Combine (Cape Coral, FL)

4/27: Explode’s Independent Classic (West Chester, FL)

4/27: Festivus Games at Crossfit Sav-up (Petaluma, CA)

4/27: 4th annual Apple Town Throwdown (Cornelia,GA)

4/27: Kettlebells for Cojones (Montgomery, TX)

4/27: Spring Fever Partner Master Competition (Souderton, PA)

4/27: Best of the Midwest Team Series Part 1 (Westfield, IN)

4/27: Officer Christopher Goddell Memorial WOD (Walkdwick, NJ)

4/27: Pose Method Run RX Course (Lake Havasu City, AZ)

4/27: Battle of the Boxes (Newport,KY)

4/27: 2019 Pensacola Beach Brawl (Pensacola, FL) 

4/27: Festivus Games at Camel City Crossfit (Winston-Salem, NC)

4/27: Festivus Games at CrossFit LaCrosse (LaCrosse, WI)

5/4: 2nd Annual Heavy Day Morgan (Oak Ridge, TN)

5/4: Battle at the Lab 2019 Cinco De Mayo (Clarksville, TN)

5/4: Border Open Part V (El Paso, TX)

5/4: Desert Warrior (Scottsdale, AZ)

5/4: The Jurassic Classic (Kennewick, WA)

5/4: Lifto De Mayo 2019 (Eagan, MN)

5/18 – 5/19: Big Impact Games (Kaukauna, WI)

5/19: Heroes and Heroines Team Throwdown (Pawtucket, RI)

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