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How Working Against Gravity Came to Be

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“Talent without grit is just potential. Talent plus grit is unstoppable.” — Ben Bergeron 


The Ultimate WAG: Adee Cazayoux


If the Cazayouxs are the business power couple of CrossFit, matriarch Adee Cazayoux is the secret to their success. 

Not just the CEO of Working Against Gravity, she founded the nutrition company almost by accident, now boasting a client base of 22,000 customers. 

“I really didn’t have time to think ‘Oh this is going to become a business,’” she told the Morning Chalk Up. 

“In every minute of my spare time, I was helping people at WAG … Honestly, I was just trying to figure it out. I’m like these people are asking for help, I want to be able to help them.”

The Candian wasn’t always a food-guru. In fact, her love affair with nutrition started from unhealthy relationships with food in her late teens. 

“I was sneaking food, I was lying about food, I would steal money to go buy food. I would put myself in situations intentionally to be able to get junk food, whether it was sweets or salty treats.”

At 200lbs, she’d seek help from a nutritionist and Adee said the path to losing 50lbs was the turning point in her life. 

“The moment where I decided not to just be alone and deal with this problem by myself and let people help me, everything completely transformed,” Cazayoux said. 

From a blog to business. 

Working Against Gravity (WAG) was an organic creation, born out of Adee’s graduating Masters project in teaching. 

“I just made a website for myself as an athlete and people started emailing me and asking me for help,” she said. 

So she started charging. 

“It kind of just snowballed, it just grew and grew and eventually when my income at WAG was even remotely close to my regular job, I just figured ‘Why not?’” she recalls. 

“Sometimes you do it better when you don’t know how to do it,” she laughed. 

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WATCH: Noah Ohlsen, Part One: Happy
Noah Ohlsen just released Episode One of his 2019 Games series. He shares his mental game plan going into the Games, his excitement for event one, and he offers his daily reflections.


KNOW: How to Fuel Through the Open
Contemporary Cavewoman lists her top five tips for fueling through the Open, which kicks off this Thursday at 5:00 PM PT. From when to eat and how much, she’s got what you need to know.


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Today’s edition of the Morning Chalk Up is brought to you by


No Dopin For the Open with BUBS NATURALS

Are you ready for the Open? And how do you avoid dopin’ for the Open!? We all want to do our best. But how do you avoid the wrong supplements and stick to best practices for your RECOVERY and JOINT HEALTH and get those extra reps? Knowledge is Power.

All BUBS Collagen Protein is NSF for Sport Certified, which means it’s trusted by organizations like the US Olympic Team, Major League Baseball, and the NBA.  It means you can trust in BUBS to deliver the absolute best in quality. Period.

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Chalk Up Community

  • STEADYMD ADDS ANOTHER DOCTOR — SteadyMD has added another doctor to their team, Dr. Alec Weir. He is a primary care physician who is board-certified in emergency medicine, is also certified by the Institute of Functional Medicine, and enjoys CrossFit and power lifting
  • BRING A FRIEND DAY — CrossFit Recursive in Madison, WI is hosting a Bring a Friend Day on Saturday, October 12. Bring a friend to try CrossFit for free and let them see what it’s all about. 
  • PUSH PULL FOR CANCER — This Saturday, CrossFit Intima in Elgin, IL will be hosting their first annual Push Pull for Pancreatic Cancer workout. Your $25 registration gives one person battling pancreatic cancer a care package and gets you an event shirt, and discounts to Victory Grips, Black Rifle Coffee, and Goat Tape.

CHALK UP IN 2 MINUTES (a highlight reel around social media of CrossFit pros and average joes)

Dan Thomas gets a 220 pound snatch • Rebecca Denae completed her third CrossFit competition over the weekend • Rodge Macy cleans 285 poundsAlyssa Royse front squats 78 pounds at 8X2 for a PR • Angelina McGowan deadlifts 225 pounds for a PR • Elaine Tsay gets a five rep back squat PR at 242 pounds • Keshav Nair power cleans 190 pounds.

…and watching Tia-Clair Toomey smile as she realizes she’s standing up this clean will never get old. 

CrossFit Novato Participates in Alzheimer’s Study — CrossFit Novato, in Novato, CA, is taking part in a study that uses CrossFit, amongst other avenues, to help halt the cognitive decline usually seen in Alzheimer’s patients.

— “CrossFit Novato and Novato Health have been invited to participate in a clinical study to help measure treatment impact on typical progression of neurocognitive decline observed in patients with Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) and patients exhibiting Mild Cognitive Decline (MCI).

— “Our team is quietly working among a group of healthcare practitioners embarking on the first rigorous trial of a very promising protocol designed to halt the progression of cognitive decline. The endeavor is “ReCODE” or the Reversal of Cognitive Decline study. I humbly and respectfully could not be more proud of this opportunity!”

The Open is Around the Corner — The 2020 Season Open kicks off Thursday at 5:00 PM PT. Make sure that you’re ready.

Register for the Open.

— Here’s how to watch 20.1 and who we’re calling for the night.

— Bookmark our 2020 CrossFit Open Movement Tracker.

Pump up the members of your affiliate.

— How to take care of your hands during the Open, by Jacob Hepper.

Jamie Hagiya Speaks Out Against Bullying — Jamie Hagiya took to Instagram yesterday about comments someone made about her body in a recent post. 

— “I usually ignore all haters. However, I am an advocate for anti-bullying and body positivity, so I’m going to speak my mind on this. On my recent post there’s comments about me being ‘too heavy for those skates’ and having an ‘awful physique’. And although I’ve heard way worse, it still hurt a little and made me angry at the same time

— “First of all, I’m not too heavy for anything. And second, I’m not here to be aesthetically pleasing for anyone. I’m just happy and living life and don’t need to bring others down to achieve that. They should try that too.

— “So here’s a reminder to BE KIND TO ONE ANOTHER AND KEEP THINGS POSITIVE! We should use this platform to build each other up, not tear each other down. Let’s all start this week with some positivity!”

Alec Smith Joins OUT in the Open — Alec Smith, who recently came out in a moving Instagram post, has joined OUTWOD’s OUT in the OPEN Leaderboard for the 2020 CrossFit Open.

— You can register for OUT in the OPEN, too, for a chance to represent the LGBTQ+ community at the West Coast CrossFit Classic.

— “The OUT in the OPEN LGBTQ+ Leaderboard will aggregate scores from the CrossFit Games Open and provide an avenue for LGBTQ+ athletes to directly compete. For the first time ever, the Top 7 RX Men and Top 7 RX Women finishers from OUT in the OPEN will earn a chance to compete in The OUTWOD Championship at the West Coast CrossFit Classic in Del Mar, California in March 2020.”

— “‘This year, we’re asking athletes to be OUT in the OPEN for greater visibility of the LGBTQ+ community in CrossFit,’ said Will Lanier, OUTWOD Founder and Executive Director of The OUT Foundation. ‘Regardless of their sexual orientation or gender, athletes will be able to compete and register as they are for a chance to represent the LGBTQ+ community on the world stage at the West Coast CrossFit Classic.'”


“How to Watch 20.1 + Expert Predictions,” by Tommy Marquez, Morning Chalk Up

The 2020 CrossFit Games Open is here! For the tenth time, the global CrossFit community will gather for another round of Open announcements and athlete matchups, before trying their hand at the batch of five workouts revealed over the next five weeks.

Every week there will be multiple announcements taking place in a variety of languages across the world, each with their unique matchup of athletes throwing down to set the stage performance-wise for the workout.

Over the next five weeks, we’ll be breaking down each matchup and keeping you up to date with how to watch, along with analysis of each athlete pairing from our team of experts that include our Editor-in-Chief Justin Lofranco, CrossFit Games play-by-play announcer Brandon Domingue, and Staff Writer and CrossFit Games analyst Tommy Marquez.

Rich Froning vs. Scott Panchik presented by Rogue

Location: Austin, Texas
Start time: A special edition of the Rogue Iron Game show will precede the announcement at 4:30 PM PST with the workout to follow at 5:00 PM PST.
How to watch: The Rogue Iron Game show and announcement will stream live via the Rogue website here, along with the Games website.
Background: A matchup of all-time greats on the men’s side, Froning (10th) and Panchik (11th) finished next to each other on the overall leaderboard in the 2019 Open. Although this is the first time they’ll go head-to-head, they’re no stranger to Open announcements, with Froning having 4 under his belt, and Panchik 5. Rumors of Panchik potentially forgoing the individual competition to join Froning and the CrossFit Mayhem team, make this matchup even more intriguing.


10/3 – 10/21: Dubai CrossFit Challenge Online Qualifier (Online)
10/10 – 11/11: The CrossFit Open (Online) 
10/12: Push Pull For Pancreatic Cancer (Elgin, IL)
10/16: 2019 Graveyard Games (Kenosha, WI)
10/19: Battle for the Bell VIII: End Bell (Southbury, CT)
10/19: HYROX Miami (Miami, FL)
10/26: CrossFit Turbine’s 2019 Strongman Classic (Carol Stream, IL)
10/26: CrossFit Roots Anniversary Party (Boulder, CO)
11/2: Best of the Wurst (New Braunfels, TX)
11/2: Gangs of the Midatlantic Team Competition (Williamsburg , VA)
11/2: Second Annual 12-Hour WODathon (Houston, TX)
11/2: Coed Clash Competition (Oneonta, AL)
11/9: Patriot Challenge 3.0 (Longview, TX)

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