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Injury Forces Matt Fraser Out of Rogue Invitational

Morning Chalk Up

June 11


Good morning and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up. We took a moment to pause and reflect yesterday. Today we have stories highlighting the positivity in our community. And, as we gear up for the Rogue Invitational this weekend, big news about the Fittest Man on Earth. 

As the dust settles from the major shake-ups this week, we are devoted to providing coverage of the community and sport as both seek to move forward. Those stories will develop in the coming days.

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Frontline Workers Series: A 12-Hour Shift in the COVID ICU with Katie Casey

  Frontline Workers Series: A 12-Hour Shift  in the COVID ICU with Katie Casey  

It’s 6 am in the ICU, nearing the end of her 12-hour night shift.

Katie Casey is trying to communicate to a very sick COVID patient through her N95 mask and a face shield. The ventilator — there to create negative pressure to avoid cross-contamination between rooms — is so loud it feels as though she’s inside an HVAC, and is making it especially hard for Casey to hear.

In the background, she can hear another health care provider shouting at their patient through a closed door. The policy is to limit the number of times you open and close doors in the COVID ward, so sometimes yelling through the crack of a door is the best option.

As she tries to connect with her patient, Casey, a nurse practitioner at Emory Healthcare in Atlanta, GA, thinks about what he must be going through.

  • “Normally in the ICU, visiting hours are wide open, family members can be by the bedside and can bring them belongings, and we can discuss things about the patient. But during COVID, visiting hours have been totally shut down, so the patients have nobody. We’re the only ones who can provide comfort, and it has been really challenging,” said the 33-year-old Casey.
  • “We convey so much through facial expressions, but it’s hard to show patients how much you care with a mask and goggles or a face shield. I can’t imagine what it’s like for them when all they see are your eyes. So the human side of it has been the hardest and most sobering — trying to make the patients feel comfortable and that they can get through this.”

To make communication easier, Casey’s team started using baby monitors to create a walkie talkie system to reduce shouting through doors. And to help patients feel more comfortable, they acquired an iPad specifically for patients to FaceTime with their loved ones.


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Gym Reopening? Last Chance To Get 3 Free Cases When You BOGO!

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Injury Forces Mathew Fraser to Withdraw From Rogue Invitational

  Injury Forces Mathew Fraser to Withdraw From Rogue Invitational  

The reigning four-time “Fittest Man on Earth” Mathew Fraser announced in an Instagram post on Wednesday that he will withdraw from this coming weekend’s Rogue Invitational. Citing an injury that he sustained a few weeks ago, he stated he had recovered but due to the injury was unable to prepare for the event.

One big thing: Fraser, the defending Rogue Invitational champion, was the favorite to repeat as champion despite the prestigious event moving to a live, online competition. The star-studded line-up would have been the first public competition that the competing athletes would have gotten a chance to compete against each other.

  • With a first-place prize purse of $50,000 it is one of the largest paydays available for athletes during the season.
  • Last year Fraser took home $65,000 for the two-day event including $15,000 in event win money.
  • Patrick Vellner placed second followed by Cole Sager in last year’s competition.

Chan and Speegle Claim Regional Titles at The Titan Games

  Chan and Speegle Claim Regional Titles at The Titan Games  

CrossFit was well represented on Monday night in episode four of NBC’s The Titan Games. Dani Speegle and Matt Chan each walked away as Regional Champions of the Central Region, albeit each taking different paths to get there.

Speegle, the reigning Central Region Titan, would have to defend her title on Mount Olympus to move onto the finals while Chan would have to battle two other competitors in never-before-seen events to earn another crack at Mount Olympus.

Event 1, “Hammer Down”: Chan faced off against sports medicine physician Kaleb Redden and deputy sheriff Steven Shelby. All three lost in their match-up against NFL Pro Bowler Joe Thomas on Mount Olympus in their previous Regional match-ups. The first two athletes who successfully used a sledgehammer to knock down three pillars and then climb them to pull the lever would move onto the next event. The third athlete would be eliminated from the competition.

  • All three athletes had no problem getting to their sledgehammers and then started swinging at the iron pins that released each of the three pillars to fall down. Chan, who is no stranger to swinging hammers and axes with his firefighter and CrossFit background, held an early lead over his other competitors. Redden was able to knock his third pillar down first and scaled it to pull the lever and claim the invite into the next event. Chan held off a late charge by Shelby to secure the final spot. Redden and Chan advance to event 2.

Event 2, “Resistance”: Another new event was awaiting Chan and Redden and the winner would move unto Mount Olympus. Both athletes were tethered together and required to push or throw five 50 lb barrels over a barrier while being yanked back from the tether connected to their opponent. The first athlete with five barrels over the barrier wins.




John and Niki Discuss the Future of CrossFit

On this episode of Make PODs Great Again, hosts Niki Brazier and John Wooley talk about CrossFit HQ, Greg Glassman’s resignation and their apology/explanation.

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