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Inside the Goodie Bags Awaiting Games Athletes

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Keeping it in the Family; Braydon Brus Competing at Games with Cousin Rich Froning


Fifteen-year-old Braydon Brus will compete in the CrossFit Games for the first time this year. But Braydon’s arrival to Madison has a twist; he’ll be heading there with his cousin, Rich Froning.

Braydon has been watching his cousin, Rich Froning, since 2011 when he watched from the stands as he took first place in Carson, CA. The next seven years, Braydon and his family visited Carson to spend time with family, cheering Rich on through the CrossFit Games.

So it made perfect sense when Braydon told his mom what he wanted for his 13th birthday. He wanted to head to Cookeville and train with Rich. Mary, Braydon’s mother, packed him up and shipped him off to train with Rich and friends.

“Rich was so awesome with Braydon and included him in his normal training. Braydon was hooked,” Ms. Brus told Morning Chalk Up.

Braydon came home from his summer in Cookeville with purpose. He told his mom he wanted to qualify for the CrossFit Games while Rich was still competing. At 13, he was too young to qualify through the Open, missing the birthday cut-off by one month. So Braydon trained for the year, preparing for his next chance.

A high school athlete in football and track, Braydon wakes up at 4:30 in the morning to train at CrossFit Glendora before a full school day and then an afternoon consumed with team practice. If anything, his schedule has helped him prepare for CrossFit Games prep with Rich.

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The Games Goodie Bags


In years past, CrossFit Games athletes have been showered with swag bags totaling in thousands of dollars, especially from Reebok. With CrossFit removing the footwear restrictions, even more brands are shelling out to get their products into the hands of the fittest on earth.

As naming rights sponsor, Reebok gets first dibs. 

  • Upon arrival, athletes will be given thousands of dollars worth of product.  
  • The package will include four pairs of shoes including the Nano 9s. 
  • Reebok insiders told the Morning Chalk Up, there’s also “multiple options of shorts, leggings, sports bras, briefs, tanks, tees, crop tops, hoodies, backpacks, socks, hats and more” awaiting each athlete. 
  • The athletes have been told – those who make it through to the weekend – will have a “second outfitting” on Friday night.  
  • Reebok apparel and footwear will also be handed out to staff, volunteers, judges etc.

Nike and NOBULL are Coming to Play

Nike wouldn’t ‘officially’ confirm the full kit for sponsored athletes – thankfully some of them took to social media to show us the goodies that have already arrived. 

  • Jacob Heppner’s ‘show and tell’ video was perhaps the most comprehensive – revealing the new black and gold colorway – in the Metcon 5 (“the go-to shoe” as Heppner calls it). 
  • Also, this red and black Metcon 5 landed on athletes’ doorsteps this week.
  • Regan Huckaby (Team Invictus) also showed off her personalized Nike duffle bag, which included a pair of the new Flyknit 3, Free X, Turbo 2, Alpha Menace and Romaleo 3s. 
  • Nike representatives have hinted to us, these are just the start of shipments for sponsored athletes. Don’t be surprised if we also see some exclusive products on their big names like Mat Fraser, who recently released his own shoe.

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Things To…


WATCH: Games Training with Vellner and Horvath
The Buttery Bros head to Canada to train with Michele Letendre, Patrick Vellner, Laura Horvath and James Newbury. There are famous Montreal bagels, so much exercising, and a birthday cake at the end of the day for Pat Vellner.


HEAR: Kari Pearce Prepares for 2019 CrossFit Games 
CrossFit Games athlete Kari Pearce joins the Down on the Box podcast. Pearce reveals how she made the Games her first year, getting ready for the 2019 CrossFit Games, thoughts on the recent announcement that the field will be cut down after one event, and the advice she’d pass onto Kari going to the Games the first time.


DO: Join Us for a Chalkboard Talk
Morning Chalk Up’s Editor-in-Chief will be on hand to answer all your questions about the 2019 CrossFit Games. He’s also testing out some new technology so figured this was a good way to kill two birds with one livestream.


GET: An Expert Coach to Program Your WODs
As an affiliate owner, you probably wear a dozen hats daily. So why not let the experts in programming take over, complete with full session plans, coaching videos and programming.


EAT: Vegan Gluten Free Banana Coffee Cupcakes
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Today’s edition of the Morning Chalk Up is brought to you by

Chalk Up Community

  • GET DAVID TO THE GAMES — David Bradley from Cumming, GA qualified in the 14-15 division for the 2019 CrossFit Games. His box, CrossFit Breaking Boundaries,and his family are raising funds to send him to Madison. 
  • DEADLIFT FOR KIDS — CrossFit Lilburn 678 in Lilburn, GA is holding Deadlift for Kids on August 24. All proceeds will be donated to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital.
  • FALLEN MARINE FUNDRAISER — On Sunday, July 28Empire Fitness in Elmwood Park, NJ will host a fundraiser WOD honoring Cpl. Kenneth Richard Williams Jr., who passed away on Memorial Day. All proceeds from the event will go to the Williams family.
  • NEW AFFILIATE — CrossFit CHWE in Brisbane, Australia is set to open August 10 and are offering founders memberships now.

CHALK UP IN 2 MINUTES (a highlight reel around social media of CrossFit pros and average joes)

Lauren Stallwood does 22 unbroken strict pull-ups • Three-year-old Freya Townsend does a four plate jump • Nick Neratka does a 386 pound Zercher yoke carry • Guilherme Malheiros does five touch and go snatches at 240 poundsLauren Fisher is on her way to Madison • Adam Blakemore deadlifts 451 pounds

…and Chandler Smith is just trying to give other athletes a leg up.

Games Watch: 8 days until the CrossFit Games.

To watch the CrossFit Games live, subscribe to our YouTube channel.
Where to drop-in when you’re in Madison.
VIDEO: 75 Athletes to be Eliminated in Event One (in Spanish)
— Talking Elite Fitness fills you in on the scoring system: “There is a scenario under which, where you might not be technically, by your definition of fitness, crowning the fittest person.” — “Big” Sean Woodland

Around the Alliant Energy Center:

— Zen Planner and SugarWOD will be running the Assault Fitness spectator workout area at the Alliant Energy Center. Reserve a spot.

— Katrin Davidsdottir will read from her book, “Dottir; My Journey to Becoming a Two-Time CrossFit Games Champion” at A Room of One’s Own in Madison, WI on On Monday, August 5.

New WIT-Powered CrossFit Store is Live — The new WIT-operated CrossFit store is now live. Thw two companies struck a deal to bring the training superstore in to handle both the online retail and CrossFit Games retail experience. 

— There is now a US and EU website, making the CrossFit store much more accessible, with an even wider inventory available shortly after the CrossFit Games.

— Also, sneak peak of what WIT has planned at the CrossFit Games.

Wodapalooza Adds Masters Divisions — Yesterday, Wodapalooza announced they have split the 55+ division and added a 55-59 and a 60+ division.

How to Crush Nutrition On a Budget — Fuel Your Fitness recently posted an article to their blog on how to eat nutrient dense foods, even on a budget. 

— “While we encourage a varied diet of healthy, whole food, we have to come to terms with the fact that some protein/produce is just more expensive than others. On the weeks where we’re really being budget conscious, this is what the grocery list looks like.

— “While people encourage all-organic-everything, sometimes that just isn’t in the budget. But there are other certain produce where buying organic matters more, and others less.”


Book Review — “Dottir”: My Journey to Becoming a Two- Time CrossFit Games Champion,” by Justin Lo Franco, Morning Chalk Up 

“You win or you learn.”

I’m not sure who first produced that maxim — which doubles as the title of the memoir’s opening chapter — but its never been more indwelled in a CrossFit Games athlete than Katrin Davidsdottir. From the first page of “Dottir”, you’re immediately brought into the mind of a champion, meticulously and thoughtfully weaving through her training with longtime coach Ben Bergeron alongside.

Davidstottir writes in the opening salvo: “I’ve studied how champions live…What I want requires laser focus and disciplined…As the best CEO, writer, or diplomat makes intentional choices on where to focus their effort, so, too must the fittest athletes on Earth. This is a choice, not a sacrifice.”

“Dottir” is as much a personal story of how Davidsdottir became a champion — from early childhood gymnastics, education, setbacks and the deep bond shared with her grandparents — as it is an internal training dialogue.

Even though we’re well acquainted with the end of the story, so far as it’s been written, “Dottir” opens up the journey and process in a way never before seen. Being a champion is not the social media highlight reel we’ve become used to seeing. Pain, struggle, setbacks, jealousy, body image, pressure, doubt, loss and failure are a sampling of the obstacles that pop up.


7/26 – 7/28: CanWest Games (Coquitlam, BC)
7/27: The Mountain Meltdown (Arapahoe Basin, CO)
7/27: 7th annual Dog Days of Summer Competition (Roswell, GA)
7/27: The CF Summer Circus (Des Moines, IA)
7/27: 2019 Summer Meltdown (Birmingham, AL)
7/27: Masters Tour (Travelers Rest, SC)
7/27: The WoDer Games (Ontario, Canada)
7/27: Girls Gone RX Waco (Waco, TX)
7/27: Rock the Ages at CrossFit Templum (Carrollton, TX)
7/27: The Meshugge Melee (Overland Park, KS)
7/27: All Gave Some, Some Gave All (Whitesboro, NY)
7/27: EVF “Stronger Together” Challenge (New York, NY)
7/27: X’s and Y’s (Lilburn, GA)
7/27: Elijah Rising Weightlifting Meet (Cypress, TX)
7/29 – 8/4: The 2019 CrossFit Games (Madison, WI)
8/2: Pirate Supporters Friday Night Light Kick Off (Lefors, TX)
8/02: OUTWOD Amsterdam at CrossFit ZeeBurg (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
8/3: OUTWOD Kansas City at CrossFit FIF (Kansas City, MO)
8/3: War of the WODs Summer Series (Greensboro, NC)
8/3: Riverport Rumble (Louisville, KY)
8/3: 31 Heroes (Norfolk,VA)
8/3: G’Town Throwdown – Chapter 3 (Georgetown, MA)
8/3: Brawl in the Burbs (Bridgeport, PA)
8/10: CFE’s Sugar & Spice Co-Ed Partner Competition (Burlington, MA)
8/10: Best of the Midwest Team Series at CrossFit 9 Degrees (Brownsburg, IN)
8/10: OUTWOD North Brunswick at Iron CrossFit (North Brunswick, NJ)
8/10: OUTWOD Phoenixville at CrossFit Lock 60 (Phoenixville, PA)
8/10: Sparrow Classic 2 Scaled Partner Competition (Pearland, TX)
8/10: Summer Battleground 2019 (Farmingdale, NY)
8/10: Goddess Games (Charlotte, NC)
8/10 – 8/11: No Surrender Survival Games (Wooster, OH)
8/11: The Rise of The Resilient (Hopkinton, MA)
8/16: OUTWOD Charlotte (Charlotte, NC)
8/16 – 8/17: WodFest 2019 (Joplin, MO)
8/17: Fittest in the Fork (Ft. Sill, OK)
8/17: Barbells For Bullies at CrossFit QDA (Buffalo, NY)
8/17: CrossFit Sua Sponte’s Summer Slam (Raleigh, NC)
8/17: The Fossil Games (Denver, CO)
8/17: Warhorse Games KC (Kansas City, KS)
8/17: CrossFit Shatter Summer Slam (Albany, NY)
8/17: The Syndicate Series Presents The Battlegrounds (Columbia, MD)
8/17: Poore Beer and CrossFit Benefit (Hendersonville, NC)
8/17: Unbroken Series Adaptive Games (Marion, NC)
8/17: 6th annual Babes and Bros (Grand Rapids, MI)
8/17: The Battlegrounds at 12 Labours CrossFit (Columbia, MD)
8/18: Red Raider Backyard Brawl III (Coatesville, PA)
8/24: Battle For the Badge (Vestal, NY)
8/24: OUTWOD Miami at Move.Lift.Live (Miami, FL)
8/24: OUTWOD Las Vegas at CrossFit Social City (Las Vegas, NV)
8/24: Deadlifts for Kids (Lilburn, GA)

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