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Inside the Growing Trend of Pasture Raised Eggs

Morning Chalk Up

August 28

Invictus Weightlifting

Happy Friday and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up. Today, Emily Beers profiles Clay Godfrey and his efforts to steer a Georgia affiliate through the pandemic. And, Joel Godett interviews masters’ athletes about the end of their season and the future of the division.

  • Also, don’t miss Hilary Achauer’s profile on how a few farms hatched a pasture-raised egg industry.

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How Clay Godfrey Turned a Gym Around During the Worldwide Pandemic

  How Clay Godfrey Turned a Gym Around During the Worldwide Pandemic  

When Clay Godfrey took over CrossFit Remnant in Roswell, GA in January, he knew he was in for a challenge.

The 27-year-old, who was a complete stranger to the existing community at the time, showed up and rebranded the affiliate overnight, turning it into One Fellowship Fitness.

  • “I took over from the previous owner and I didn’t know any of the members, so I was basically a complete outsider coming in, and you know how important close knit relationships are,” Godfrey said.

Godfrey also knew that in order for the community to trust this new owner and stick around the gym, he had to elevate both the facility and the service they would receive under his care.

  • “I took over on January 1st, and the first thing I did was close for the weekend so I could clean the gym. We really revamped the place and made all kinds of upgrades to the (facility). I needed to show them the love and care I was going to give this place,” he said.

One big thing: The proof is in the numbers.

  • When Godfrey took over, the gym had 85 members. He lost “less than five,” he said, all of whom were “members who were already kind of on the way out.” And within just one month, his membership number had jumped to 90. Not only did he increase his membership base quickly, he also successfully increased rates to $190 in February without losing any members.

Fix Your Olympic Weightlifting Technique

Invictus Weightlifting
Fix Your Olympic Weightlifting Technique

Improve your Olympic lifts with the Invictus Weightlifting!

Designed by Games athlete Jared Enderton, the online program includes three and five day a week options for both CrossFitters and weightlifters and video reviews so you can dial in your technique with a pro.

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Season’s End and the Future on Display at Masters Fitness Collective Championship

  Season’s End and the Future on Display at Masters Fitness Collective Championship  

The Masters Fitness Collective Championship delivered on its promise of a safe, organized competition for masters athletes last weekend. What it also provided was closure on the season for the competing athletes as well as a possible glimpse into the future of the division.

Four of the athletes competing in Fort Wayne, IN would have made their CrossFit Games debut this year before the age group divisions were cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. For those four athletes the MFCC provided them an opportunity for elite competition provided motivation for next season.

The Games veterans were impressed by the competition and the possibilities of having more of them in the form of a masters season. Many voiced their opinion on how having a season with multiple events similar to what their younger, elite counterparts have would not only be popular but also sustainable if done with the same care and attention to detail that the organizers of the MFCC provided.

Joel Godett talks to competitors at the MFCC for the Morning Chalk Up about their crazy 2020 season and the future of the division.



Chicken Change: A Look at the Increased Demand for Pasture-Raised Eggs

  Chicken Change: A Look at the Increased Demand for Pasture-Raised Eggs  

I first started buying pasture-raised eggs in 2016. At the time they were difficult to find and often almost twice as expensive as the cheapest grocery store eggs. Vital Farms — those eggs in the distinctive black carton with the white chalkboard writing — dominated the market and usually sold for about $6.99 a dozen.

Last week I went to Trader Joe’s and bought a dozen pasture-raised eggs for $3.99. Most grocery stores and even some convenience stores now carry a wide selection of pasture-raised eggs. Prices vary depending on your location and the brand you choose, but purchasing eggs from hens that wander around outside pecking at bugs and clover all day no longer means you’re spending more than double what you would for eggs from hens that never see the outdoors.

What’s changed in the last four years, and does CrossFit have anything to do with it?




A Full Body Workout with Margaux Alvarez

Games veteran and NBC Titan Games star, Margaux Alvarez is back with another #earnyourgrapes workout. Check it out and get your heart rate up!

  Morning Chalk Up  



If You Should Use Creatine

Creatine may be the most effective and well-studied sports supplement known to man but it’s had its fair share of controversy. Should you use it?

  Morning Chalk Up  


What It’s Like Competing in the COVID Era

The Masters Fitness Collective Championship this past weekend was the first large-scale CrossFit championship held under the specter of the COVID-19 pandemic and all that comes along with it.  The Morning Chalk Up took a look at the steps the MFC took to ensure a safe competition and how that can be applied to other events going forward.

  Morning Chalk Up  


Ground Beef For Life

ButcherBox delivers 100% grass-fed beef, free-range organic chicken, heritage breed pork, and wild-caught Salmon all free of antibiotics and added hormones right to your door. From now until September 23, new ButcherBox subscription members will receive two pounds of grass-fed, grain-finished ground beef in every box for the lifetime of their subscription.

  Morning Chalk Up  


Why Quad Dominance is Okay

We bet you’ve heard it before. Your coach told you that you’re “quad dominant.” So are we, and so is everyone. But is that a bad thing? Learn the truth in this T-Nation article.



Congratulations to Jeff A., who was the first to correctly answer which Team/Affiliate has won the second-most Games Team Events. The correct answer was Ute CrossFit. Ute CrossFit has ten Games Team Event wins while CrossFit Mayhem Freedom has the most Games Team Event wins with 21. This was the second time that Jeff was the first person to correctly answer the trivia question.

  • Today’s question: Which athlete won the most Games Events in the Teen Division?

Submit your answer.





Community Round-Up

Here are two events we have our eyes on right now, and a sizzle reel of a third event that recently took place:

  • Operation Liftoff: Gem City CrossFit in Dayton, OH is hosting a virtual team competition on September 12. Four-person teams (two men and two women) can register for $160 and the proceeds will be donated back to your gym. Learn more and sign-up
  • Crusader Series Competition: 64Training Systems in New Zealand, commonly known as the 64Army, is hosting the Crusader Series. They will be running an online qualifier competition paired with WodProof in two parts: September 17 – 22 and September 24-29. Learn more.
  • The Monster Games: Earlier this month the Monster Games took place in Joplin, MO. Jacob Heppner and GRIT handled the programming and they had a great turnout. Check out the highlight video.
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