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International Online Qualifier 2 Postponed

Morning Chalk Up

April 1


Good morning and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up. On Monday night, the team at Loud and Live sent an email out to all the athletes registered for the International Online Qualifier 2 to announce that it would be postponed indefinitely. And, Emily Beers profiles Tudor Magda, the 17-year-old four-time Games qualifier. Today:

  • The International Online Qualifier 2, rescheduled for April 6-15 is now postponed indefinitely.
  • Tudor Magda, at 17-years old, punched his fourth ticket to the CrossFit Games.
  • Brittney Kleyn profiles Ty and Tash May. CrossFit Saved Ty’s life and is sustaining him through chemo.

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International Online Qualifier 2 Postponed, No New Date Announced

  International Online Qualifier 2 Postponed, No New Date Announced  

On Monday night, the Loud and Live team sent out an email to athletes who registered for the International Online Qualifier 2 (IOQ2), alerting them that it would be postponed indefinitely. The event had already been pushed back and was set to run April 6-15.

One big thing: The IOQ2 serves as the qualifying event for the Madrid CrossFit Championship, the Granite Games, the Asbury Park Summer Games and the Mayan CrossFit Classic. So far, half of those events have been postponed without announcing new dates.

From the email to athletes: “As this uncertain time continues to unfold, we have made the difficult decision to postpone the International Online Qualifier 2.”

  • “While we had hoped delaying the IOQ2 until April 6-15 would allow enough time and space for current events around COVID-19 to settle down and allow us to get back to what we all love (fitness & community), that has not proven to be the case.”
  • “With that said, we are seeking new dates…We ask for your patience at this time.”

United in Movement: In the email, Loud and Live Sports asked athletes to join in the “charitable initiative meant to connet the community with at-home workouts, mobility, and much, much more.”

  • “Some of the biggest names in fitness will be leading us through live workout announcements and a live 24-hour YouTube broadcast — this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!”

Register for United in Movement now.


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Tudor Magda: Quest to Become the World’s Fittest 17-Year-Old

  Tudor Magda: Quest to Become the World’s Fittest 17-Year-Old  

He has become a household name in the sport of CrossFit, and he’s only 17 years old.

We’re talking about Seattle, Washington native Tudor Magda, the unofficial winner of the 16-17 year-old division of the CrossFit Games Age Group Online Qualifier. Not only did Magda win, he all but dominated from start to finish.

Magda — who was third at the CrossFit Games in his age division in 2019 and first in 2018 — finished the six-event online qualifier with just 15 points, winning two events and placing second on three others. His closest competitor, Brazilian Luis Henrique Alves Moreira, finished with 50 points.

Though he dominated the AGOQ, that was never his goal, he said.

  • “Every year, my intention is just to qualify (to the CrossFit Games). If I win, that’s a cool bonus, but it’s not what I’m focused on,” said the mature-beyond-his-years High School student. Magda is already taking college-level courses and plans to pursue mechanical engineering in college. Although because of the COVID-19 pandemic, he’s currently out of school.

Even more impressive than Magda’s win in the AGOQ: The fact that he placed 1,012 in the worldwide CrossFit Games Open last fall against the fittest men in the world, proving that he can already compete, not just with teenagers in his division, but with the best of the best.

Magda, who started CrossFit when he was just 9 years old, knows there’s a chance the COVID-19 pandemic might halt his chances to compete at the Games this summer, but he’s staying calm and keeping a level head and mature perspective.

  • “For sure, I’m worried the Games (could be cancelled). The thought crosses my mind, but for now I’m trying to think of it as if I’m training for the Games,” he said. And he knows that his future in the sport of CrossFit is about way more than just this summer.
  • “It’s not like everything will be cancelled for the rest of my career,” he said.

Ty’s Story: How CrossFit Saved his Life and Sustains Him in COVID Quarantine

  Ty's Story: How CrossFit Saved his Life and Sustains Him in COVID Quarantine  

Meet Ty and Tash May.

The young couple from Australia have been Crossfitting for the better part of a decade, but even before the Australian government mandated gyms to close to slow the spread of COVID-19, they moved their metcons to their makeshift home gym.

Here’s why.

Coronavirus can kill: That’s the frightening reality for Ty May who was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer late 2019.  

  • “Ty’s hematologist has advised us to self-isolate given the unknown risks that catching COVID-19 could cause to Ty’s treatment and upcoming Bone Marrow Transplant,” his wife Tash told the Morning Chalk Up.
  • “It’s the people who feel well, or don’t have the symptoms that bad, who are too selfish to self-isolate and withdraw from their usual lives, are the people spreading this around. In 2 weeks’ time when someone they love is unwell, it won’t feel so trivial to them then,” Tash added. 

Why the increased risk: For cancer patients like Ty during chemotherapy, there’s already a high risk of them catching pneumonia. With COVID-19 being a new virus there’s so much uncertainty about how this could further complicate treatment and recovery.

The reality is, it could be fatal: In Australia, non-urgent surgery is also unpredictable at this time. While Ty’s chemotherapy schedule remains unchanged, he’s yet to receive a date for his Bone Marrow Transplant.

But it was CrossFit that saved Ty’s life and continues to motivate the Mays during this ongoing and indefinite time in isolation. 

  • “Ty only went to the doctor because he started getting dizzy while working out. If he wasn’t fit and healthy to begin with, he wouldn’t have noticed that change in his body so soon,” she said.



Morning Chalk Up Editor-in-Chief Justin LoFranco Talks Gym Closures

Armen Hammer invited Morning Chalk Up Editor-in-Chief Justin LoFranco on his show to discuss the effect the coronavirus pandemic is having on the affiliate community. Currently, 73% of US CrossFit gyms are closed, but these numbers are growing.

  Morning Chalk Up  


The Nano 9

No April Fools joke here. Today through April 6 Reebok is putting the shoe built for the CrossFit community by the CrossFit community on sale for $70. Shop now and use the code “LASTCALL” to get the Nano 9 for $70.

  Morning Chalk Up  


The Clydesdale CrossFitter and Friends with Jacob Heppner

Hosts Scott and Amy talk with Jacob Heppner, the sixth fittest man at the CrossFit Games in 2019. Heppner shares his previous jobs, his YouTube vision, his new venture, Heppner’s Happy Hemp and his goals for this CrossFit season.

  Morning Chalk Up  



Jacob Heppner New Product Test

Find out what happened when VersaLifts reached out to Jacob Heppner to test out a new product. The results will shock you…and probably make you laugh.

  Morning Chalk Up  


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Some Positive Stories From the Community

Overall the news has been pretty dark the past few weeks. Here are a couple of positive stories we’ve seen:

  • Parking Lot Wedding Parade: In Orrville, OH, the friends and family of Dr. Jessie Gibson and Tyler O’Neal, mostly members of CrossFit Wooster, gathered together to celebrate the pair’s nuptials in the parking lot of the Orrville Christian Church. Gibson, a physical therapist, and O’Neal, a firefighter, enjoyed a small ceremony with nine family members inside the church and then were surprised as they emerged with a “social distancing” parking lot parade. 
  • Outsiders CrossFit: A Baltimore area cross fit box, Outsiders CrossFit, has partnered with a local non-profit, the Baltimore Hunger Project to help provide meals and notes of encouragement to kids who rely on being at school for their meals. While schools are closed in Maryland, the need for food and meals has increased dramatically and the Baltimore Hunger Project is hoping to provide over 2000 meals a week to local kids. Outsiders Cross Fit is using this quarantine as an opportunity to support the mission of BHP. 
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