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Invictus Boston Invitational to Fundraise for Campaign Zero

Morning Chalk Up

July 6


Good morning and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up. The Pit Fitness Ranch Elite Teen Throwdown is moving forward with 42 confirmed athletes and lots of important sponsors; Patrick Clark has a full update below. And, the Invictus Boston Invitational later this month will raise funds for Campaign Zero; there are volunteer and sponsorship opportunities still available.

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The Pit Fitness Ranch Elite Teen Throwdown Gains Steam

  The Pit Fitness Ranch Elite Teen Throwdown Gains Steam  

When the Age Group Divisions were canceled for the 2020 CrossFit Games back on April 30,  Azariah Price and Brock Yost jumped into action. Price, a 2019 Games athlete in the 14-15 boys division, wanted to make sure that his fellow teen athletes had a definitive ending to the hard work that they put in during the 2020 Games season. He partnered up with Yost who owns The Pit Fitness Ranch, part of Triple Rivers CrossFit on the Michigan-Indiana border. What they came up with was the Pit Fitness Ranch Elite Teen Throwdown to be held during Labor Day weekend, September 3-6.

Where they are: Since officially announcing the teen-only competition on May 3 the organizers have been working diligently in setting up the event from confirming athletes, organizing media, obtaining sponsors, setting up lodging, an athlete village and programming for their four-day event.

  • The competition will feature four divisions across two age groups, boys 14-15, boys 16-17, girls 14-15 and girls 16-17.
  • Forty-two athletes from five different countries have been confirmed to compete.
  • The event will take place at both the Pit Fitness Ranch and at Triple Rivers CrossFit.
  • Lakeside Melodies, a campground with lodging 1.4 miles from the Pit Fitness Ranch, will be the official athlete’s village for the competition.
  • Sales from commemorative Rogue medicine balls that will be used during the competition are being sold. The money raised from sales of the medicine balls will go to the Jacob Morris Teen Athlete Awards. Half of the funds will go to the competition prize purse and the other half will go to Keith and Kristy Morris to start a scholarship fund in Jacob’s name for teens who cannot afford gym memberships.
  • Live media coverage and streaming will be available for the competition.
  • Brands that have already partnered with the competition include FitAid, Born Primitive, Victory Grips, Deadlift Coffee Company, Ascent Protein, Xendurance, Chestee, RPM Training, Culver’s, Corey Lake Orchards and LYFT-RX.
  • The organizers are still looking for donations and sponsors to assist in equipment and athlete needs.
  • Programming will be done by GRIT, Jacob Heppner’s performance training program.
  • Visit the Pit Fitness Ranch Instagram page for more information on the competition.

A Message to CrossFit HQ From Team O2

A Message to CrossFit HQ From Team O2

We’ve been joking that last month was a heck of a year, but damn. Most of us at O2 have an L1, and we were shaken by what unfolded in June. But we want you to know we believe in you and are all in on the rebuild. Eric, a lot of good has come from affiliate support initiatives, but we need more from CFHQ. O2 pulled together a few pals and generated $230k for affiliates in April. Then we gave $6M in incentives to 60,000 CrossFitters for keeping their memberships in May. Imagine what you can do. Everything magical about CrossFit happens at the gym, which Covid threatens. Please make affiliate financial health a top priority this year, and if you’d like some help, we’re all in. -Team O2


Invictus Boston Invitational to Bring Athletes Together for Campaign Zero Fundraiser

  Invictus Boston Invitational to Bring Athletes Together for Campaign Zero Fundraiser  

As peaceful protests appeared in the wake of the death of George Floyd, the owners, coaches and athletes of Invictus Boston wanted to do more to bring awareness to the Black Live Matters movement as well as the social and racial injustices that African Americans and other people of color suffer. Invictus coach Bern Prince took the lead and wanted to bring the community together and at the same time raise awareness and money for Campaign Zero by hosting the Invictus Boston Invitational.

The details: The Invictus Boston Invitational will be held on July 25 at Rack House Fitness in Woburn, Massachusetts. The athlete roster includes some of the most influential African American CrossFitters in the community.

  • The male athletes who have been confirmed to compete include Tola Morakinyo, Arnold Sevilla, Sam Carmola, Anthony Franciosi, Rashad Evans, Fabrice Devaris, Nick Barthelery and Neko Milton.
  • The female athletes include Pua Higginson, Aurora Vellante, Star Simon and Sammi Howard.
  • More athletes will be added in the next few days as travel restrictions are relaxed for flights into Boston.
  • All events will be held outdoors at the Rack House Fitness facility to allow spectators, supporters and sponsors to attend the event.
  • InkJett Productions will provide a live-stream for the event.
  • Volunteer positions and event sponsorships are still available. Contact Bern Price for more information.
  • Three of the workouts for the competition have been released on the Invictus Boston Instagram page.
  • More information on the event will be released on the Invictus Boston Instagram page.

Campaign Zero: The event is being held to raise donations for the Campaign Zero non-profit organization.

  • Funds donated to Campaign Zero support the analysis of policing practices across the country, research to identify effective solutions to end police violence, technical assistance for organizers leading police accountability campaigns and the development of model legislation and advocacy to end police violence nationwide.
  • “We fully support the Black Lives Matter movement that is strong in our country and all over the world right now,” Invictus Boston announced in an official statement. “While we know that posting about it on social media to pledge our support is important, we also know that we wanted to do more than that moving forward to make a bigger impact. We floated the idea to our staff about starting with a potential event of some sort in which we could raise money for an organization, bring awareness to the movement in a bigger light, and show that we love, appreciate and accept every single person in our doors and into our community.”



Armen Hammer’s take on CrossFit’s New Scholarship Program

In this episode of his vlog, Armen Hammer talks about a little-known CrossFit affiliate known as CrossFit Underserved. He illustrates how the experience of this affiliate along with Dave Castro’s own experiences working with underserved communities created the foundation for CrossFit’s new scholarship program.

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End Diet Fatigue And Hurdle Your Fitness Plateau

If you’re hitting WODs but still missing the mark when it comes to results, then you need Trifecta. Their macro balanced meals are designed for improving how you train without compromising on the quality or flavor. Use the same nutrition program the Games athletes use and push past your fitness goals with Trifecta. Today’s the last day to take advantage of their Independence Day Sale so don’t wait.

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Five Top Stretches for Recovery with Kristi Eramo O’Connell

Games veteran Kristi Eramo O’Connell offers up some rest day recovery stretches that you can incorporate into your routine. Some key advice on workout days: foam roll before your workout, static stretch after.

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An Efficient Athlete

The Professor (Brent Fikowski) and his team of CrossFit Games regulars (Patrick Vellner, Cole Sager, Chandler Smith, and more) want to help you learn how to move better during all your CrossFit WODs (yes — even if they are at home). Start your movement journey with a free 7-day trial of The Professor Project.

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Sweet Potato Cheddar BBQ Chicken Burgers

The Fourth of July is behind us, but that doesn’t mean it’s time to put the grill away. Check out these amazing chicken burgers with shredded sweet potato mixed in to keep them juicy. They are topped with tangy-sweet BBQ sauce, sharp cheddar cheese, red onion and lettuce for the ultimate healthy grilled chicken burger recipe that’s perfect for summer!



Congratulations to Jason W., who was the first to correctly answer which two athletes have won the CrossFit Games Affiliate Cup/Team Championship with two different affiliates. The correct answer was James Hobart and Adrian Conway. James (CFG11 – CrossFit New England, CFG15 & CFG16 – CrossFit Mayhem) and Adrian (CFG12 & CFG13 – Ute CrossFit, CFG17 – Wasatch CrossFit).

  • Today’s question: Who was the only athlete that competed in the first six CrossFit Games as an Individual?

Submit your answer.



  • Congratulations to Ray Regno and Emily Worthington on their engagement.
  • Ryan Sowder hits 3 PRs: a 605 pound deadlift, a 500 pound back squat, and a 305 pound bench press.
  • Chandler Smith snatches 275 pounds for a PR.
  • Happy birthday to Kari Pearce.
  • Jorge Fernandez snatches 225 pounds for 5.
  • Jonathan Tiong clean and jerks 154 pounds.
  • Joe Hanby snatches 175 pounds for 3.
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