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Is This the Most Competitive Men’s Division Ever?

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Good morning and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up.

In today’s edition:

  • The inaugural Occupational Games winners show how to combine fitness and a full-time career.
  • Will the final men’s heat at this year’s CrossFit Games be the most competitive ever?
  • Foster Fit’s first scholarship at Morrisville Community CrossFit in North Carolina.
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  Occupational Games Winners Prove Full-Time Careers Don’t Have to Conflict with Fitness 

Occupational Games Winners Prove Full-Time Careers Don’t Have to Conflict with Fitness

The 2021 CrossFit Games season featured a new online competition — the Occupational Games — to crown the fittest law enforcement officers, firefighters, healthcare workers, college students and school teachers.

Remind me: While the worldwide Open used to include occupational leaderboards, this was the first year it was its own competition held in conjunction with the Age Group Online Qualifier.

  • Like the Quarterfinals and AGOQ, those who competed in the Occupational Games earned their spot during the Open.
  • The top 10 percent of the 4,030 military service members, 2,820 law enforcement officers, 2,780 firefighters, 3,470 healthcare workers, 2,090 college students and 4,530 school teachers who competed in the Open earned a spot in the Occupational Games.

The male and female Occupational Games winners:

  • Military service members: Ellia Miller, Mitch McLune
  • Law enforcement: Shaylin Laure, Ryon Anderson
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How to Be the GOAT of Breathing

How to Be the GOAT of Breathing

Yes, we know you have been doing it all your life. But just how we all find out we might need to tweak our natural running style, we also need to do the same to our breathing.

By shifting your lower jaw and tongue into an optimal position to enhance airflow, the AIRWAAV Performance Mouthpiece is proven to:

  • Increase your endurance by 20% by reducing respiratory rate.
  • Reduce cortisol build up to increase recovery by 50%.
  • Widen your airway by an average of 9%.

Try the AIRWAAV Performance Mouthpiece in your next WOD to breathe better, go longer, and recover faster.


  • CrossFit’s PairUp ThrowDOWN virtual competition, set to kick off on May 20 now has an official equipment list.
  • Individual event four at the Torian Pro is “Double Trouble“:
    • Two rounds for time:
      30/25 Echo Bike Calories
      100 Drag Rope Double-Unders
      50 DB Hang Snatches (22/15 kilograms, 50/35 pounds)
      Time Cap: 12 Minutes
    • The Torian Pro is releasing one workout per day, in advance of its Semifinal event, on Instagram.
  • The Granite Games released another team workout yesterday. This one is called “Worm DT”:
    • Five rounds for time:
      12 Worm Deadlifts
      9 Worm Hang Cleans
      6 Worm Push Jerks
      Time Cap: 10 minutes
    • The Granite Games is releasing one workout per day, in advance of its Semifinal event, at 12 PM ET on Instagram.
  • Milestone: Congratulations to the Buttery Bros, Heber Cannon and Marston Sawyers, on the release of episode 100 of their fan-favorite YouTube series. The episode features Katrin Davidsdottir and the rest of the Comptrain crew, including Samuel Kwant, Amanda Barnhart, Chandler Smith, and coach Ben Bergeron.
  • Here are the final results of the Scaled Nation Spring Classic: The First Place Division leaders were Jason Campos, Jessica Post and Marie-Claude Meloche. The next beginners-only Scaled Nation online competition will be in September. Registration opens in August. More details coming soon.
  The Most Competitive Top Ten Men's Field in Games History? 


The Most Competitive Top Ten Men's Field in Games History?

For the first time in eleven years, neither Rich Froning nor Mat Fraser will compete in the men’s individual division of the CrossFit Games. Commentators and prognosticators (myself included) have suggested that as a result, this year’s final heat of the men’s competition would be the most competitive ever.

It’s an easy claim to make, but a bit tougher to support statistically. Jeremy Schwartz of Maxability Sports and CrossFit, took it upon himself to do the research and what follows is a discussion of what he found.

The data: Schwartz took the top ten finishers in the men’s field going back to 2007 and applied a uniform scoring system to those athletes. He opted for the Open style scoring system (one point for first, two points for second, etc.). The points awarded are not relative to the other top ten athletes, they are their actual finishing positions from the events at the Games that year relative to all of the athletes who competed in each event.

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  Foster Fit Provides First Scholarship, Connecting Foster Teen and North Carolina Affiliate 

Foster Fit Provides First Scholarship, Connecting Foster Teen and North Carolina Affiliate

After months of fundraising, Foster Fit, a nonprofit dedicated to empowering youth in foster care through CrossFit scholarships, awarded their first membership to a teen in North Carolina, matching her with a local affiliate, Morrisville Community CrossFit.

Remind me: Foster Fit’s mission is to help “every foster child to have strong physical health, avoid the rising obesity statistics for kids and teens, and have consistent and normalizing activities.”

  • Justin Romaire, founder of the organization, believes that CrossFit gyms, their communities, and coaches can help foster children reach these goals.
  • CrossFit provides a consistent and nurturing community, which has proven to improve the mental and physical health of adolescent teens and adults. Foster Fit will provide kids and teens in foster care access to the same love and support that we receive from our CrossFit friends and community,” writes the organization on their website.

How it works: Multiple pieces have to come together for a partnership to form between foster youth and CrossFit gym; Romaire refers to Foster Fit as the “mediator.”

First, interested youth or teens in foster care have to apply for a scholarship on the organization’s website. Then, Romaire and his team search for an affiliate near the applicant, one that is accessible that they think would be a good fit for the program.

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