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Jacqueline Dahlstrøm: Ready to Take on Sanctionals Season

Morning Chalk Up

February 14


Good morning and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up. The Norwegian CrossFit Championship is off and running today (did you see our sneak peek of Event One?), and as the official media partner, follow the event live with us all weekend. And, we’ve been profiling schools running CrossFit programs around the globe, but with tight budgets and minimal staff, it’s not always easy as Deans Mill School in Stonington, CT illustrates. Today:

  • How to Watch: Norwegian CrossFit Championship
  • Deans Mill School runs a CrossFit Program with no equipment and little time.
  • Editor-in-Chief, Justin LoFranco sits down with Jacqueline Dahlstrøm to discuss her approach to the 2020 Sanctionals season.
  • Five of the top trending stories on the Morning Chalk Up this week.

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How to Watch: Norwegian CrossFit Championship

  How to Watch: Norwegian CrossFit Championship  

The seventh Sanctional of the 2019-2020 season finds itself in the winter mountains of Gol for the Norwegian CrossFit Championship. The three-day competition is being held at the exclusive Storefjell Resort, February 14-16. The Morning Chalk Up will bring you all the action as some of the world’s top CrossFit athletes and teams seek a coveted 2020 CrossFit Games invitation.

Our very own Justin LoFranco and Tommy Marquez are in attendance, providing exclusive coverage, recaps, analysis and athlete interviews on the Norwegian CrossFit Championship Sanctional page.

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Coverage of the Sanctional will be live-streamed for free on the Morning Chalk Up website and on our YouTube Channel. Event one will not be live-streamed, a full recap will be available after the conclusion of that event.


The competition kicks off on Friday with a distance run in the snow up a ski slope. Justin and Tommy were given a firsthand sneak peek by programmer Phil Hesketh on what will be a grueling event.

The full schedule for all events in your time zone is available on our Norwegian CrossFit Championship Sanctional page.

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No Equipment, No Worries: Teacher Determined To See Program Grow

  No Equipment, No Worries: Teacher Determined To See Program Grow  

What was once a fringe idea is slowly becoming the norm as PE teachers attempt to bring CrossFit methodology to students across the globe.

Recently, we’ve been bringing you the latest exciting developments from booming CrossFitting classrooms to Games athletes heading up in-school programs.

But it’s not all smooth sailing running an affiliate — some schools are struggling too — including one US middle school who reached out to the Morning Chalk Up.

Deans Mill School (Stonington, CT) PE teacher Cyndi LaPalme started a CrossFit Club that runs a 10-week program, once a week before school.

  • “We are currently in the middle of our first session of this club with a second session beginning in mid-March. I’m always looking for ways to include functional fitness into the club as well as within my PE classes,” Cyndi said.

While the school principal has been nothing but supportive, progress has stalled due to limited resources.  

  • Currently, the programming is limited to bodyweight exercises with no funds to purchase new equipment.
  • “Although this elementary school is newly rebuilt, the equipment was purchased prior to my arrival and without the mindset of trying to implement CrossFit. As you can imagine, schools have limited funding and purchasing more new equipment is not in the cards,” Cyndi said.
  • She’s spearheading this program alone, juggling the classes outside of her regular teaching commitments at the school.
  • The 10 sessions before regular classes also span across 10 weeks, which limits the programming. Ideally, Cyndi would like to see the program run more regularly.

But in a sport that prepares athletes for the unknown and unknowable, Ms. LaPalme is far from giving up.

She is using bodyweight movements in addition to having the students use sports equipment for various activities. Think soccer balls as wall balls, even wands as PVC pipes. She also uses workouts that she does herself as a template for programming, albeit scaled. This helps the time-poor teacher get in a work out while preparing the program for her students.

Ultimately, it’s the kids enthusiasm that continues to spur Ms LaPalme on, despite setbacks.

  • “The pride that these students have in showing their classmates a proper squat or a hand release push up has been incredible! I can see the improvement, not only in fitness levels but in mindset for some of these students as well. There is a real benefit for some of these kids and I know it can reach more if given the opportunity,” she said.

We have no doubt there are many other small programs, just like Cyndi’s, toughing it out. By telling these stories, we hope to give anyone in a similar situation solace. As a community of CrossFitters, we are with you — keep hustling.


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VIDEO: Jacqueline Dahlstrøm: Ready to Take on Sanctionals Season

  VIDEO: Jacqueline Dahlstrøm: Ready to Take on Sanctionals Season  

Sanctional News and Notes




The Enderton Front Squat Complex

If you can get under that heavy squat clean, but sometimes struggle to stand it up, give this a try. Kristi Eramo O’Connell reviews the “Enderton Front Squat Complex” — a super taxing, but great strength-building combination of one pause squat, one 1+1/4 squat and one front squat. Make sure you breathe correctly and stay tight.

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The Jump Rope

Tired of scaling double-unders every time you see it on the whiteboard? Brute Strength has partnered with ten-time World Medalist, Buddy Lee to put together the most comprehensive guide for quickly mastering singles, doubles and triple-unders. This guide includes Buddy’s three-phase system, including various skills, drills and step-by-step progressions designed to build you from the ground up so that even the most inexperienced CrossFitter can string together huge sets with ease.

How to Find the Right Personal Trainer


How to Find the Right Personal Trainer

In this episode of A Fresh Cup of Fitness, sponsored by Ice Age Meals, hosts Brittany Marsh and Jessica Danger provide some tips on seeking out a personal trainer. If you take one thing from this episode: Just like buying a car, do your due diligence and take the time to find the right one.

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Crunchy Pickle Salad

This crunchy, squeaky pickle salad makes an amazing side dish next to a giant pork roast or ribeye steak. There are a ton of textures here between crisp onions, juicy pickles, and crunchy nuts. Choose pickles that are low on sugar, or if they are sweeter, add more vinegar, and get creative by throwing in some green beans or radishes.



  • Harry Lamb snatches 176 pounds for a PR.
  • Jordan Noe back squats 300 pounds for a PR.
  • Happy Birthday Tyson Oldroyd.
  • Helen Golematis Taylor back squats 230 pounds for a PR.
  • Congratulations to Carleen and Keith Mathews on the announcement of their pregnancy.
  • Ryan Liggett adds 110 pounds to his clean and jerk over six years.
  • Glenn Ellingsen power cleans 185 pounds for 2.


Trending Stories at the Morning Chalk Up

Here are five of the top trending stories from the past week:

  • What Will Edmonds learned about the CrossFit community by leaving (and quickly returning).
  • In her OpEd, Emily Beers asked “what did you wish knew before CrossFit?”
  • The 2020 CrossFit Games qualification process is complicated, but here’s the definitive guide of qualifiers — bookmark it!
  • The Ryan Ferns Healthplex helped 20 people drop their diabetes meds through nutrition and CrossFit.
  • Six-time Olympic gold medalist, Amy Van Dyken finds a new home in competitive CrossFit.

Bonus: Sara Sigmundsdottir on her 2020 Sanctionals season so far.

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2/15 – 2/16: Tribal Clash Australia (Wollongong, NSW, Australia)
2/15: Sweat-Heart Throwdown (Barre, VT)
2/15 – 2/16: 5th Annual Double Barrel Classic (San Marcos, CA)
2/15: Love is Love Partner Comp – Austin (Austin, TX)
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2/22: Battle of the Lake IV (Denver, NC)
2/22: Battle of the Fittest VII (New York, NY)
2/22 – 1/22: Shake N Bake Throwdown (San Antonio, TX)
2/22: Masters of Fitness 2020 (Cape Coral, FL)
2/22: Granite Games Spring Throwdown (Snyder, TX)
2/22: The Do More Charity Challenge (Castle Rock, CO)
2/22: HYROX Dallas (Dallas, TX)
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2/28 – 3/1: True Strength Camp (Vancouver, WA)
2/28 – 2/29: CrossFit West Richland’s One Ton Challenge (West Richland, WA)
2/28: Community WOD for Trevor (Fuquay-Varina, NC)
2/29: On Track Team Challenge II (Olathe, KS)
2/29 – 3/1: Gi’s and Janes (Jackson, MS)
2/29: 151 Marion Mad Hatter (Marion, IA)
2/29: 2nd Annual Heartbreakers Competition (Fort Sill, OK)
2/29 – 3/1: War of the WODs Team Event (Greensboro, NC)
2/29: No Millennials Mash- Up (King of Prussia, PA)
2/29: True Paw Throwdown (Annapolis, MD)
2/29: Steel Rail Shootout 2020 (McComb, MS)
2/29: Operation O’Dowd (Lakewood, NJ)
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3/7: Swolemate Showdown at Outlier Crossfit (San Diego, CA)
3/7: Spring Granite Games Throwdown (Hollister, CA)
3/7: No Boys Allowed (Grand Rapids, MI)
3/7: Showdown in the Valley (Clemson, SC)
3/7: Indy Iron Games (Indianapolis, IN)
3/7: Granite Games Spring Throwdown (Klamath Falls, OR)
3/7: sheSTRONG (Collingwood, Canada)
3/7: Kids Buddy Brawl (Valdosta, GA)
3/7 – 3/8: Fittest of the Coast (Charleston, SC)
3/14 – 3/15: Sector Games 6 (Manati, Puerto Rico)
3/14: Going HAM TxFit Games 2020 (Southlake, TX)
3/14 – 3/15: The Tactical Games (Burnet, TX)
3/14: Granite Games Spring Throwdown (Lancaster, OH)

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