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Judge Awards Nearly $4 Million to CrossFit in Legal Fees

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“The purpose of a goal is not to get it. The purpose of a goal is who you become in pursuit of it.” — Tony Robbins 

SouthFit CrossFit Challenge Leads-off Full Sanctional Weekend


After a week off, the 2019-2020 CrossFit Sanctional Season resumes with two events that will see four more individuals and two more teams punch their tickets for the 2020 CrossFit Games. The SouthFit CrossFit Challenge will hand out half of those Games invites in Bueno Aires, Argentina December 6-8.

International Affair: Twenty countries will be represented in the Elite competitions including six from South America. 

  • The champs are here: Four athletes have qualified (pending final video review) for the Games as National Champions through the Open. Uruguay (Victoria Frascolla and Juan Manuel Seitun), Chile (Simona Quintana Silva) and Argentina (Melina Rodriguez) will be showcasing their champions this weekend. Rodriguez, who placed 28th in the Open, repeats as the Fittest Woman in Argentina and is a two-time Games qualifier.
  • Quick Turnaround: Despite claiming her 2020 Games invitation at the Filthy 150 less than two weeks ago, Norwegian Andrea Solberg is making her way to Buenos Aires to show her fourth-place finish in a stacked field in Dublin was no fluke. The 24-year old medical student now looks for her first Sanctional title.
  • 16 former Games athletes: Including Rodriguez, there are 16 athletes competing who have previous Games experience as individuals. The most notable of those is Bethany Shadburne, a three-time Games qualifier including an eighth-place finish at this past year’s Games. She is looking to secure her invite after finishing 45th in the Open, below the projected cut-line.

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Judge Awards Nearly $4 Million to CrossFit in Legal Fees


Judge Janis Sammartino issued another crushing blow to the National Strength and Conditioning Associaton (NSCA) in their years-long dispute with CrossFit, Inc. On Wednesday in San Diego District Court, Judge Sammartino awarded CrossFit $3,997,868.66 for attorney fees and also granted their motion to terminate sanctions. 

One big thing: There’s nothing good here for the NSCA, who at this point is facing serious financial trouble, but the court goes even further saying: “in twenty-five years on the bench, ‘[t]his is the first case that [the Court] ha[s] ever had that has gotten to this point…Having carefully considered the record, ‘[t]he severity and frequency of defendant[’s] bad faith misconduct is as egregious as anything this [C]ourt has ever seen or read in any of the cases.’”

  • The judge also concluded that the NSCA’s actions constituted “extensive perjury,” and called them “inherently untrustworthy.”
  • Judge Sammartino: The Court also shares CrossFit’s concerns that, “[g]iven the extensive perjury to date, the evidence supplied by the NSCA will also be inherently untrustworthy.” Neither CrossFit nor the Court nor the public can trust the veracity of further discovery collected from the NSCA. The Court therefore concludes that CrossFit has established that it will suffer prejudice absent termination.

Also worth noting: CrossFit is further vindicated in their claim that the NSCA and the Devor study attempted to deceive the public about the safety of CrossFit. 

  • “It is taken as established that the NSCA’s unfair competition and false advertising—including its false statements in the Devor Article…have deceived and continue to deceive the public and consumers regarding the safety and effectiveness of CrossFit training.”

The bottom line: CrossFit, Inc. isn’t the only winner here, but the entire CrossFit training industry from affiliates owners to coaches and athletes. By obtaining such an overwhelmingly one-sided ruling it’s likely CrossFit will be left alone for some time and those attempting to raise claims of its safety will think hard before publishing false information.

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WATCH: Managing Bad Days With Chris Stoutenburg
Chris “Stouty” Stoutenburg spent some time at the Scandinave Spa Blue Mountain, where he shares his perspective on mindset and perspective. “Everybody is entitled to a bad day, but don’t have two bad days in a row. Honour those days, reflect and learn from them, but wake up the next day with a positive mindset.”


HEAR: Why Adam Opened a Full-Service Clinic Inside an Affiliate
In Episode 9 of A Fresh Cup of Fitness, hosts Jessica Danger and Brittany Marsh welcome Dr. Adam Schulte, a Family and Sports Physician who has just opened a full-service family medical clinic inside of Resolution CrossFit in Yorba Linda, CA. If you take one thing from this episode, let it be this: We cannot just keep throwing pills at the problem of healthcare in America.


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Today’s edition of the Morning Chalk Up is fueled by


A Diet Coach in Your Pocket

A diet coach in your pocket that builds a diet based around your own schedule, lifestyle, food preferences for just $9.99/month for the first six months when you use code “CHALKUP”.

The RP Diet App makes weekly adjustments based on your progress so you never fall off track. There’s a reason why Rich Froning trusts RP with his nutrition!

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Chalk Up Community

  • ROCK STEADY BOXING — CrossFit Rua in In Frankfort, IL is the newest location for Rock Steady Boxing, an organization that works with individuals with Parkinson’s disease. This non-contact boxing program uses exercise to help prolong the advanced stages of the disease and gives those with Parkinson’s a better quality of life. There is a free demo class on Monday, December 16.
  • MOTHERHOOD TRANSITION TRAINING — Coach Maria Smith at OC Athletix in San Clemente, CA is kicking off a four-week long class on Motherhood Transition Training. The course will take place on Monday and Wednesday mornings. 

CHALK UP IN 2 MINUTES (a highlight reel around social media of CrossFit pros and average joes)

Amanda Lowe gets her first muscle-up • Happy fifth anniversary NOCCO •  Gabriela Migala split jerks 254 poundsKathleen Winter Harris overhead squats 235 poundsKate Nye snatches 220 pounds for two • Congratulations to Jessica Shulz on her 5K PR time of 41:48 • Fifteen-year-old Hampton Morris back squats 419 pounds for two. 

…and remember that one time that Bronisław Olenkowicz muscle snatched more than your 1RM deadlift? 

Aaron Hinde to Speak At Strong New York — Aaron Hinde, Founder of FITAID, will lead a panel discussion at the Strong New York fitness and wellness experience taking place December 15. 

— “Learn how to build a strong business and develop the right mindset to be successful from the founder of LIFEAID and FITAID Aaron Hinde and Gregory’s Coffee Gregory Zamfotis and Master Executive Coach Josh Miller.

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How to Stick to a New Fitness Routine — If the coming New Year has you thinking you’d like to try something new, like Olympic Weightlifting or training for a marathon, Outside Magazine has a few tips for you to stick to with it.

— “Marketing has conditioned us to believe in body hacking and quick fixes, and the very fact that workouts hurt gets in the way of many people starting and sticking with exercise programs. Unfortunately, there’s no silver bullet that makes a hard workout easy. But the following tips and practices will help you stick to a tough training plan, through low-motivation days and low-energy workouts, to get the results you want—no magic pill or program required.”


“The Unassuming Athletes Turned World Record Holders: And How You Can Claim One Too,” by Brittney Kleyn, Morning Chalk Up 

Almost by accident.

That’s how Australian Kate Hilliard claimed her first Concept2 SkiErg world record.

In fact, the 28-year-old didn’t even know there was such a thing when she claimed the fastest female time trial for 2000 meters on the Ski.

“I was in the middle of it and I was you know, dying and the owner of the gym came up and said 7:28,” she told the Morning Chalk Up. After finishing 26 seconds faster (7:02) unbeknownst to Kate at the time, she’d claimed her first world title.

The Australian swim coach and personal trainer has since added three more world records on the Concept2 SkiErg to her resume:

500m: 1:33
1000m: 3:20
5000m: 18:43
Bragging rights: While a cowbell hanging at 98Gym in Sydney, Australia is her only physical trophy, Kate admitted she doesn’t feel hard done by that the record is little more than “bragging rights.”

“Being able to measure yourself against people and a little bit of a reward for hard work,” she said.

The self-proclaimed wannabe CrossFitter had more than a decade experience in competitive swimming before first stepping foot in a gym. She now trains up to three sessions a day, with a strength focus instead of just programming to dominate on the Concept2 machines.


12/6 – 12/8: SouthFit Challenge (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
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12/7: 4th Annual Reindeer Games (Bismarck, ND)
12/7: Granite Games Throwdown at Snake River CrossFit (Nampa ID)
12/7: Granite Games at Crossfit North Charleston (Charleston, NC)
12/7: Capital City Classic (Madison, WI)
12/7: Granite Game Winter Throwdown (Louisville, KY)
12/7 – 12/8: Pandaland CrossFit Challenge (Chengdu, China)
12/7 – 12/8: CrossFit Winter Classic (Cleveland, OH)
12/11 – 12/14: Dubai CrossFit Championship (Dubai, UAE)
12/14: Syndicate Vault (Columbia, MD)
12/14 – 12/15: Tundra Winter Games (Grand Forks, ND)
12/15: Strong New York (New York, NY)
12/18: 2nd Über Belles and Balls (Bandera, TX)

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