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Katrin Davidsdottir’s New Title

Morning Chalk Up

October 7


Good morning and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up. Katrin Davidsdottir was featured on the 2020 Sports Pro 50 Most Marketable athletes list, further illustrating the growing mainstream appeal of CrossFit athletes. And, the Clyde family lost their beloved pet dogs in a house fire last week; Kyra Milligan, Nikki Clyde’s sister started a GoFundMe campaign for them and the CrossFit community is already rallying behind them, learn how to help below. 

  • Also, don’t miss the sixth installment of Spenser Mestel’s “Not That Fit” series, this week he takes on “coordination” with Michael Dameski from So You Think You Can Dance.
  • Finally, Niki Brazier, Justin LoFranco and Tommy Marquez offer up some predictions for the women’s side of stage two of the 2020 CrossFit Games.

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Two-Time Fittest Woman Katrin Davidsdottir Cracks Top 50 Most Marketable Athletes in 2020

  Two-Time Fittest Woman Katrin Davidsdottir Cracks Top 50 Most Marketable Athletes in 2020  

Each year, Sports Pro 50mm compiles a list of the top fifty most marketable athletes. Pulling from a pool of nearly 6,000 athletes, 25 countries, and 21 sports, the analysis gives each athlete a score based on a range of metrics that help to indicate their reach and engagement on social media. This year, a familiar face for the fitness community sat in 45th place, two-time fittest woman on earth, Katrin Davidsdottir.

One big thing: Davidsdottir’s inclusion on this list is not the first time we’ve seen major CrossFit personalities recognized in places outside the sport of fitness. But, this kind of recognition is reflective of the growth of the sport of fitness as it becomes more widely acknowledged by the public and mainstream media.

Trending: In the past year, several CrossFit athletes have made major inroads in national and global brands outside the fitness arena.


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CrossFit Community Rallies to Raise Funds After Fire Destroys Family Home

  CrossFit Community Rallies to Raise Funds After Fire Destroys Family Home  

On Sunday, October 14, the Clyde family home caught fire. Flames destroyed their garage and roof and while family members Kelby, Nichole, and Icelynn Clyde made it out safely, the blaze took the lives of their three dogs.

Utah-based CrossFit athlete Kyra Milligan, Nichole Clyde’s sister, is calling on her community to help.

  • “My older sister Nikki was basically my mom growing up,” Milligan wrote in an Instagram post relaying the details of the fire.
  • “To all that know them,” she continued, “you know that these dogs were a large part of the family.”

The garage was also the home working space for Kelby Clyde, who runs Clyde Wildlife Artistry, a small, specialized taxidermy business. Milligan noted in her post that flames destroyed all of the equipment he uses for his work.

How to help: Milligan has organized a GoFundMe for the family. She’s asking anyone who is able to donate and share the campaign while the Clydes heal.

  • One day after Milligan posted the fundraiser on her page,, the CrossFit community had already raised almost $2,000 for the family. The goal is $10,000.


Not That Fit: Learning Coordination with So You Think You Can Dance’s Michael Dameski

  Not That Fit: Learning Coordination with So You Think You Can Dance’s Michael Dameski  

After my convo last week with American Ninja Warrior Meagan Martin, my stamina is stronger than ever, but I still feel #NotThatFit overall. There are four components of fitness left to master, so today I’m learning about coordination from professional dancer Michael Dameski.

Coordination is the ability to combine several distinct movement patterns into a singular movement, which is the foundation of Dameski’s style. First trained in ballet, he’s since branched out to hip-hop and modern dance, combining them all in a way that emphasizes flips, spins, and jumps. The result is the kind of spectacular routines that earned him runner-up on “World of Dance” and the winner of Australia’s “So You Think You Can Dance.”


Predictions on the Women’s Side of Phase 2 of the 2020 CrossFit Games

  Predictions on the Women's Side of Phase 2 of the 2020 CrossFit Games  



How to Minimize Cable Wear on Your Speed Rope

We all want to keep our gear in great condition to optimize our performances. One thing that can slow down your double-unders is a worn-out and frayed cable. Use these five tips from RX Smart Gear to keep your cable newer for longer — some key takeaways are to avoid abrasive surfaces, use the correct length cable, and focus on proper technique.

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A WAG Certified Coach

Registration is now open for Working Against Gravity’s Coach Certification Program where you will learn WAG’s macro-focused methodology that has worked for athletes like Camille Leblanc-Bazinet and Cole Sager. Act fast while spots are available.

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Your Front Rack Position for Jerks

If you struggle to get the barbell to make contact with your shoulders when in the front rack, give this superset from Alex LaChance a try. For the front rack stretch with the barbell, focus on pressing your elbows up and back as hard as you can and hold for 30 seconds, for the xiaopengs, try to make a perfect circle with your arm.

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The Surf And Turf Deal Is Back

ButcherBox delivers 100% grass-fed beef, free-range organic chicken, heritage breed pork, and wild-caught salmon, all free of antibiotics and added hormones, right to your door. Today through October 21, new ButcherBox subscription members will get two lobster tails and two pieces of filet mignon for free in their first box.

  Morning Chalk Up  


The Link Between Metabolic Health and Immune Function

On this episode of Pursuing Health, Drs Julie Foucher-Urcuyo talks with the renowned cardiologist and author of The 21-Day Immunity Plan, Aseem Malhotra about how to improve our own immunity. Dr. Malhotra is an advocate for the importance of improving metabolic health to reduce our vulnerability to infections, including COVID-19.



Congratulations to Sergio H., who was the first to correctly answer which 2020 CrossFit Games Stage Two athlete has competed in the most Games. The correct answer was Katrin Davidsdottir. She has competed in eight CrossFit Games as an Individual.

  • Today’s question: How many times has the worldwide men’s Open winner not won the Games in the same year?

Submit your answer.



  • Happy birthday to Jacqueline Dahlstrom.
  • Kevin Rantrua hits a clean complex at 275 pounds.
  • Logan Maher PRs his 3RM thruster at 225 pounds.
  • Brian Seghers does a 22-foot legless rope climb.
  • Emma Baumert hits a hang clean double at 187 pounds.
  • Matthew Puttock clean and jerks 264 pounds for a PR.
  • Mike Sauer hits two back-to-back squat PRs at 315 and 325 pounds.
  • Jace Robertson PRs his clean at 265 pounds, 100 pounds over bodyweight.


Community Round-Up

In our community round-up today, we have a couple of amazing feats to celebrate, as well as a fundraiser to highlight:

  • 1000 Burpee Challenge: Fionis CrossFit in Chennai, India organized a 1000 Burpee Challenge and more than 100 athletes completed either the full 1000 or 500 total burpees.
  • 17 Rounds of Murph in 24 Hours: On September 27, Brandon Westover completed 17 rounds of Murph within 24 hours, all while wearing a 20-pound weight vest. This ties the unofficial record set by Brandon Breitenbach on August 10 and edges out 17-year-old Tyler Friese’s 16.75 rounds in 24 hours on Memorial Day weekend.
  • Koda Foundation Fundraiser for Zach Lucas: Firefighter and CrossFit coach, Zach Lucas was diagnosed first with lung cancer and then testicular cancer. The Koda Foundation started a fundraiser and last weekend, more than 20 gyms participated in the Zach Lucas Challenge to help raise money to cover medical bills for the CrossFit OKC coach in Edmond, OK.
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10/10 – 10/11: Team Pack Series 2020 : Back to School Edition (Vienne, France)
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10/12 – 10/18: The Padawan Games (Norman, OK)
10/17 – 10/18: First Timers XIX (Køge, Denmark)
10/17: The Sacred Pine Throwdown (Ladson, SC)
10/24: Fittest in the Fall (Indianapolis, IN)
10/28 – 11/10: The Fittest Experience Online Qualifier (Austin, TX)
10/31: Come as You Aren’t (Jacksonville, FL)
10/31: BOA – Season 5 – Challenge of The Decades (Bensenville, IL)
10/31: CrossFit Imagine’s Wodtober Fest (Smyrna, TN)
10/31: WOD-o-WEEN (Minnetonka, MN)
11/6 – 11/7: Strength Wars 2020 (Blacktown, Australia)
11/7 – 11/8: The Bay Games [Unstoppable (online) Edition] (Jervis Bay, Australia)
11/7: The Battle at Branded One 2020 (Las Vegas, NV)
11/7 – 11/8: Barbells & Bacon (Erlanger, KY)
11/7: Battle at the Bridge (Windsor, ON, Canada)
11/7: The FORGE Partner Challenge 2020 (Plantsville, CT)
11/7: Turkey Throwdown (6th Annual) (Limestone, TN)
11/7: The Garage Games Masters Tour (Conroe, TX)
11/11: WOD for Warriors (Waite Park, MN)
11/14 – 11/15: The Clang and Bang Vol 4 (Topeka, KS)
11/14: Warrior Affiliate League Gruesome Twosome (Chino, CA)
11/14 – 11/15: SugarMeltdown 2020 (Odense, Denmark)
11/14: 2020 Trident Fitness Festival (Suffolk, VA)
11/14: Girls Gone Rx Dallas (Dallas, TX)
11/14: One Fifty One Throwdown (Douglas, GA)
11/14: Girls Gone Rx Iowa (Des Moines, IA)
11/15: Southpaw’s Murph Swim Challenge (McKinney, TX)

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