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Key Takeaways From Virtual Semifinals

Morning Chalk Up

June 15   |   POWERED BY


Good morning and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up.

In today’s edition:

  • Three big takeaways from week three of Semifinals.
  • Larissa Cunha is legit, and her Semifinals performance showed it.
  • Twenty questions with Sara Sigmundsdottir.
  • VIDEO: Serbian brothers and now Games qualifiers Lazar and Luka Dukic on the Bottom Line.
  • Breaking: CrossFit Signs Multi-Year Partnership with WIT Fitness

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  Three Key Takeaways from Week Three of Semifinals  

Three Key Takeaways from Week Three of Semifinals

Three weeks of Semifinals competition are in the rearview, and the trio of virtual competitions provided us with a host of noteworthy performances and leaderboard races. The German Throwdown, the Lowlands Throwdown, and the Brazil CrossFit Championship may have had to shift to “plan B,” this season, but it did not stop them from staying in the game and providing value to a CrossFit Games season structure that is still getting its legs.

Twelve spots to the CrossFit Games were handed out this weekend in each divisionwith another subset of athletes managing to extend their season for roughly another month by earning a spot at the Last Chance Online Qualifier. Even though we did not get to see all of it play out in real time, below are three major takeaways from the first virtual Semifinal weekend.

1. Fifteen years in, CrossFit athletes continue to redefine the scope of what’s possible.

We all know how truly impressive the elite athletes at the CrossFit Games are, but there are still moments within the framework of competition that continue to expand the margins as far as the limits of fitness in a variety of contexts.

Take Annie Thorisdottir for example. Exactly 10 months, and two days prior to earning her 11th individual appearance at the CrossFIt Games this past weekend, she was giving birth to her and Frederik Aegidius’ first child. In roughly the same amount of time it took for her pregnancy to last, she was able to bounce back and compete with the best and qualify for the sports highest stage.

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  • This week on The Clydesdale Fitness & Friends Podcast, Spencer Panchik recounts how first responders lacked the fitness to rescue him and his brother from a harrowing hiking accident that would change his life forever.
    • Panchik: “The firefighter’s like, ‘We can’t get the stokes baskets up, my back’s hurt, I can’t do this.’  So my brother Steve ended up carrying the stokes baskets up to us. They repelled us down and got us life-flighted. It’s pretty crazy that he had to step up and do that. That’s what’s so awesome about CrossFit. Owning an affiliate, I take a deep passion in working with anybody who’s a first responder because I don’t want anyone else to go through that experience of almost feeling helpless to an extent where somebody can’t do their job.
  • MUST WATCH: Annie Thorisdottir, BK Gudmundsson and Frederick Aegidius take on the final day of Semifinals in week three.
  • The CrossFit Norwegian Throwdown is hiring a new Emcee. The event is taking place August 14-15, 2001 at the Storefjell Resort Hotel in Gol, Norway.
  • The West Coast Classic kicks off in four days. Get your tickets now and sign up to work out with the five-time Fittest Man on Earth, Mat Fraser. A special announcement will be made tomorrow, June 16, allowing three-day ticket holders the chance to throw down with the champ.
  • Carol-Ann Reason-Thibault announced over the weekend that she was ending her 2021 CrossFit Games season and would not compete in the Atlas Games due to medical reasons.
  Larissa Cunha is Legit, not just in Latin America, but Among the Best in the World  

Larissa Cunha is Legit, not just in Latin America, but Among the Best in the World

After being “100 percent invested in the sport,” since 2019 when she narrowly missed qualifying to the CrossFit Games, Larissa Cunha all but dominated the Brazil CrossFit Championships on the weekend, finishing with 560 points, 32 points ahead of Argentinian athlete Sasha Nievas.

  • “We have been waiting for this moment for a long time because we have been working together and I have developed really well since 2019, “ said Cunha after the Quarterfinals about the work she and her coach Bernardo Camargo have been putting in.
  • “We have been very close to getting a ticket to the Games. It wasn’t my time yet, but we have continued to work. And work a lot.”

Finally her time: As impressive as Cunha’s performances were at the Brazil CrossFit Championships, they’re even more impressive when you compare her scores against the notoriously stronger athletes from the two European Semifinals.

  • Cunha versus Europe: Cunha’s scores — which considering the online format can be directly compared to the European athletes — would have earned her a ticket to the CrossFit Games at the CrossFit German Throwdown. She would have placed fourth, just 20 points behind Katrin Davidsdottir.
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  Twenty Questions with Sara Sigmundsdottir: ACL Rehab, Buckwheat Breakfast, and Her “Hidden Talent” for Clothing Design  


Twenty Questions with Sara Sigmundsdottir: ACL Rehab, Buckwheat Breakfast, and Her “Hidden Talent” for Clothing Design

In March, six-time CrossFit Games athlete and perennial podium contender Sara Sigmundsdottir suffered a season-ending injury when she ruptured her ACL during a split jerk.

Now nine weeks post-surgery, Sigmundsdottir has resumed somewhat normal training — she has just been cleared to do kipping gymnastics again, but won’t be able to run until week 16 — she still has a ways to go, she explained.

  • “What is probably the hardest thing is that everybody I have told that I have this injury says the same thing. ‘Don’t start too early…be patient and bla bla bla,’ and I’m just like, ‘Am I ever going to start again because I’m so afraid of starting’…The hardest thing is trusting that I’m (following) the right process, allowing myself to do the things, trying to push the limit of what I can do, but in a smart way.”

Her partnership with WIT Fitness,  an athletic apparel company, has helped her get through the challenges of being injured, she explained.

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  Twenty Questions with Sara Sigmundsdottir: ACL Rehab, Buckwheat Breakfast, and Her “Hidden Talent” for Clothing Design  

Lazar and Luka Dukic | The Bottom Line

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  Breaking: CrossFit Signs Multi-Year Partnership with WIT Fitness  

Breaking: CrossFit Signs Multi-Year Partnership with WIT Fitness

CrossFit LLC and WIT Fitness have just announced a multi-year e-commerce and retail deal, finalizing a partnership between the two companies. “WIT will operate an official online CrossFit store, sell CrossFit-branded gear at its flagship London store and future physical locations globally, and have a retail presence at the CrossFit Games and other CrossFit events,” the company revealed via press release.

The deal also includes sponsorship of the CrossFit Games, with WIT bringing their retail store onsite to Madison and the Semifinals, building off of their presence at previous events like the 2019 CrossFit Games and Wodapalooza 2020.

  • WIT – the london-based training company founded in 2015 – has built an immersive retail and training experience at its flagship store in London, catering to the training consumer with expanded and exclusive offerings of the top brands in the space, as well as sponsoring CrossFit athletes like Sara Sigmundsdottir, Jamie Simmonds, and Jeffrey Adler.
  • Dan Williams, founder of WIT Fitness: “We’ve welcomed thousands of gym-goers through our London site and hundreds have flocked to our pop-up stores, so there is a real desire for experiential activation. Whilst we don’t heavily rely on bricks and mortar stores, we still want to bring exciting, engaging, and exclusive experiences to the consumer. To now be able to do this alongside CrossFit is even more powerful.”
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