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Kickoff to the American Open

Good morning and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up. Today’s edition was chalked up while dropping into CrossFit Recursive, located just a few blocks from downtown Madison, WI. 

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“If we do not pay the price for success, then we will pay the price of failure.” – James E. Faust



Navigating USAW’s website is no small feat, so we’re trying to make it a little easier for ya.

Go to the live webcast. There will be three separate viewing options: Blue, Red, and White. Because multiple weight classes lift simultaneously, each lifting group is assigned a colored platform.


You can grab the full schedule if you’d like, but we took the liberty of curating the list of nearly 900 lifters down so you don’t get lost. Remember, select the livestream that matches the athlete’s color.

Alyssa Ritchey – Friday, 4:00 PM ET 48KG A – White
Kaela Stephano – Friday, 6:30 PM ET 53KG A – White
Sarabeth Phillips – Friday, 6:30 PM ET 58KG A – Blue
Kristan Clever – Friday, 8:30 AM ET 58KG D – Red
Maddy Myers – Saturday, 6:30 PM ET 63KG A – White
Nicole Capurso – Saturday, 8:30 PM ET 69KG C – White
Sarah Loogman – Saturday, 11:30 AM ET 69KG E – Blue
CJ Cummings – Saturday, 4:30 PM ET 69KG A – Blue
Sarah Hopping Estrella – Sunday, 3:00 PM ET 90KG A – Blue
Elijah Muhammad – Sunday, 11:00 AM ET 94kg B – Blue
Mattie Rogers – Sunday, 1:00 PM ET 69KG A – White



Angelo DiCicco and Nick Paladino are helping to bring fitness to homeless kids and giving away a free training session to one lucky athlete. Dr. G. Daxton Steele, an orthopaedic total joint surgeon at Andrews Institute for Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine, finished second in the 150-pound weight class master’s division during the 2016 CrossFit Liftoff. Reebok unveils designs for their new Boston HQ. Why does Austin Malleolo pick Whole Foods as his go to stop for all things food? High Schooler Demi Bagby does a handstand on a table at school instead of studying for finals. Carly Fuhrer hits a 185 pound 3 rep max hang snatch PR.


Dan Bailey talking about how he first started CrossFit and signed up for the CrossFit Games.


“This post is for Sean Woodland – at the end of day one at the CrossFit Games this year, I was standing outside at the Ranch, I had just finished 39th out of 40 girls on ‘The Ranch Chipper’ which started with 50 heavy wallballs, 20# to a 10′ target. It crushed my soul and for the second time in my Games career, exposed a major weakness on day one.

“While I stood outside and gathered myself before getting back on the bus to head to the airport, Sean walked by, mentioned something about keeping my head up because it’s a long week, and then said, ‘Sheila, that was really hard to call while you were struggling with wallballs.’ I’ll never forget that. I wanted to cry, I had let Sean down, I had let my coach down, I had let myself down.

“Since that day, I have done more than 3,000 wallballs using a 20# ball. I have worked my weakness to near death. I don’t think I will ever love heavy wallballs, but Sean Woodland, I really hope I never make you cringe when you have to call a WOD with me and wallballs again. Thanks for the push, you’ll never know how much that moment meant to me ?.”

“Thomas Steinbrück On Creating Cohesiveness For Reebok” by SGB Media

Reebok appointed Thomas Steinbrück creative director in October 2016, tasking him with leading the brand into uncharted territory come 2017. Adidas CEO Kasper Rorsted announced that the largest area of focus for the coming year would be restructuring the underperforming Reebok business, operating from the brand’s new headquarters as they move from Canton, MA to Boston. SGB sat down with the man who could change the brand as we know it forever.And, of course, we gotta ask about CrossFit. Does Reebok still see big potential there?

It’s absolutely something we believe in. In the U.S. it’s getting bigger and bigger, and it’s starting to grab hold in Germany. Collaborations with UFC and CrossFit are smart for us. As a brand we had to find new ways to connect that weren’t necessarily through the NBA or other major leagues. Although I wasn’t a part of the initial Reebok push into CrossFit and MMA, I see them as extremely smart moves, and feel very compelled to continue it. In 2017/18, for instance, we’ll be offering our UFC combat apparel in literal consumer collections. We’re going out and beyond for their product.


Presenting the CrossFit New England Kill Cliff Christmas Tree.

Denver Police Officer and CrossFitter, Tony Lopez Jr., who was shot one year ago in the line of duty says that this last year has been “the best year of [his] life.”



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