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Las Vegas Affiliate Takes Action Against The State

Morning Chalk Up

May 22

Element 26

Good morning and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up. Emily Beers offers up some in-depth analysis of how and why many CrossFit gym owners are considering post-pandemic rate increases. And, Battle Cancer has released a new video to create awareness for its Move Forward program, bringing together some of the biggest names in the sport of CrossFit and Hollywood stars. Today:

  • Gym owners from across North America weigh the idea of post-pandemic gym fee increases.
  • Battle Cancer features elite CrossFit athletes and Hollywood stars in a new video.
  • Chad Cole, CrossFit Apollo owner and 2015 Games athlete takes on state and local authorities in a bid to re-open his gym.
  • The “Fittest on Earth,” Mat Fraser and Tia-Clair Toomey get all the Chipotle burritos (and bowls) they can eat in a year.

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Post-Pandemic Rate Raise Anyone?

  Post-Pandemic Rate Raise Anyone?  

Considering the financial hit almost every single affiliate has taken in recent weeks, one of the obvious questions becomes: Should I raise my rates? Surveying affiliate owners quickly showed opinions on the topic are as varied and polarized as the question of whether gyms should be allowed to open their doors and resume business.

Three Top Trends: As gyms all across the globe face different challenges, rate increases are varied but three trends emerged after speaking with more than a dozen affiliate owners:

  1. One group of owners intend to raise rates to off-set post-COVID restrictions and regulations.
  2. A second group plans to raise rates, but also increase services and offerings.
  3. A final group does not see this as an opportune moment to increase fees.  

Raising Rates to Reflect the New Operating Landscape

Smaller class sizes and increased operation costs make raising rates necessary and easy to justify, say proponents.

  • Thomas Sampson, owner of CrossFit 235 in Menomonie, WI,  intends to increase his rates by $5-7 per person on first-time members once he re-opens. However, current members won’t see the increase until their membership term expires.
  • Sampson: “Cost of operations will increase due to precautions needed to be taken to stay in operation. Cleaning supplies, class offerings, at-home options etc.”

Another approach some affiliates are taking is to raise personal training rates only for now. DeAnna Williams, the owner of CrossFit 253 in Lakewood, WA. is taking this approach.


Turn Your Rack Into A Gymnastics Suite.

Element 26
Turn Your Rack Into A Gymnastics Suite.

Remember when the phone was just a phone? Then the smartphone came along, turning your cell phone into a Computer/Camera/Phone/System.

That’s what the Element 26 BarBelts do to a boring old squat rack. Turn your Squat Rack into a highly diversified gymnastics suite for everything from core exercises, muscle up progressions, to advanced gymnastics holds.

Belt on a BarBelt and Turn your Rack into a “Smart Rack”.


Hollywood Stars join CrossFit Games Athletes to Support Battle Cancer

  Hollywood Stars join CrossFit Games Athletes to Support Battle Cancer  

What do Matt Damon, Chris and Liam Hemsworth, and Tia Clair-Toomey have in common? They’re all featured in the new video supporting Battle Cancer’s Move Forward program.

The video is aimed at raising awareness and funding for the cancer charity. In the face of the global pandemic, cancer charities have lost as much as 90% of funding and donations, and public interest has dwindled.

From Aromas to Asgard: The video, released yesterday by the nonprofit Battle Cancer in partnership with WIT, features a number of well-known CrossFit Games athletes alongside A-list Hollywood actors. Together, they repeat the phrase “through Battle Cancer, you’re not alone” as one man, Craig McIvor, tells his story of fighting cancer himself. The promotional video hopes to shed light on the organization’s Move Forward program — a newer initiative that promotes health and fitness for individuals battling and in remission from cancer.

  • Battle Cancer Founder, Scott Britton: “Those undergoing treatment, loss and recovery due to cancer over the past few months have never felt so alone and pushed aside. At Battle Cancer we have fought to tell people around the world that they are not alone and to have the backing of some of the world’s biggest stars across so many industries delivering this message is testament to the power of support.”

Here’s how the Move Forward program works:

  • First, Battle Cancer partners with a local box and offers 10 weeks of CrossFit Classes to cancer survivors in the community. Classes are offered at off-hours and Battle Cancer pays the boxes and coaches for their time. The charity also covers the athletes’ expenses to get to/from classes.
  • At the end of the 10 weeks, Battle Cancer picks two participants and sends him/her to a Level 1 Certification course. 
  • After getting certified, that coach then recommits to teaching the next wave of Move Forward classes so that the athletes taking the next course can have a mentor in place who has already gone through everything they’re facing — from cancer treatments to their first CrossFit classes.

Las Vegas Affiliate Takes Action Against The State

  Las Vegas Affiliate Takes Action Against The State  

This past Monday, five years and one day after he earned his first and only individual trip to the CrossFit Games, Chad Cole gathered with dozens of members of his affiliate CrossFit Apollo right outside the front of the gym for a workout. This wasn’t your typical outdoor workout meetup that’s become common during the COVID-19 lockdown, this was a defiant, sweat-filled protest against restrictions and threats levied against Cole and his gym about his intent to re-open his business.

They took legal action too, filing a lawsuit against the State of Nevada, Metro Police, and Governor Steve Sisolak alleging that “their fundamental right to associate with customers, business associates, co-workers, friends and family and utilize their privately owned property have been unjustifiably infringed by Governor Sisolak’s emergency directives and orders.”

  • An injunctive relief has also been filed in hopes that the courts will allow CrossFit Apollo as well as other gyms and businesses in the same category to open back up immediately.

The entire ordeal started last week, when Cole and his staff were in the middle of a meeting to discuss plans for re-opening the gym and officers from the Metro Police interrupted their meeting to inform them that the gym’s business license could be lost and owner jailed if they disobeyed orders and opened before restrictions were lifted.

  • Co-owner Monica Cole to local news: “She started describing how I’d be at greater risk if I were in jail of catching the virus, I told her I wasn’t afraid of jail.”

A dire situation: Unfortunately the battle between CrossFit Apollo and the local government is a complicated one that no one on either side wants to be in. Chad Cole revealed that the business is in a pinch financially after the pandemic shutdown has cost them an estimated $60,000 and put them in debt to their landlord.


Free Chipotle For a Year For Four-Time Fittest on Earth

  Free Chipotle For a Year For Four-Time Fittest on Earth  

The four-time Fittest Man on Earth Mathew Fraser received the holy grail of gift cards — his own Mathew Fraser Chipotle card granting him unlimited burritos (or bowls) for a year. The fast-casual Mexican-style restaurant has long been popular with CrossFitters looking for quick, healthy options.

One big thing: Starting in February at the 2020 Wodapalooza CrossFit Festival, Chipotle has increasingly dipped their toes into the CrossFit waters. They also signed both Fraser and Tia-Clair Toomey, added two lifestyle bowls named after the two champions to their nationwide online menu, and sponsored United in Movement’s mega fundraiser last month.

  • Chipotle does more than $5 billion in revenue annually.
  • The trend of more major non-CrossFit brands entering the sport is an encouraging sign. Chipotle joins Volkswagen and now Gillette in athlete sponsorships, which could translate into bigger paychecks and larger opportunities at the top of the sport.

Go deeper:




Odd Object Strength with Dan Bailey

Here’s a twist on a conventional CrossFit barbell benchmark. “Grace” is 30 clean and jerks for time, but in this video, CrossFit Games veteran Dan Bailey uses a 150 pound sandbag. Grab something heavy and awkward and give this one a try.

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The FNX CBD Sampler

Many have heard about CBD benefits, but don’t know if it’s ok to take or if it will work for them. Now you have the chance to try it! We’ve removed ALL the THC, and provided 300mg bottle for $9.99 when you apply code “CBDSampler”. Supplies are limited!

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Rich Froning Talk about Mayhem Madness with Sean and Tommy

On this episode of the Talking Elite Fitness podcast, Rich Froning calls in to discuss Mayhem Madness. The team event in Cookeville promises to be one of the most unique and entertaining competitions we’ve seen. Hosts Sean Woodland and Tommy Marquez discuss what it could mean for the future of the sport of fitness. And, there’s good news coming out of California, but what does it mean for the CrossFit Games?

  Morning Chalk Up  


Almond Flour Strawberry Shortcake with Vanilla Bean Cream Cheese Frosting

This beautiful almond flour strawberry shortcake is made with a mix of almond and coconut flour. It’s grain-free and gluten-free and topped with an easily dairy-free vanilla bean cream cheese frosting and fresh strawberries for a wonderful dessert that’s perfect for Memorial Day!



Congratulations to Sergio H., who was the first to correctly answer how many Sanctionals have been held twice. The correct answer was Five. The Sancationals are the Dubai CrossFit Championship, Strength in Depth, Wodapalooza, Australian CrossFit Championship, and Brazil CrossFit Championship. Sergio is the first three-time winner to first correctly answer the trivia question of the day.

  • Today’s question: Which two exact movements have been in every CrossFit Open?

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