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Let the “Madness” Begin

Morning Chalk Up

June 19

Competition Corner

Good morning and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up. The big news today is that Loud and Live Sports, the organizers of Wodapalooza, the Granite Games, the West Coast Classic, the Madrid Championship, and the Mayan Classic announced the dates for its 2021 events. And, the Mayhem Madness online qualifier kicked off yesterday and runs through June 22; three spots in the elite division and more are on the line. Today:

  • Loud and Live’s 2021 event dates announced.
  • The Mayhem Madness online qualifier is in full swing.
  • CrossFit HQ will rollout a regional representative system to improve communication with and between affiliates.

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Loud & Live Sports Moves Forward, Announces 2021 Event Dates

  Loud & Live Sports Moves Forward, Announces 2021 Event Dates  

Less than 24 hours after the CrossFit Games team announced the postponement of the Games until at least the middle of August, Loud and Live Sports — owners of five formerly sanctioned CrossFit Games events — announced in unison the dates for all five of their events slated for 2021. Only one of the five events scheduled for 2020 actually took place, after lockdown restrictions from the COVID-19 pandemic forced the postponement of the remaining four.

The L&L announcement revealed two major shifts in the scheduling of the five events when compared to their 2020 dates, most notably the moving of the flagship event Wodapalooza – which has typically operated in January or February – to the month of May. As a result, the Madrid Championship was moved up a month into April to accommodate.

  • The West Coast Classic: March 12-14, 2021. One of the most anticipated events moves up a week from last year but stays in March.
  • The Madrid Championship: April 17-18, 2021. The Spanish event that originally featured a team prize purse similar in size to the Games gets moved to middle-April.
  • Wodapalooza: May 13-16, 2021. A three month shift for the largest event outside of the CrossFit Games, should add an elemental twist, where the average temperature will be warmer by 9℉ on average versus. Pack your sunscreen, Pat Vellner.
  • The Granite Games: June 18-20, 2021. The debut of a new venue at the Minnesota Vikings facility will have to wait another year.
  • The Mayan Classic: July 2021. No firm date just yet, but the Loud & Live event schedule will once again end with a trip down to Mexico

Point Series Management

Competition Corner
Point Series Management

Calling all Event Organizers!

It’s time to spice up your events with our newly released Point Series Leaderboard. This feature gives you the opportunity to re-shape your playbook, build a competition season, and offer a whole new competitive experience for your athletes!

Some ways ideas include:

  • Running a ‘PGA Tour’ like experience throughout the season.
  • Creating another qualifying path for a championship event.
  • Running a community competition series amongst your members or local boxes.

This new feature opens up endless possibilities. To learn more, head over to Competition Corner


Let the “Madness” Begin! Mayhem Madness Opens Up Registration and Releases Workouts for Qualifier

  Let the “Madness” Begin! Mayhem Madness Opens Up Registration and Releases Workouts for Qualifier  

On Wednesday, registration for the Mayhem Madness online qualifier went live and the five workouts that will test potential qualifiers for the exclusive team competition were also released. The qualifier will determine seeding for teams that have already gained invitations through Sanctionals and also to fill out the 12-team field.

The details: The qualifier started on Wednesday and concludes on Monday, June 22 at midnight CST. All scores must be submitted online or through the Throwdowns app.

  • There are two divisions, one for RX athletes and one for scaled athletes.
  • Teams in each division are composed of two males and two females.
  • Prizes will be awarded to the top three finishing teams in the RX division. First place will receive $3,000, second will receive $2,000, and third will get $1,000. The Mayhem Freedom and Independence teams are ineligible to receive prize money.
  • The competition will include the nine teams previously qualified for the Games through Sanctionals as well as three new teams that will earn their spot through the online qualifier.
  • The qualifier features five work outs done individually with team scores resulting from a combination of those individual scores.
  • There are scaled versions of the workouts for that division.
  • Top teams from the scaled divisions will be eligible for prizes from sponsors of the Mayhem Madness and possible special invitations to compete on the floor with the elites.

CrossFit Inc. Announces Regional Affiliate Representatives in the United States

  CrossFit Inc. Announces Regional Affiliate Representatives in the United States  

CrossFit Inc. will be rolling out affiliate representatives in the United States in the upcoming weeks.

The purpose of creating a regional representative system is to “facilitate communication between affiliates and CrossFit Headquarters,” CrossFit reported in a post on Instagram on Wednesday.

Reps to represent regions: “Affiliates representatives will support collectives of affiliates in various districts across the U.S.,” the post added.

  • “They will work together with local affiliates to engage in community outreach, supporting grassroots initiatives that allow affiliates to effect positive change at the local level. They then work with other teams at HQ to promote these initiatives and share them with the greater CrossFit community.”

How to nominate a rep: Send a message to [email protected] with your nomination.

The race is already on in Florida: Both Monique Ames and Chris Thorndike, both affiliate owners in FL, have already thrown their names out there.

  • “This gets me excited. It takes change to make change and this is a great start. I’d love to be a part of reshaping the future of CrossFit with affiliates. Please send a quick email to [email protected] to nominate me to speak for Florida affiliate owners,” wrote Thorndike, the owner of Factory Forged in Gainesville, FL, in the CrossFit Affiliate Owners Only Forum on Facebook.



The Mayhem Madness Team Competition Format

In this quick video, Rory McKernan tells you everything you need to know about Mayhem Madness, whether you are a competitor or a spectator. The format is innovative and exciting, and Ro provides a full breakdown on how it will work. Registration for the online qualifier is open now!

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Know Your Rights Camp

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About the Adaptive Training Academy with Logan Aldridge and Alec Zirkenbach

In this episode of Make Pods Great Again, John and Niki chat with Logan Aldridge and Alec Zirkenbach of the Adaptive training Academy, an education-focused organization built by adaptive training community leaders. ATA’s seminar staff are all adaptive athletes and are actively training adaptive athletes around the world.

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Congratulations to Nathan M., who was the first to correctly answer which two venues hosted the most Regionals. The correct answer was the Del Mar Arena – Del Mar, California and the WIN Sports & Entertainment Center, Wollongong, Australia. Both venues hosted six Regionals. This is two in a row for Nathan being the first to correctly answer the triva question.

  • Today’s question: Which two athletes competed in the most CrossFit Invitationals?

Submit your answer.



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