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Luke Parker’s Journey from the Bachelorette to the Semifinals

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Good morning and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up.

In today’s edition:

  • From the diamond to the MACC: Luke Parker’s story.
  • Tommy Marquez takes on Semifinals programming.
  • Shaylin Laure trains just three times a week, but she won the Occupational Games and is ready for Semifinals.
  • Tyler Southern stepped on an IED and his life changed, but CrossFit has provided a new goal.
  • Plus, this week in CrossFit.

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  From the Diamond to the MACC: CrossFit Mayhem’s Luke Parker Prepares for First Semifinal 

From the Diamond to the MACC: CrossFit Mayhem’s Luke Parker Prepares for First Semifinal

CrossFit Mayhem’s Luke Parker is heading toward his first Semifinal event after finishing 106th in the United States.

He will compete with several big names in the Mid-Atlantic CrossFit Challenge, a list that also includes Scott Panchik and Justin Medeiros among others. His ultimate goal — to reach the CrossFit Games for the first time in his young career.

Remind me: A former college baseball player who also competed on Season 15 of ABC’s “The Bachelorette,” Parker began doing CrossFit in Georgia before joining CrossFit Mayhem in Cookeville, TN. In his three-year career, Parker has gone from 133074th in the Open in 2019 to 1429th in 2020 and now to 363rd. Though he started his career with a trial by fire.

A harsh introduction: As a former college baseball player, Parker looked for other ways to compete after hanging up his cleats. He did some triathlons and then agreed to do a half-Ironman with his brother. Parker realized during training for the big event that he wanted to be a professional athlete, but he did not want to do triathlons. He headed to a CrossFit box in north Georgia and immediately tackled one of the hardest workouts around.

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  • Noah Ohlsen is the newest Gymshark ambassador. Ohlsen is the biggest athlete to join the team, following the Buttery Bros, Heber Cannon and Marston Sawyers.
  • The Mid-Atlantic CrossFit Challenge released all of its individual and team workouts today. The programming includes the Torque Fitness TANK.
  • The Fittest in Cape Town announced all the movements that will be featured in its programming. The African Semifinal event will take place June 4-6.
  • The Bella Complex Challenge, the newest Rogue Fitness Challenge is now live. Athletes can submit scores until May 24 at 8 PM ET.
  • Individual event seven at the Torian Pro is “Final“:
    • For time:30-24-18
      Chest to Bar Pull-ups
      Thruster 70/47kg
      Time Cap: 7 minutes
  • The Granite Games released its next individual workout yesterday. This one is called “Earn It“:
    • For Time:
      50-Foot Handstand Walk
      40/30 Calorie Ski
      30 Deficit HSPU (6 inch , 4.5 inch)
      40/30 Calorie Ski
      50-Foot Handstand Walk
      Time Cap: 8 Minutes
  Tommy Tackles Semifinal Programming 

Tommy Tackles Semifinal Programming

In less than one week we will have live, in-person CrossFit competitions to send individual and teams to the CrossFit Games.

Let that sink in a moment.

A year ago at this very time the Games were in serious Jeopardy, and Sanctional (RIP) events were falling by the wayside faster than Mario Kart characters on Rainbow Road. A year later, instead of the month of June bringing us socio-political turmoil, we’ll be getting a pair of in-person competitions on two continents, live streamed to the world for free.

So what can we expect from these first two Semifinals considering that under the new season structure, they will be allowed the freedom to program their event? The leadoff position is an important role for this new era of the sport, and getting things off on the right foot with visually appealing tests, and quality event production is a must.

  • Also consider the virtual events, and the fact that the safe money is on them all having the same or similar programming due to the ongoing pandemic restrictions, so the five events fortunate enough to hold a live competition have a golden opportunity to create a unique and compelling identity from the outset.
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  Tommy Tackles Semifinal Programming 

VIDEO: Shaylin Laure - Fittest LEO & Semi-Finalist Competing at the MACC

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  Meet Shaylin Laure: Semifinals Competitor Who Trains Just Three Times a Week 

Meet Shaylin Laure: Semifinals Competitor Who Trains Just Three Times a Week

The views about law enforcement in this article are the views of Shaylin Laure, and do not reflect the views of the FBI.

While most athletes competing at next weekend’s Mid-Atlantic CrossFit Challenge in Knoxville, TN train six times a week or more, Shaylin Laure qualified to the Semifinals after skipping the gym for the entire month of November, and working out just three times a week from January until March.

  • It’s not that she’s a slacker; it’s that she has a pretty important career as an FBI agent in the violent crimes division of the Bureau in Raleigh, NC.

The details: Laure, a former gymnast, college rugby player and military infantry officer, works 50 hours a week and is on call 24/7.

  • This means “there are some weeks where I don’t make it to the gym a single time because of the urgency of an investigation,” said the 28 year-old. “Other times, I’ll be at the gym warming up to train and I’ll get a call that we’re needed immediately. It adds a level of difficulty to training because no matter how well we plan out our time, there’s no guarantee that we’re going to make it to the gym that day or that week.”
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  Losing Three Limbs Can’t Stop Tyler Southern from Living his Best Life, Giving Back to Veterans 

Losing Three Limbs Can’t Stop Tyler Southern from Living his Best Life, Giving Back to Veterans

On May 5, 2010, while serving with the United States Marines in Afghanistan, 21-year-old Corporal Tyler Southern stepped on an improvised explosive device and “blew myself to smithereens,” he said.

The explosion blew off both of his legs above the knee and his right arm above the elbow, and also severely damaged his left arm.

“The last thing I remember was checking on my guys the night before at the post, and then waking up on (May) 18th,” said Southern, now 31. “I was on all sorts of drugs, which was a godsend so I didn’t wake up in a bunch of pain…I woke up to my mother explaining what had happened.”

Today, Southern is a father of two children, an avid CrossFit athlete at TriForce CrossFit in St. Augustine, FL and a spokesperson for many organizations helping veterans. And his most recent project involves helping his physical therapist Stephanie Aubrey launch a non-profit organization called Phoenix Regiment, an organization dedicated to providing veterans and first responders with free physical therapy and CrossFit.

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  This Week in CrossFit 

This Week in CrossFit

Did the week get ahead of you and you’re looking to catch up on the top trending stories in CrossFit and the fitness industry? You’ve come to the right place. Each week we will wrap up the major news and stories people are talking about inside the box.

Things are slowly returning back to normal with COVID trends heading in the right direction causing in-person CrossFit events to ease restrictions, including the Games in Madison. Someone who won’t be on the competition floor in America’s Dairyland is Mat Fraser, but one iconic Icelander doesn’t think it will be long before he’s back. And from tiara to Metcons, the newly crowned Miss Universe is… a Crossfitter!

Spectator experience at The CrossFit Games could be very similar to 2019:

  • On Tuesday, Madison, Wisconsin and Dane County announced all public health orders will be lifted by June 2. This includes mask requirements and capacity limitations meaning, The Games could look a lot like they did the last time athletes competed in Madison.
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A Buttery Interview with Heber Cannon

Heber Cannon - one half of the Buttery Bros - joined Chad Mueller and Ian Childs for a rare turn as the interviewee. They dig into his training on the Quad Gain Train, who he thinks will be top five at the games, and the key components of his high-performing lifestyle - Fitness, Nutrition, Recovery, and the X Factor.



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Asparagus Stuffed Chicken

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