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Affiliate Survey Finds Little Evidence of COVID Spread

Morning Chalk Up

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Good morning and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up. In today’s edition:

  • Overweight and Amish to Fitness and Fatherhood.
  • A German gym owner polls affiliates on COVID transmission.
  • “I Can Be Fit!” teaches kids about functional fitness.

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“Any time you look at people who are successful at doing something, you will find that they usually got that way by learning the proper way of doing something, and then applying due diligence, repeating that same skill over and over again until it became second nature.” - The Green Beret Survival Guide by Brian M Morris


  • Driving the day: We’re hearing that the first glimpse of the new Reebok Nano X1 will emerge today on Stay tuned. 
  • TEASER: Jacob Heppner is launching a new mobile app called Ignite with Mike Baglio Jr. (Box Score Fitness) and Jim Crowell (formerly OPEX). Details will drop this week on their Instagram.
  • Jason Carroll is now a NOCCO sponsored athlete.
  • SNEAK PEAK: PUMA’s first training shoe, FUSE, drops this Thursday on for $90. PUMA will also be partnering with The OUT Foundation, AfroBrutality and Barbell for Boobs through various events, fundraisers and competitions.
    • Allison Giorgio, VP of Marketing: “We are excited to launch our first strength-training shoe FUSE and more importantly join the strength and high intensity training community.”
  • CBS Pittsburgh dropped into CrossFit Mt. Lebanon in Pittsburgh, PA to interview athletes and the owner as Pennsylvania’s three-week statewide closure was lifted. CBS also walked through some of the social distancing, mask and health safety measures the gym is taking.
  • Annie Thorisdottir on New Year’s goals: “If you want change, and I mean really want it, just get started no matter how drastic the end goal seems.” Full post. 
  • Mark your calendars, The Pit Fitness Ranch Teen Throwdown will take place September 2–5, 2021 in Three Rivers, MI. In the Instagram post, they encouraged athletes to participate in the CrossFit Open saying “it matters”, also teasing a potential expansion of teen divisions.
  • Alec Smith is now the most recent athlete to sign on with Tia-Clair Toomey and Shane Orr’s PRVN Fitness, joining Brooke Wells, saying “In the 10 years that I’ve been competing in CrossFit I’ve never had a coach consistently helping me along the way…I couldn’t be more excited to surround myself with the best, and am really looking forward to the 2021 season.”
  • Working Against Gravity added new features to their macro tracking app that includes login sleep quality, daily hydration, alcohol consumption and restaurant tracking (no announcement link).
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  William Beachy Finds CrossFit After Leaving Amish Community, Loses 97 Pounds 

William Beachy Finds CrossFit After Leaving Amish Community, Loses 97 Pounds

William Beachy had been overweight his whole life. Growing up in an Amish community in Flat Rock, IL, formal fitness was foreign to him.

  • “The attitude I perceived in the Amish community was, ‘Why would you take time out for fitness?’ It would have been seen as prideful. And then there was this almost arrogant attitude that the (Amish lifestyle was enough). We grew our own food and butchered our own meat and ate three full meals a day. It’s supposed to be a healthy lifestyle, so it was like, ‘Why would you even do something more for fitness?’” he explained.
  • Though he wasn’t addicted to soda or processed foods, 33-year-old Beachy, who left the Amish community in 2013, was unaware how much food he was eating. “I didn’t realize how little protein I was getting, and how much fat I was eating,” said Beachy.

The low point: By the fall of 2019, Beachy weighed 370 pounds at 5-foot-10. Even simple things like getting off the couch took “a big effort,” and he could feel his health declining because of his sedentary lifestyle.

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  German Gym Owner Surveys Affiliates, Finds Little Evidence of COVID Spread 


German Gym Owner Surveys Affiliates, Finds Little Evidence of COVID Spread

A recent poll gym owner Rickard Long put to affiliate owners found that just 1.1 percent of the 266 gyms that participated have had COVID-19 transmission at their gym.

The details: 188 respondents said they have had a member test positive for COVID-19, but it was not due to transmission at their facility.

  • Meanwhile, 41 respondents said they had no known positive cases at their gym, and just three said there had been an “outbreak” at their gym, explained Long, the owner of Escapist CrossFit in Berlin, Germany.
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  “I Can Be Fit!” Teaches Kids Functional Fitness and Gets Them Moving 

“I Can Be Fit!” Teaches Kids Functional Fitness and Gets Them Moving

When writing the recently-released children’s book, I Can Be Fit!, Samantha Pritchard honed in on the phrase “I can.”

Pritchard, a high school assistant principal, former health and STEM teacher, and longtime CrossFitter, repeats the statement throughout her book: “I can do handstand push-ups;” “I can do double-unders;” “I can get stronger and be fit!”

  • She explains this by relating the statement back to her educational background. “There’s this growth mindset where students are supposed to think about where they are and not just say that ‘I can’t do it’ but think of how they can do it and how they can grow.”
  • If you “repeat things enough, build that confidence,” she continues, it teaches children and young athletes to take on the challenges in front of them.

One big thing: In the 2000s, rates of childhood obesity and pediatric Type-2 diabetes have grown significantly, children’s literature authors are doing important work by introducing functional fitness to kids in a way that can excite and inspire them.

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Why "Squat Therapy" is a Bad Idea

In the bodyweight (air) squat, the center of gravity is in the stomach, meaning it has to stay over mid-foot, resulting in a good amount of torso lean. When we add a barbell, that center of gravity changes, resulting in a more upright torso. Learn more about this phenomenon and why "squat therapy" may not be the best drill in this Squat University video.




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Four Tests of Fitness for Healthy Lifters

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A New Doctor

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Fluffy Yogurt Pancakes

You can make these incredibly fluffy yogurt pancakes right in the blender with protein-packed greek yogurt and oats. They are easy, gluten-free and make a wonderful weekday breakfast or delicious weekend brunch! Add your favorite mix-ins and a drizzle of maple syrup for the perfect morning.


Chalk Up Highlights is our section dedicated to celebrating our community’s wins in the gym. Follow @ChalkUpHighlights and submit your highlight to [email protected] to be featured.

  • BE Strong Performance Opens: In Red Lion, PA, BE Strong Performance opened two weeks before the second temporary shutdown. Brittney Russel owned Black Powder CrossFit, but it was forced to close during the first lockdown, which allowed her to plan the move. In the new space, BE Strong Performance is poised to take on the new year.
  • City Gym Chattanooga Helps People Survive 2020: Hilary Gerrish, opened City Gym Chattanooga in Chattanooga, TN during the pandemic. It was a risky move but helped local community members survive and thrive throughout the year.
  • LETTER: “Gyms are not Cesspools”: Kimberly Robertson of Ontario penned an open letter to Premier Doug Ford entitled “Gyms are Not Cesspools.” In it, she discussed the role that gyms play in the mental and physical health of Canada’s citizens, and for her, a CrossFit gym especially.
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