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Mat Fraser Opens Up

Morning Chalk Up

August 17


Happy Monday and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up. Today Emily Beers rounds out her three-part series on analyzing and improving gym metrics with some expert advice on improving average client value, client retention and profit. And, Andie Gonzalez highlights Vista Fitness in Mexico City, the first Mexican NCFIT Partner gym in the new program.

  • Also, don’t miss Wykie Etsebeth’s interview with Kara Saunders.

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“You are going to pay a price for everything you do and everything you do not do. You do not get to choose to not pay a price. You get to choose which poison you are going to take. That’s it.” – Jordan B. Peterson



Experts Weigh in on How to Improve Important Business Analytics

 Experts Weigh in on How to Improve Important Business Analytics 

Part 1 of this series laid out the metrics gym owners should be tracking, while Part 2 dove into what kinds of numbers they should strive to achieve for long-term business health.

This final piece unpacks the how: What can gym owners do to improve:

  • Average Clients Value (ACV) or average revenue per member (ARM)
  • Client retention
  • Profit

Average Client Value


Take Your Community Outside the Box

Take Your Community Outside the Box

You know that post-sweat glow? When morale is at an all-time high and the energy inside your box is absolutely contagious. At SugarWOD, we’re big fans of it, too. That’s why we bottled it up for athletes and coaches everywhere. 

With robust programming tools and fun mobile apps, your community can be stronger than ever—together. Take your workout experience beyond the last rep with SugarWOD. 

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“We are Vista”: Mexico City’s Vista Fitness Becomes First NCFIT Partner in Mexico

 “We are Vista”: Mexico City’s Vista Fitness Becomes First NCFIT Partner in Mexico 

Read this post in Spanish.

“We are not a gym, we are Vista”

More than a simple slogan, Vista Fitness in Mexico City opened in 2013 with a mission to bring health and fitness to the Mexican community. Now, they are the first NCFIT Partner gym under the new NCFIT Partnership Program in the country.

  • A bit of history: In Mexico and Latin America, CrossFit has fought a legal battle for more than eight years over the use of the CrossFit trademark in various countries — currently, any gym can use of the name regardless of whether or not they are officially affiliated, and there are no regulations regarding coach certification or business growth.

At the beginning of June, NCFIT announced its new partnership program led by Jason Khalipa, the founder and president, and his team. Partner gyms receive programming, session plans, as well as coach and business development tools. 

  • Why it matters: In Mexico, CrossFit arrived through the ESPN3 television network in 2011, for the general population it appeared to be a training methodology for the ultra-fit, not the weekend warrior or mom of three just trying to be healthy. 
  • “For the vast majority of us who do this, it has been difficult to make people understand that it is more than carrying, moving fast and looking strong,” explains Christian Solís, one of the founders of Vista Fitness.

Solís is the brother of regional athlete Fanny Solís, who is also part of the Vista team and who notes that the decision to opt for the NCFIT Partner model provides a system that allows growth in education and provides opportunities to learn about business methods.

  • Jason Khalipa: “We a relooking to expand with amazing partners. There’s an incredible demand in Mexico and Latin America. It’s been powerful and meaningful to me. I’m honored and feel driven to create group of like-minded partners around the world.”
  • Christian Solís: “”This new NCFit system…allows us to open a different market by refocusing on the things that really matter.”

CrossFit Games Update: Catching Up with Kara Saunders

 CrossFit Games Update: Catching Up with Kara Saunders 



Why You Should Tempo Front Squat

The team at Misfit Athletics is back at headquarters and in this video explain why the tempo front squat is something you should definitely work into your training regimen. This skill transfer exercise will help you dial in your movement patterns and make you more efficient and stronger. It’s all about tempo on the descent and force production on the ascent.

 Morning Chalk Up 



A Year Of Meal Delivery

Join the TrifectaME 90-Day Challenge now and enter to win a year’s worth of free Trifecta food! You’ll have the tools to go after the stronger, healthier, fitter lifestyle that you’ve always wanted. The challenge starts on August 27th!

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Mat Fraser Open Up on the Games, His Training and His Future After Competition

Four-time Fittest Man on Earth, Mat Fraser usually holds his cards close to his chest but opened up in this interview on the Talking Elite Fitness podcast about the changes taking place in CrossFit, his feelings on the CrossFit Games season and his training and his plans for the future, once he retires from the sport.

 Morning Chalk Up 


Save On NIKE Metcons.

Select NIKE Metcons are on sale. No code needed just select your favorite colorway, purchase and get ready to bump your training to the next level.

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Mediterranean Chickpea Salad

This salad will keep you full for hours thanks to the chickpeas. It’s satisfying in a way that basic greens never could be. Here’s a tip: canned beans are a pantry staple and a real lifesaver.



There were no correct responses to Friday’s Trivia quesion – how many non-United States-based Teams have been on the CrossFit Games Team/Affiliate Cup Podium. The correct answer was Two: CFG16 – CrossFit Yas based out of the United Arab Emirates (Bronze Medal) and CFG11 – CrossFit Taranis based out of Canada (Bronze Medal).

  • Today’s question: Which Individual Games Champion had the greatest points margin of victory?

Submit your answer.





Community Round-Up

Here’s a quick round-up of a few events and fundraisers that we have our eyes on right now:

  • Free AED/CPR Training: Tamalyn Tanis is the owner of Roanoke Valley CrossFit and on the board for the Compress and Shock Foundation, an organization committed to providing free education on how to use an AED and perform chest compression only CPR. Together they have a cool event coming up that is open to the community. COVID-19 cardiac complications increase the likelihood of an out-of-hospital cardiac arrest.  Is your box prepared to perform high-quality CPR and use an AED?  The Compress and Shock Foundation is offering free CPR and AED training on October 17, 2020 including multiple socially distanced options for learners.  Any host box also has the opportunity to purchase a discounted (approx 35% off) AED. Contact them to learn more and sign up!
  • “Go Live on Friday”: Esprit de Corps CrossFit in the UK is running global online CrossFit classes free to anyone who want to join on Fridays. The workouts are totally scalable and require minimal equipment. Athletes are led through a warmup, mobilization and workout alongside the coaches. Participants from around Europe have joined in and they’d love to have some athletes from across the pond. Learn more and join.
  • Community Police Fundraiser: Premonition CrossFit in Happy Valley, OR partnered with Bad Bones BBQ this weekend to organize a fundraiser to support the Happy Valley police department. Together they raised money to feed more than 150 officers.
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