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Mat Fraser’s Workout of the Week

Morning Chalk Up

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Good morning and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up.

In today’s edition:

  • WHOOP announced a new partnership with the CrossFit Games.
  • NCFIT to highlight and celebrate women in fitness throughout the month of March.
  • How the CrossFit Open can kickstart your nutrition.
  • Plus, try Mat Fraser’s Workout of the Week and enter to win a signed HWPO t-shirt.
  • Congratulations to the winner of the History of the Open quiz and $50 Reebok gift card Michael R.
  • MEGA GIVEAWAY: Win a year’s supply of Chipotle and O2, plus every entrant gets an automatic 20% off their next purchase of O2. Enter to win.

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  Breaking: WHOOP, CrossFit Strike Multi-Year Partnership Deal  

Breaking: WHOOP, CrossFit Strike Multi-Year Partnership Deal

The stable of high profile partnerships for CrossFIt and the CrossFit Games continues to grow, as a multi-year deal with WHOOP was announced Thursday morning, making WHOOP the official wearable of CrossFit.

WHOOP is a Boston-based human performance company whose most prominent product is their WHOOP strap heart rate monitor that provides a bevvy of physiological data in real-time and provides daily personalized data to its users in the categories of training, sleep, and recovery.

One big thing: The deal is the latest in a string of high-profile partnerships for WHOOP, who in the past calendar year has struck partnerships with the PGA Tour, the LPGA Tour, the NFL Players association, and the United States Army, and has seen utilization from superstar athletes like NFL MVP and Super Bowl champion Patrick Mahomes.

  • Top CrossFit Games athletes like Katrin Davidsdottir, Noah Ohlsen, Kari Pearce and Brooke Wells are users of the WHOOP platform, and were seen wearing their WHOOP straps during stage two of the 2020 CrossFit Games.
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Free Help: Meal Prepping for Beginners 🛒🥦🥩🥑

Free Help: Meal Prepping for Beginners 🛒🥦🥩🥑

Are you new to meal prepping? Does the idea of meal prepping seem overwhelming?

We get it! No one has time to spend hours in the kitchen prepping meals for the week.

This week on the Nutrition Made Simple Podcast, Dietitians at Healthy Steps Nutrition, Nicole Aucoin and Ashley Osterman break down meal prepping into simple and actionable tips!

To go along with this podcast episode, there is a free download: Beginners Guide To Meal Prepping.

Listen to the podcast and download this free guide now.


  • Dani Speegle is California-bound. The Games veteran announced yesterday that she’s moving from Orlando, FL to San Diego, CA.
  • Kari Pearce appeared on the CBS Sports Radio podcast this week and among other things, talked about how she and Tom Brady are similar (and it includes more than just being Michigan Wolverines).
    • Pearce: “Tom Brady is very in it and that is part of the reason why he is so successful at his age.” Pearce said. “For me eating clean is not only for how I look but for performance especially at the Cross-Fit games… everyone is trying to be that 1% better similar to Tom Brady vs everyone in the NFL. Staying on point with my nutrition is very huge.”
  • Sam Briggs is the newest member of the 2POOD Performance team. 
  • Jamie Hagiya, CrossFit Games veteran, is hosting a special Zoom event to celebrate International Women’s Day on March 8 at 5 PM PT. It’s free and open to all women interested in attending. Special guests include Val Voboril, Becca Voight, Chelsea McKinney, Lauren Gravatt and Dot Morentin.
  NCFIT Dedicates March to Highlight Women’s “Untold Stories of Strength and Grit”  

NCFIT Dedicates March to Highlight Women’s “Untold Stories of Strength and Grit”

NCFIT is taking advantage of March being Women’s History Month by celebrating strong and accomplished women in the CrossFit community and will be telling their “untold stories of strength and grit,” explained Gabe Yanez, NCFIT’s Director of Sales and Marketing.

Remind me: NCFIT was founded by 2008 CrossFit Games champion Jason Khalipa, a man who has personally owned and operated 15 gym locations through the years. Today, NCFIT has 105 flagship, corporate and partner locations around the world, as well as hundreds of others who follow their programs through the NCFIT Collective.

Why this matters: CrossFit has always been a sport that gives equal attention to their male and female athletes. “What other sport highlights their female athletes just as much as the men in their space?” asked Yanez rhetorically, adding that it’s one of the reasons he was drawn to the CrossFit community. However, this is not the case when it comes to coaches and business owners.

  • When we think about the most well-known coaches and business owners in the CrossFit community, names like Ben Bergeron, CJ Martin, Jason Khalipa or James FitzGerald automatically come to mind. Meanwhile, women like Michele Letendre have quietly coached not one, but two athletes to CrossFit Games podium finishes, yet her accomplishments are arguably lesser known by the broader community.
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  How The CrossFit Open Can Kick Start your Nutrition  


How The CrossFit Open Can Kick Start your Nutrition

“You can never change just one behavior. Our behaviors are interconnected, so when you change one behavior, other behaviors also shift.” – BJ Fogg

There is a concept in behavioral science called “The Domino Effect.” It states that when you make a change to one behavior, it will activate a chain reaction and cause a shift in other behaviors as well. Just like the chain reaction when we stack up dominos and knock one into a line of others

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  Mat Fraser's Workout of the Week  

Mat Fraser's Workout of the Week

Every Friday, we’re bringing you an exclusive workout challenge programmed by a CrossFit Games athlete or coach that you can take on at home or the gym. This week we are giving away an HWPO t-shirt signed by Mat Fraser to celebrate Mat dropping his official training program April 1st.

Today’s workout of the week is programmed by Mat Fraser.

5 Rounds
1:30 work
:45 rest
Assault bike calories
M: 25-23-21-19-17
F: 20-18-16-14-12
Barbell Snatch in remaining time (75/55lb or 34/25kg)
Your score is your total number of snatches.
M: 20-18-16-14-12
F: 16-14-12-10-8

Some advice from Mat: “People should scale if they can’t get the first interval done in 1:15 and carry that minimum pace through the rest of the workout.”

To inquire about submitting an upcoming workout of the week, shoot us a note.



A 20-Minute Aggressive Rowing Challenge

This is a favorite of Dark Horse Rowing's Shane Farmer -- an intermediate-level burner that will leave you feeling good. What's even better though, is that following Farmer's cues will help you become a stronger and more efficient rower.




A 12-pack of O2 for just $12

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Stiff Pecs for Better Overhead Lifts and Decreased Back Pain

If you experience back pain in overhead lifts, or struggle to hit a full range of motion through the shoulders, the problem might stem from stiff pecs. The "corner stretch," in this video from Squat University can help loosen the pec major and minor and improve shoulder mobility prior to lifting.



Fix A Weakness

Do you struggle with double-unders, handstand push-ups and ring muscle-ups? If so, start chipping away at your weaknesses with Brent Fikowski's Train Your Weakness programs. Each program is built to be added into your current training and will have you slaying your weaknesses in less than six weeks.



31 Seasonal Recipes for March

Get ready for spring with fresh produce like broccoli, brussels sprouts, carrots, spinach, citrus and more. On this list from Ambitious Kitchen, you’ll find a new, seasonal recipe to make each day of the month from delicious breakfasts and desserts to colorful lunches and dinners.


Chalk Up Highlights is our section dedicated to celebrating our community’s wins in the gym. Follow @ChalkUpHighlights and submit your highlight to [email protected] to be featured.

7/9 - 7/10: Rex Rumble 11 Double Down (Ocala, FL)
7/9: Rex Rumble at CrossFit zoo (Ocala, FL)
7/16: Girls Gone Rx Fayetteville (Spring Lake, NC)
7/16: Girls Gone Rx San Antonio (San Antonio, TX)
7/16: Girls Gone Rx West Texas (Snyder, YX)
7/16: Girls Gone Rx South Sound (Puyallup, WA)
7/16: Girls Gone Rx Wilmington (Wilmington, NC)
7/16: Buckeye Games Individuals/Masters (Medina, OH)
7/17: Warrior Affiliate League Summer Classic (Whittier, CA)
7/23: Palm City CrossFit Fairgrounds Throwdown (Stuart, FL)
7/23: Buckeye Games Team Competition (Medina, OH)
7/30: Mayhem & Massacre @ CrossFit Fernandina (Yulee, FL)
7/30: No Grit No Glory (Barbell for Boobs) (Byron, IL)
8/13: The Mortal Games 2022 (Sunrise, FL)
8/20: Summer Smashdown (Tucson, AZ)
8/27: Mayhem & Massacre @ CrossFit Sango (Clarksville, TN)
8/27: The MFLH Fight For The Fittest 2022 (Ronkonhoma, NY)
8/27: Dawg Days of Summer (Portsmouth, OH)
9/4: Girls Gone RX (Ocala, FL)

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