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Matt Fraser Signed METCONs for Auction

Morning Chalk Up

April 4


Good morning and welcome to the weekend edition of the Morning Chalk Up. WIT has partnered with United in Movement and has created a super cool auction. And, you might have to cancel an event in the next few months, Daniel Nides has more. Today:

  • Who wants a dinner and a chat with Camille LeBlanc-Bazinet and Dave Lipson?
  • If you have to cancel, Daniel Nides has some advice.
  • Laurie Meschishnick has qualified for the CrossFit Games for the eighth time.

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“With everything that has happened to you, you can either feel sorry for yourself or treat what has happened as a gift. Everything is either an opportunity to grow or an obstacle to keep you from growing. You get to choose.” – Dr. Wayne W Dyer


WIT Partners with United in Movement for Online Auction

  WIT Partners with United in Movement for Online Auction  

WIT Fitness, one of the world’s leading fitness apparel distributors and official global e-commerce partner of CrossFit, has announced a partnership with United in Movement for a fundraiser to help CrossFit businesses and communities affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The bottom line: WIT will host an online auction from April 3-10 on their website which features CrossFit memorabilia and fan experiences. Among the items that fans can bid on include:

United in Movement is a global fundraising initiative that is currently running concurrently with the WIT online auction. Registration to participate in the online competition of the fundraiser is open till Saturday, April 11 at 8:00PM EST.


Depth Matters: It’s More Than A Slogan

Depth Matters: It's More Than A Slogan

And it’s about far more than squats. It’s a lifestyle. Depth Matters embodies what we desire for our company, and more importantly, our customers. Our goal is to fulfill our role in helping each one of you become all you were created to be. From PRs to Priorities – Fitness to Families – Cleans to Character. We were made to live for more than the shallow spaces. Dig deep, friends, because when it’s all said and done, DEPTH MATTERS.

While you’re making the most of your time at home, be sure to keep working on your squats. VersaLifts can help.

Shop now and use the code “DEPTHMATTERS” to get 15% off your purchase at


LawFit: The Legal Impact of COVID-19 on CrossFit Events and Contracts

  LawFit: The Legal Impact of COVID-19 on CrossFit Events and Contracts  

As countries around the world aggressively respond to COVID-19, what is the right course of action for you? Do you cancel your event immediately so that you can possibly still take advantage of reduced early termination penalties offered by your venue and before your attendees incur travel costs? When do you initiate conversations about postponing or rescheduling your event?

This article discusses how force majeure provisions in contracts may be engaged in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. It also suggests steps that parties may take to safeguard their positions in view of the evolving situation.

The first step: If you are evaluating your rights to cancel or enforce a transaction, first review the terms of the contract itself. You should review all of your contracts for the event to determine what rights your company has to change or cancel them. This includes, but not limited to, your contracts with the venue, hotels, sponsors and vendors (e.g. A/V, equipment rental, transportation, etc.).

What happens if we cancel our event?

  • Most commercial contracts provide for an orderly way of canceling them if circumstances change. These provisions would be in the contract’s cancellation clause. The clause likely contains set damages that will be due upon cancellation.

Can we avoid liability if the cancellation is for circumstances beyond our control?

  • In addition to the usual cancellation provision, the contract is likely to include terms under which the contract can be canceled without incurring damages. Often this is termed a force majeure clause, although some contracts provide for similar terms under sections addressing performance, frustration or impossibility of completing the contract.
  • The force majeure clause defines the rights and responsibilities of the parties in a situation where one or both parties are unable to perform their contractual obligations due to circumstances beyond their control (e.g. a global pandemic coupled with government restrictions). Force majeure clauses are intended to provide relief to one or both parties when performance under the contract is truly out of the party’s control.

Meet 8-time CrossFit Games Qualifier Laurie Meschishnick

  Meet 8-time CrossFit Games Qualifier Laurie Meschishnick  

It’s one thing to qualify for the CrossFit Games once; it’s a whole other story to stay on top of your game and remain healthy year after year, after year. For nearly a decade.

This is Laurie Meschishnick’s very impressive reality. Her first CrossFit Games experience was in 2011. Nine years later, she’s still competing, still in tip-top shape, and recently qualified to her eighth CrossFit Games via the Age Group Online Qualifier (AGOQ) in March.

Competing is in her blood: “Each of us has our own unique DNA, and mine is just in the arena of sport and competition. It’s just where I thrive,” said 55-year-old Meschishnick, a native of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan in Canada and the reigning CrossFit Games champion in her age division.

While Meschishnick said she has always been into sports, growing up in small-town, rural Saskatchewan wasn’t the best place to become an elite level athlete as a teenager.

  • “I mean, I played every sport because if you didn’t your school didn’t have enough people to have a team,” she said with a laugh. “But then I moved to the city for university and realized I was just a really tiny fish in a really big pond.”

As an adult, Meschishnick settled into Yoga and running, but was always more drawn to interval-style, shorter and more intense runs than she was into pursuing longer distances. Needless to say, when she found CrossFit in 2010, she was immediately sold, especially on the idea of never-ending challenges.

  • “I think what I love most about CrossFit is the part that you never quite get there. You never really arrive. There’s always a learning curve and you’re always continuing upwards, but there’s always something that’s pushing you just outside your comfort zone. And I think that’s what keeps us young. It keeps our brains active,” said Meschishnick, the co-owner of one of Synergy Strength’s satellite boxes in Saskatoon.



Proving Grounds: Jeffrey Adler in Dubai, Episode 3

At the 2019 Dubai CrossFit Championship, the Morning Chalk Up crew followed Canadian national champion Jeffrey Adler through four-days of competition to take fans behind the scenes as one of CrossFit’s rising stars competes at one of the premiere CrossFit competitions of the season.

  Morning Chalk Up  


Reebok Gear

Stock up on all the Reebok gear including the Nano 9 with our exclusive 50% discount. Shop now and use the code “APRILFOOLS” now through April 6 to get 50% off.

  Morning Chalk Up  


Tabata Training with Margaux Alvarez

Check out this little living room double tabata burner with Margaux Alvarez. As with all her at-home workouts, Alvarez has programmed a “DB version,” bodyweight version” and “scale version” of the WOD.

  Morning Chalk Up  



Your Routine and Give Back

Huron offers premium men’s skincare without the premium price tag. Featured in the New York Times, Men’s Health, and named one of GQ’s best body washes of 2019, Huron is donating 40% of sales to Feeding America to help those most in need. To date, Huron has donated over 30,000 meals to low-income families, seniors, and kids.

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Pork and Asparagus Stir-Fry

Check out this Sichuan-inspired stir-fry of blistered yet snappy asparagus and crispy pork in an aromatic sauce. If you are not an asparagus fan, green beans, snap peas, or any other crisp spring vegetable would also be great.





The United in Movement 24-Hour Liversteam

The United in Movement kick-off livestream is off and running. So far we’ve seen interviews with Matt O’Keefe and Julie Foucher-Urcuyo, as well as a nasty workout with Rich Froning and Tasia Percevecz. There is so much more to come. 

This is an all-community event. Join in!

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