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Mayhem Introduces Biggest Innovation to Team Competition

Morning Chalk Up

May 25


Good morning and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up. We want to start out by saying thank you to all our service members and front-line workers. The Dubai CrossFit Championship 2020 Online Challenge kicked off last week with an elite roster vying for the lucrative prize purse; Patrick Clark recaps event one below. And, check out the newest episode of The Bottom Line with hosts Justin LoFranco and Niki Brazier. Today:

  • Sara Sigmundsdottir, Carolyn Prevost and Alexander Ilin lead at the DCC2020 Online Challenge.
  • Armen Hammer joins Justin and Niki on The Bottom Line.
  • As gyms reopen, safety protocols fill a variety of needs.

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“As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not utter words, but to live by them” – John F. Kennedy


DCC2020 Online Challenge Event One Showcases Top Athletes

 DCC2020 Online Challenge Event One Showcases Top Athletes 

The Dubai CrossFit Championship has long been known for its grueling workouts that have turned some of CrossFit’s superstars into mere mortals. The organizers of the annual event take pride in that, so to think that they would relax their programming because of limited equipment for participants and the competition moving online were sorely mistaken.

Event 1: The opening salvo of the competition was simple enough, a ten-minute AMRAP of alternating, single-arm devil press. The weight for the dumbbell in all eight divisions was 50 lbs for men and 35 lbs for women.

Looking at the Leaderboard: The Morning Chalk Up gave a preview of the star-studded roster throughout the eight divisions, all with their eyes a huge prize purse that totals $47,000. Those stars shined brightly in the first event as a look at the unofficial leaderboard in each division illustrates.

  • Women’s Division: Sara Sigmundsdottir and Carolyn Prevost tied for first place, completing 142 reps. Samantha Briggs finished one-rep behind the co-leaders, completing 141 reps. Sigmundsdottir and Briggs are the last two women’s champions at the Dubai CrossFit Championship Sanctionals. Russian Svetlana Kubyshkina finished in fourth place with 134 reps followed by Yuko Sakuyama, Japan’s 2020 National Champion, in fifth place. Other athletes of note include Andrea Nisler and Lari Cunha who tied for sixth. Emma McQuaid and Jacqueline Dahlstrom each completed 129 reps to tie for tenth. Danielle Brandon and Sarah Pinto placed 12th with 128 reps.
  • Men’s Division: Russian Alexander Ilin leads the men’s division with 156 reps followed by countryman Stas Solodov with 152 reps. Latvia national champion Uldis Upenieks (146 reps), American Colten Mertens (145 reps) and Canadian national champion Jeffrey Adler (141 reps) round out the top-five. Six-time Games qualifier and two-time podium finisher Björgvin Karl Guðmundsson tied for ninth with 137 reps.

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VIDEO: Mayhem/Froning Introduces Big Innovation to Team Format

 Mayhem/Froning Introduces Big Innovation to Team Format 

Gym Safety Precautions Serve Many Purposes, Affiliate Owners Say

 Gym Safety Precautions Serve Many Purposes, Affiliate Owners Say 

From sanitation caddies to banning AirBikes and shirtless WODs, to mandatory masks and even temperature checks, affiliate culture today is much different from two to three months ago.

Though most affiliates are complying with the new way of conducting their business, many find differing motivations for doing so.

They’re taking action for three reasons:

1. To appease government authorities.
2. So members and the public can see they’re taking action.
3. To ease clients fears:

  • “Personally, I have minimal fears for our clients. The numbers just don’t meet the response in our area…(but) professionally we will be meeting the guidelines that are mandated by the state when we reopen June 1,” said Craig Davis, the owner of CrossFit Cask Strength in Bardstown, KY.
  • “On a personal note, I think the whole thing is a crock. People should be allowed to live their lives freely. If they feel it’s a legit risk situation then they should take the appropriate measures for themselves,” said Brian Stoneking, the owner of a CrossFit School of Sweat, a small garage gym affiliate in Temescal Valley, CA.

Despite his personal opinion, Stoneking is capping classes at three and has created three equally-sized stations, each equipped with its own equipment.

  • “I’m doing all of this basically because of what I anticipate the government to be dictating to us in the future and I’m trying to get a jump on it,” he said, adding that he is also concerned about what prospective clients might perceive his gym.
  • “I want the public to see the appropriate measures being taken,” he added.



A Bodyweight Beat Down with Annie Thorisdottir

Maybe you are not quite ready to take on “Murph” today, if that’s the case, check out this bodyweight bruiser with Annie Thorisdottir, it’s 100 repetitions each of lateral burpees, step-ups and push-ups with an emom interrupter of 5 air squats + 5 sit-ups. Give it a try!

 Morning Chalk Up 



Join A Coffee Club

Black Rifle Coffee imports the highest quality beans from around the world. No matter what your taste profile is they have a blend for you. Try one of their fresh blends today and join their coffee club and save.

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Hunter McIntyre on Shooting for the Stars and Missing

Here’s a quick interview with Hunter McIntyre following his “Murph” world record attempt. He talks about his approach and what it felt like.

 Morning Chalk Up 


Creative Dinner Recipes to Cook at Home

If you’re like us, you’ve been cooking at home a LOT.  Check out these delicious, creative dinner recipes to inspire you to keep it up. You’ll find easy dinner ideas for the whole family, fun dishes to cook for two and more. From pastas and homemade meatballs to seafood and vegetarian dinners!



Congratulations to Gabriella T., who was the first to correctly answer which two exact movements have been in every CrossFit Open. The correct answer was Toes-to-Bar and Double Unders.

  • Today’s question: Who has the fastest time (woman or man) for a CrossFit Games Murph Event?

Submit your answer.





Community Roundup

Here are a couple of the interesting fundraisers we’ve heard about recently, plus a research team asks for your help:

  • Bartek Lipka’s #FIGHT42MORROW: On May 30, the 2019 Polish National Champion, Bartek Lipka will run a marathon on an Assault Air Runner stopping every kilometer to do one deadift at 200 kg/440 pounds. He is seeking donations to help support affiliate coaches and employees. Learn more and donate.
  • “Boxes for the Community”: In Portugal, Upstream Portugal has created an online competition, going on throughout the month of May, to benefit the Portuguese Red Cross. There are weekly challenges but the opportunity to donate doesn’t end on May 31. Check it out and support them.
  • Survey on Stay-at-Home Orders and Health: A team of researchers from the University of Notre Dame and the City University of New York are studying how the stay-at-home orders have affected how people are working out, training and getting exercise. They are also investigating if and how this is perceived as impacting physical and mental health. Help them out and complete the quick survey
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