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Mayhem Madness Postponed

Morning Chalk Up

July 9

Active Life Rx

Good morning and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up. The Mayhem Madness team competition has been postponed several weeks due to travel restrictions that will impact qualified teams. And, Lifting Culture Apparel raised over $7,000 for Black Lives Matter, Emily Beers has more below.

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“Whenever our global community needs assistance, whether it be due to a natural disaster, an activist movement, or simply lending a hand via our platform, we do everything we can to help in our own way.” – Steven Vitale, Lifting Culture Apparel


Mayhem Madness Postponed, August 23 New Target Date

  Mayhem Madness Postponed, August 23 New Target Date  

On Tuesday evening the organizers of Mayhem Madness announced on Instagram that they have postponed their team-only competition to another date due to travel restrictions as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic for qualified international teams. The week-long event in Cookeville, TN has shifted from its original date of August 2-9 to a target date of August 23-30.

The bottom line: The United States still has travel bans and restrictions for many of the countries that international teams will be traveling from. Four of the nine teams that received an invitation to the competition through Sanctionals are affected by travel restrictions. The purpose of Mayhem Madness and host Rich Froning’s goal was to gather the best teams on earth and put on a competitive event. Without many of the top teams able to participate under current restrictions, the event risks not reaching the expectations of the organizers, Froning and fans.

  • Before the online qualifier started Team Butcher’s Lab, the winner of the team division at the Pandaland CrossFit Championship, declined their invitation due to travel restrictions.
  • Last week another team, The Canadians, featuring some of the top CrossFit athletes north of the US border also declined their invitation after earning their invite with a fourth-place finish in the Mayhem Madness qualifier. They declined based on current restrictions between the two neighboring countries.
  • The Athlete Program, The Progrm, Taranis Lifetree and Starr Strength Black are international teams with invites that currently face travel restrictions to the US.
  • The Australia-based Starr Strength Black faces some of the tougher restrictions but not from the US. Australia has closed all their borders since the onset of the pandemic and has seen an increase in COVID-19 cases since relaxing restrictions resulting in the country to once again limiting their travel in and out.
  • The US has also seen an increase in COVID-19 cases over the last month leading to many countries issuing travel restrictions to the US.
  • On Wednesday, the Tennessee Department of Health reported 2,472 cases of COVID-19, setting a new single-day high.
  • The Mayhem Madness organizers will re-evaluate the travel bans and restrictions on August 1 with an announcement based on those findings on August 3 to the participating teams.
  • Mayhem Madness, in a statement posted on their Instagram, said, “This postponement comes as a great disappointment to us, and we appreciate your understanding.”
  • They also added, “We have been and will continue to pursue the creation and implementation of a world-class event for the Teams.”

Coaches – Help Your Members Get Out Of Pain.

Coaches - Help Your Members Get Out Of Pain.

In 2018 the USA accounted for 4.4% of the world’s population and took 80% of the world’s opioids. Despite having great medical services, we have a major issue that’s overlooked – pain.

At Active Life we coach almost 1,000 coaches to help their members get out of pain without going to the doctor or missing the gym.

We teach coaches how to go from earning hobby wages ($350/month) to professional wages ($9,000/month).

We believe that the healthcare provider of the future is the coach, and we believe that the future is now.

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Lifting Culture Apparel Raises $7,250 for Black Lives Matter

  Lifting Culture Apparel Raises $7,250 for Black Lives Matter  

When Steven Vitale started Lifting Culture Apparel in 2015, his main goal was to support the culture of fitness. “Culture and community for me is the foundation behind why we train each and every day,” Vitale said, adding that it’s especially important to step up when a community is in need.

One big thing: Most recently for Lifting Culture Apparel, this meant raising $7,250 by designing and selling 400 t-shirts and tank tops for the Black Lives Matter movement. This is not Lifting Culture Apparel’s first rodeo raising money for a good cause. This was their seventh fundraiser in the last five years and brings their accumulated total of donated funds to $25,000.

From last year’s bushfires in Australia to Down Syndrome Awareness, to Hurricane Maria that hit Puerto Rico in 2017, Vitale’s small company has raised money for a wide array of issues.

  • “Whenever our global community needs assistance, whether it be due to a natural disaster, an activist movement, or simply lending a hand via our platform, we do everything we can to help in our own way,” Vitale said.

The BLM shirt: The men’s and women’s tops had the words ‘Lift Listen Learn,’ with #blacklivesmatter just below.

  • “The design sheds light on the idea that silence is not the answer and we need to take an actionable approach to listen and learn about racial injustices that are still very much alive,” said Vitale, who started CrossFit in 2012 when he was playing rugby in college.

Though most of the fundraiser’s supporters were CrossFit athletes, Lifting Culture Apparel caters to “all domains of fitness,” Vitale explained.

The big picture: For Vitale, it’s not so much about raising money as it is about the fitness community coming together and showing that they care.

  • “The fact that our community comes together to help a cause and share a message is more meaningful than not doing anything,” Vitale said.
  • He added: “Our community of followers stand by our philosophy of upholding the culture (of fitness)…It surprises me every time we hold a fundraiser at how many people join to help the cause.”



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