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Mayhem Madness Team Profile: CrossFit Krypton

Morning Chalk Up

July 4


Happy Independence Day and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up. As we celebrate today throughout the United States, please consider the opportunity to take a few minutes of quiet reflection. The last few months have been tumultuous and this weekend, as we enjoy time with friends and family, take time to sit with your thoughts, remember the sacrifices of others, and reflect. We will join you. Today:

  • We are profiling each of the three teams who qualified in the online Mayhem Madness qualifier over the next few weeks. Up first, the newly reconstituted CrossFit Krypton.
  • The Master’s Fitness Collective is launching an online qualifier to fill out its age group competition this summer. Patrick Clark has more.

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Mayhem Madness Team Profile: CrossFit Krypton

  Mayhem Madness Team Profile: CrossFit Krypton  

The Mayhem Madness online qualifier recently wrapped up, and now that the leaderboard has settled it’s time to zero in on the teams that will be making the trek to Cookeville, TN to join the nine teams that already earned their spot through Sanctionals before the rest of the season went the way of the dodo bird due to COVID-19. Three teams are guaranteed entry into the competition that starts a month from now, and over the next few weeks, we’ll be highlighting those three teams, none of which have yet to hit the competition floor together in person and will be tasked with trying to take down reigning Affiliate Cup Champions Mayhem Freedom.

Up first is Krypton, the team that not only earned the first at-large bid but also won the online qualifier outright, earning them the first pick in the workout draft to dictate some of the programming for all the teams during the weekend. Their roster is made up of four individual Games athletes, all of whom have high-level experience on a team as well.

  • Alessandra Pichelli: Before she managed to build one of the longer-tenured individual Games careers — including seven consecutive appearances, in five of which she finished 14th or better — Pichelli got her introduction to CrossFit Games competition in the team division with Diablo CrossFit. Pichelli and the Diablo squad finished 3rd in 2012 before she eventually finished 4th as an individual a year later. A collegiate rower, PIchelli’s power and strength are a huge asset to the team, and her consistency over the majority of the past decade means she’s got a diverse skill set to adapt to any task.
  • Alec Smith: CrossFit’s closest thing to Batman, Smith’s gymnastic skills and relative strength with a barbell jump off the page. Over the past 4 years, Smith has emerged from being “Ben Smith’s brother” to being a verifiable CrossFit star in his own right — notching back to back individual Games appearances in 2017 and 2018 before switching to the team division and impressively finishing 2nd behind Mayhem Freedom in 2019 with CrossFit Krypton. His immediate success in the team competition lends itself well here as he’s one of the few athletes that knows what it takes to podium at the highest level.

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Master’s Fitness Collective Championship Looks to Finalize Roster With Online Qualifier

  Master’s Fitness Collective Championship Looks to Finalize Roster With Online Qualifier  

The organizers of the Master’s Fitness Collective Championship announced an online qualifier from July 2-9 for the remaining spots of their “Masters-only” competition. Qualifying spots remain open in all but four of the 14 divisions, however, backfills for the full divisions (women 40-44, women 50-54, men and women 65+) will be based on the online qualifier.

The details: The qualifier started on Thursday and concludes next Thursday, June 9 at 9:00 EST. Registration and score submission is hosted by Competition Corner.

  • The qualifier consists of three events that will total four scores.
  • A percentage of the $10.00 registration fee for the online qualifier will be donated to Steve’s Club National Program to help underserved youth have access to fitness, mentorship, leadership training, and a safe and healthy community.
  • CJ Martin of Invictus Fitness has programmed the qualifier events. Martin is also programming for the live competition that will be held on August 20-23 in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

The workouts:

  • Event 1: The opening event starts with an 8:00 clock and consists of two scored parts. The first part is a couplet of 21 power cleans, 18 burpee box jumps, then 15 power cleans and burpee box jumps and concludes with 9 power cleans and 12 burpee box jumps. With the remaining time left on the clock athletes will complete an AMRAP of bar muscle-ups for their second score.
  • Event 2: The second event is a test of strength as athletes must find a two-rep max thruster weight.
  • Event 3: The final event of the qualifier is a grinding triplet featuring double unders, toes-to-bar and squat snatches. With a 12:00 minute cap, athletes must complete two rounds of 60 double unders, 20 T2Bs and 10 squat snatches, each round the snatches get heavier. The third and final round again consists of 60 double unders and 20 T2Bs but the snatches turn into an AMRAP till the 12:00 time cap is reached.



The Buttery Bros on a Boat with Brooke Wells

It’s time for stop number five on the Buttery Bros road trip. This time the boys joined Brooke Wells in Tulsa for a boat day, a WOD and a wake-n-cake with Papa Wells!

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BBQ Lime Grilled Chicken

On this Fourth of July, give the burgers a break and give this crowd-pleasing BBQ lime grilled chicken recipe a try. The sauce is a play on classic BBQ with honey and lime, and it’s so flavorful you won’t even need a marinade.

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