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Meet Miles, The Man Who Saw Toomey’s Potential First

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“Doubt is not a reason to back down. It is a reason to step up.” — Brian Kight 

Meet Miles: The Man Who First Saw The Potential In The Fittest Woman On Earth


Fittest Woman on Earth Tia-Clair Toomey gave us a throwback to where it all started this week, as she returned to her old weightlifting club in Queensland, Australia.

Tia and Shane took the chance to catch up with coach Miles Wydall: “Words don’t even begin to explain what he has done for Shane and I, we are truly lucky to have him apart of our lives.”

Where it all began.

“Technique wise she swung off the bar and hopped back in the snatch and forward in the clean. She also jerked forward and her back flexed a bit in the pull.”

It’s hard to believe Miles Wydall is talking about the most successful female CrossFit athlete in history Tia-Clair Toomey, but take comfort in knowing that even the three-peat champion started somewhere.

Meet Miles.

Miles Wydall is Australia’s top Olympic Weightlifting Coach and with over 25 years experience, he boasts an impressive resume. He was Australia’s Head coach at both the Rio (2016) and London (2012) Olympics and every Commonwealth Games since 2010. He runs and coaches at Cougars Weightlifting Coach alongside his wife Angela, in Brisbane Australia.

“I still get the same buzz of excitement when a new lifter walks into the club as I did 25 years ago,” he told the Morning Chalk Up

Miles has produced 34 Australian representatives from scratch, so it’s fair to say he can spot raw talent when he sees it. In 2013, word got out about a 19-year-old woman who could back squat 220 pounds for three and move a 145-pound barbell without any real technique – no surprise Miles was very interested to meet her.

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Wodapalooza Doubles Champions’ Purse, Matching Dubai and Rogue


Wodapalooza (WZA) announced an impressive prize purse increase for the 2020 Sanctional, doubling the champion’s cheque to $50,000 and with it upping the capacity for athlete earnings this season.

How much cash are we talking about: $50,000 for the winner, matching the lucrative winnings on offer at the Rouge Invitational and Dubai Fitness Championship – where the total prize purse across all divisions exceeds half a million dollars. Wodapalooza has also added $2,020 each event win. For Rogue, it’s $5,000 and Dubai pays out $3000, $2000 and $1000 respectively.

The big picture: The second-year into this new system and there’s more money up for grabs for athletes willing to compete. Before the introduction of sanctioned events; athletes were almost limited to payouts at the CrossFit Games, which has also increased significantly from $500 at the inaugural CrossFit Games to $300,000 in 2019.

The fact that the prize purse has increased this drastically is a really good step in the right direction. For the 2019-2020 season, there are only a handful of prize purses released so far so we still need to get a better picture of where the average competition is paying out.

One big thing: Payouts on the circuit can actually be quite lucrative if you pick the rights ones.

  • Sam Briggs was the highest female earner outside of the Games top 10 (4th) with $107,083 total.
  • Patrick Vellner was the highest male earner outside of the Games top 10 (4th) with $77,000 total.
  • For complete payouts from last year, use our payouts tracker.

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WATCH: First Look at Tia Toomey’s Home and Gym
Craig Richey spent some time in Australia with Tia-Clair Toomey and Shane Orr. While he was there, Toomey showed off her home, where she trains, and how much she loves her view. 


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Are You Ready for 20.5?

Ready for 20.5? Hopefully you’re fully recovered and not still sore from 20.4. Plus if you’re not recovering properly you are definitely leaving potential on the table, so let’s fix that. Not only does the NormaTec recovery massage feel unbelievable, it’s incredibly good for you and they’ve got the science to prove it. Increase circulation and beat sore muscles with a high-tech compression massage. Then get up tomorrow and crush it with a vengeance.

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Chalk Up Community

  • PRO-TIP: ROWING INTERVALS — Shane Farmer of Dark Horse Rowing has a new rowing video up for rowing intervals for fat loss. Viewers can work as long or as short as they need, just keep up for a fun workout.
  • FIVE YEAR CELEBRATION — CrossFit Virilis in Cibolo, TX is celebrating their five year anniversary this Saturday, November 9 with a WOD and a potluck. 
  • WHISKEY AND WEIGHTS — CrossFit Grand Rapids is hosting Whiskey + Weights, an olympic weightlifting meet, on November 23.

CHALK UP IN 2 MINUTES (a highlight reel around social media of CrossFit pros and average joes)

Morgan McCullough clean and jerks 420 pounds for a PR • Wes Kitts clean and jerks 440 poundsAlex LaChance makes a 215 pound snatch • Mia Hesketh snatches 215 poundsElaine Tsay gets a 170 pound push press PR • Jacob Heppner does a snatch wave ending at 220 pounds for five with no misses.

Sam Briggs Gets the Boot — After an injury during 20.4, Sam Briggs will be spending the rest of the Open in a boot:

— “We all know I’m no stranger to injuries and I’m planning on bouncing back from this too. Hopefully not too long in this boot, taking each day as it comes … but there’s still a chance I’ll be able to compete at (Filthy 150).”

Happening Today — The CrossFit Granite Games, which is now a part of the Loud and Live family, will be announcing the location of their new venue. The Sanctional kicks off June 12, 2020. 

SouthFit CrossFit Challenge — Rasmus Anderson is confirmed for SouthFit CrossFit Challenge, a Sanctional taking place in December in Argentina. 

Michael Cazayoux on Being Authentic in Relationships — Michael Cazayoux shared on his Instagram a message about learning to be authentic with those around you. 

— “If you want to feel more connected to people and create better relationships stop trying so hard to “get them to like you” and start paying attention to how you behave around and what you say to people.

— “In the past few years I’ve payed a lot more attention to the ways in which I try to get people to like me. I’ve realized that the things I say and do and those I don’t has a huge impact on the types of people I attract into my life. When I name drop (talk about cool people I know), find covert ways of talking about my achievements, etc. I attract shallow people who are only attracted to a mask I’m putting on.”


“Eight National Champion Races to Watch,” by Tommy Marquez, Morning Chalk Up 

It’s crunch time now that week four of the CrossFit Open has come to a close. With only one week and (likely) score submission remaining, there are some heated National Champion races worth keeping an eye on. For some of the larger, competitive countries a missed opportunity to win your country still ends with a spot at the Games, as three, four, or even five athletes from a given country end up in the top 20 worldwide. But for most of the country races listed below, the only path through the Games is a national championship.

It should be noted: The point totals below reflect the totals following week three prior to the announcement of Open workout 20.4, as scores are still pending on the leaderboard and not all submissions are in.

United Kingdom – Men: Zack George and Elliot Simmonds.

Last year’s U.K. champion Elliot Simmonds is in a dead heat with potential rookie Zack George. Right now George has the tiebreaker over Simmond’s, with two first-place finishes in the U.K. on 20.1 and 20.3, and could pull off an upset over the 2-time CrossFit Games individual qualifier who finished 19th at the 2019 Games.

United Kingdom — Women: Megan Lovegrove, Jayne Eadie, Sapphire Goddard and Sam Briggs.

What looked like another runaway win for Sam Briggs quickly turned into a four-horse race following her major penalty assessed in 20.1. Despite that, Briggs has a shot at winning the national championship if she can outduel Lovegrove, Eadie, and Goddard – all three of whom would make their first individual appearance at the Games. If Brigg’s picks up another win in week 4 or 5, she should have the tiebreaker secured if needed.


11/8: Veterans Day Bash 2019 (Lubbock, TX)
11/8 – 11/9: WOD for Warriors (Waite Park, MN)
11/8 – 11/10: The Kalis Games (Manila, Phillipines)
11/9: Patriot Challenge 3.0 (Longview, TX)
11/9: The Garage Games Masters Tour (Rochelle Park, NJ)
11/9: The Battle at Branded One (Las Vegas, NV)
11/9: Battle on the Airfield at Skyraider CrossFit (Riverside, CA)
11/9: The Goat Gauntlet (Hartford, CT)
11/9: The Bay Games (Huskisson, NSW AUS)
11/9: Third Annual Battle on the Airfield (Riverside, CA)
11/9: Sweat For Sweeney (Keene, NH) 
11/9 – 11/10: Fallout 2 Presented by Battleground Events (Long Beach, CA)
11/9: Emerald Coast Honor Games (Destin, FL)
11/15 – 11/16: 24 Hours 24 Heroes (Charleston, SC)
11/16: Warrior Affiliate League Delta Force (City of Industry, CA)
11/16: O-Town Throwdown 2019 (Oconomowoc, WI)
11/16: The Garage Games Masters Tour (Blue Springs, MO)
11/16: The Garage Games Masters Tour (Clemmons, NC)
11/16: The Garage Games Masters Tour (Plainville, CT)
11/16: The Pain Cave SD (San Diego, CA)
11/16: 2019 Graveyard Games (Kenosha, WI)
11/16: Mid-Atlantic Masters Classic (Abingdon, MD)
11/16: 3rd Annual Bombs & Barbells (Pooler, GA)
11/16: Mama Said Knock You Out (Canton, CT)
11/16: Olson WOD (Hanford, CA)
11/16: CFP’s 6th annual Fall Brawl (Pittsfield, MA)
11/16: 4th Annual Battle of the Badges (St. Louis, MO)
11/16 – 11/17: 24 Hours of Heroes (London, ON)
11/17: Annual Ghetto Games (Plainville, MA)
11/17: Crews For Brews (Windsor, Ontario)
11/22: Sixth Annual Gobbler Gauntlet (Scottsdale, AZ)
11/23: Kettlebells for Balls (Newburyport, MA)
11/23: Keep Austin (Austin, TX)
11/23: CrossFit XLTs 6th Annual Turkey Bash (Chatham, IL)
11/23: Fitness for Ellie Fundraiser (Amherst, OH)
11/23: Rise of the South (Statesboro, GA)
11/23 – 11/24: South Loop Games (Chicago, IL)
12/7: New Wods on the Block (Lubbock, TX)

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