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Ms. Health and Fitness

Morning Chalk Up

August 25


Good morning and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up. Tricia Will, owner of South Tampa CrossFit is competing in “Ms. Health and Fitness,” an online fitness competition and needs your vote. If she wins, she’s pledged to use her prize to help underserved youth in Florida. And, the Adaptive Training Academy has gone online and continues to reach coaches across the country who want to be better able to work with adaptive athletes.

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Affiliate Owner Needs Your Vote in Online Competition, Pledges to Pay Earnings Forward to Underserved Youth

  Affiliate Owner Needs Your Vote in Online Competition, Pledges to Pay Earnings Forward to Underserved Youth  

Tricia Will grew up in a single parent household, where money was a constant struggle.

  • “I could have really used a fitness program in my area to give me confidence and help me find my own strength. I really wasn’t introduced to my own strength until I was much older, so it has always been a passion of mine to empower young kids, especially minorities and underserved youth, through fitness, to give them confidence and the mindset that they have the ability to overcome the challenges they face everyday,” said the 40-year-old mother of two and owner of South Tampa CrossFit in Tampa, FL.

Two months ago, Will saw an opportunity when she came across the Ms. Health and Fitness, an online fitness competition with a USD$20,000 grand prize. The winner is determined by online voting.

  • “So I submitted a few pictures and my reason for doing it and put my name in the hat,” she explained.

To her surprise, she was shortlisted and after two months of weekly cuts to the field, Will is currently sitting in second place in her group. If she can overtake the current leader by Thursday — the deadline to vote — she will advance to the finals and be one step closer to the $20,000 prize. If she does win, she has committed to using the money to begin a free fitness program for underserved, minority youth.

  • “Normally we would be running an event or other type of fundraiser, but we’re limited with COVID, so I decided I will commit the $20,000 if I win and use it toward this new program we’re building,” she said.

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Adaptive Training Academy Aims to Educate Health Professionals on Coaching Those with a Disability

  Adaptive Training Academy Aims to Educate Health Professionals on Coaching Those with a Disability  

Alec Zirkenbach, Logan Aldridge, Kevin Ogar and Chris Stoutenburg have a mission: To bridge the gap between fitness and rehabilitation, specifically for adaptive athletes.

  • “So adaptive athletes can come together and realize they can still live a healthy lifestyle,” said Aldridge, who had his left arm amputated after a wake boarding accident when he was 13.

The four adaptive athletes have been doing this through their company Adaptive Training Academy (ATA), which offers a coaching course that educates participants about how to train adaptive athletes.  

Course Details: ATA’s course — Adaptive and Inclusive Trainer (AIT) certification — is a self-paced online course that takes approximately 16 hours to complete. It costs $499 and is registered in 37 states to provide 16 continued education credits for physical therapists.

  • More than 1,400 CrossFit coaches, physical therapists, occupational therapists, physical education teachers and other medical professionals have taken the course so far.
  • Most recently, they teamed up with a school district in Washington, DC and delivered their course online to 90 physical, occupational and recreational therapists, as well as physical education teachers. “It was the coolest thing. We were supposed to do it live, but because of COVID, we had to adapt and deliver it virtually. We ran the teachers through the course as if they were the fifth graders and we were the teachers,” Aldridge said, adding that the class was a “mash up” between adaptive training and CrossFit Kids.  

Masters Athlete Tony Kurz; Father, Soldier and CrossFit Athlete

  Masters Athlete Tony Kurz; Father, Soldier and CrossFit Athlete  

Among the athletes competing at this past weekend’s Master’s Fitness Collective Championship was one who was pulling double-duty. Tony Kurz was working in his full time job as a member of the Army Warrior Fitness Team and also being dad to his daughter/coach, 12-year old Elise during the four-day competition in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

The Morning Chalk Up was able to catch-up with the two-time CrossFit Games 40-44 age group qualifier Lieutenant Colonel Kurz and his daughter during the competition.

On what the Army has provided him during his 20+ year career of service: “The Army has given me a lot of things that I am very grateful for in my life. They have given me a tremendous career that I am proud of. In the Army I have been able to accomplish almost all of my lifetime goals that I have had.

On being a member of the Army Warrior Fitness Team: “To be able to represent them is just icing on the cake because they send me to all of these places to workout and do what I love.”

On sharing his CrossFit experiences with his daughter: “To include her and to make her a part of it is great. To come back to the hotel and have her there, we can talk about stuff so I’m not just there stewing by myself.

LTC Kurz and his daughter would end the competition in second place in the 40-44 division.


CrossFit Games Update: Catching Up With Björgvin K. Guõmundsson

  CrossFit Games Update: Catching Up With Björgvin K. Guõmundsson  



Niki Brazier and Tommy Marquez Discuss the CrossFit Games Season Shake-up

On this episode of the Bottom Line, Niki Brazier and Tommy Marquez break down all the new information we learned about the Games season during last week’s CrossFit Town Hall event with Eric Roza.

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One Simple Drill Before Benching Heavy

Here’s an upgraded version of the banded shoulder dislocate that will unglue and prime your shoulders. Get ready for a big press!

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Going To The Doctor

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Sazon Grilled Chicken Thighs

Ever heard of sazon seasoning? It’s a popular Puerto Rican spice that can be found in many Mexican and Spanish markets. It’s a delicious blend  of coriander, cumin, achiote, garlic powder, oregano, salt & pepper.



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