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New Sanctionals Bring New Implements

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Big Names, Prizes Take Center Stage in Dubai


The second sanctioned year kicks off today for the Dubai CrossFit Championship (DCC), and the five day competition will play host to a collection of some of the best CrossFit athletes in the world. Touting one of the biggest prize purses in the sport, the DCC led off the season last year and quickly became one of the premiere events in the new system. This season Dubai will close out competition for 2019, before the season reloads in 2020, but there are a ton of good storylines to chew on this week in the desert. 

Top Athlete Tune-up: Even though most of the biggest names in the field already have a spot to the Games secured through the Open, there’s a great opportunity for them to use this weekend as a measuring stick against a very talented field.

  • For the men, Patrick Vellner, Bjorgvin Karl Gudmundsson, Travis Mayer, and Willy Georges all have unofficially qualified, but are Games contenders who could gain some valuable insight, and a decent payday this weekend.
  • On the women’s side Sara Sigmundsdottir, Katrin Davidsdottir, and Jamie Greene have all stood on the CrossFit Games podium and will have a nice battle on their hands knowing they have a Games spot and this weekend can build some momentum going into 2020.

Still in need of a spot: Brent Fikowski and Sam Briggs are the biggest names that still need one. For Fikowski a backfill invite from the Open is likely, but he could earn some insurance with a podium finish that should secure an invite regardless. Briggs won’t be getting one through the Open after an injury dashed her chances, but she’s more than capable of a podium finish which should be enough to get an invite in this field.

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Pinnacle Offers Betting for Dubai Sanctional


Fans of the sport of CrossFit have their second opportunity this season to place bets at Sanctioned events. Over the weekend, Pinnacle Sports put lines out on the overall male and female winners. Patrick Vellner and Sara Sigmundsdottir are favorites to win.

  • Unfortunately, fans in the UK and USA are unable to place bets, but a good portion of other countries are.

One big thing: While this isn’t the first time individuals have been able to bet on CrossFit competition, there is a noticeable uptick this year in betting opportunities. The more money there is surrounding the sport, the better it’ll be for potential growth.

  • In November last month, the Sanctional kick off –Filthy 150 — local Dublin sportsbook Paddy Power was accepting bets on the overall winners.
  • There are still several limitations to encouraging widespread betting like the United States’ online gambling laws, reliable and live-updated statistics, and livestreams.

Who’s the favorite? Here’s a little sample of how Pinnacle has set the odds for the 2019 Dubai CrossFit Championship (we’re displaying the top 5 for the overall winner.

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Two New Implements And More Cultural References At Sanctioned Events Worldwide


Pandaland CrossFit Challenge has become part of a growing trend of sanctioned events adding unique and never-before-seen equipment and movements to CrossFit competition.

In fact, two of the first three sanctioned events in the 2020 season have now introduced a previously never before seen piece of equipment or movement in official CrossFit competition. Ireland’s Filthy 150 saw the debut of unbroken legless rope climb and the sandbag toss for distance, last month.

The Stone Lock debuts in China: Pandaland Event Director Eric Zhu was adamant about exposing athletes to traditional Chinese culture with the ancient Chinese Kung-Fu training implement – the Stone Lock – on Day 1.

Individual Event 2

20 meter barbell overhead walking lunges (165lbs/115lbs)
50 single arm Stone Lock hang clean and jerks (25kg/20kg)
50 box step overs with Stone Lock
20m handstand walk
*8 minute time cap

What the athletes had to say: Many likened the Stone Lock to a mix between the dumbbell and kettlebell. They had very little time to play with the Stone Lock before taking to the floor and the general consensus was using a similar technique to Open workouts where the dumbbell hang clean and jerk and box step overs have appeared in the past.

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WATCH: The Fittest on Earth Prepare for Dubai 
Some of the fittest on Earth are arriving in Dubai for the Dubai CrossFit Championship. Craig Richey caught up with Rich Froning, Pat Vellner and Sara Sigmundsdottir as they prepare for day one of competition.


SUPPORT: Niki Brazier’s Family After a House Fire
If you’re a CrossFitter, you know Niki Brazier. She’s the face on the field reporting at most of CrossFit’s events and she also writes for Morning Chalk Up. Over the weekend, her family in Maine lost their home and the family dog to a housefire. A GoFundMe page has been made to help them through the holiday season and to rebuild.


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Chalk Up Community

  • BATTLE CREEK MOVES — Battle Creek CrossFit in Battle Creek, MI has moved from their location of three years to a larger location downtown. 
  • CARDS FOR CANCER — Michael Gomez, a U.S. Navy sailor, cancer survivor and coach at CrossFit Little Creek in Norfolk, VA is collecting Christmas cards for cancer patients that will be in the hospital for treatment over the holiday. 
  • CROSSFIT L1 IN TEXAS — Alamo City CrossFit in Alamo, TX is hosting a Level One CrossFit Certification course January 11 – 12 and is still open for registration. 
  • EMBRACING DIVERSITY IN YOUR GYM — In Episode 3 of Open Gym with Patrick Cummings, guest Alyssa Royse of Rocket CrossFit in Seatlle, WA shares how they’re building a brand focused on understanding and embracing what it means to be inclusive.

CHALK UP IN 2 MINUTES (a highlight reel around social media of CrossFit pros and average joes)

Happy birthday Diego Centeno • FLEO and Caffeine & Kilos is hosting a giveaway • Congratulations to young Jett on getting his first muscle-upMatt Brady snatches 275 pounds for a PR • Emma Gibbons overhead squats 205 pounds for a PR • Joe O’Brien back squats 290 pounds for a PR • Chase Long back squats 415 pounds for a 5RM PR • Sam Lubben gets a 320 pound snatch PR • Emma Ferreira clean and jerks 230 pounds

…and I mean, we totally get it, but this looks both totally safe and also totally fun. 

Confirmed for Strength in Depth — Mat Fraser is confirmed for Strength in Depth, taking place in London January 24 -26. 

Naked M Squared Calendar For Charity — Klare Osbourne, a member at M Squared Fitness in Manchester, UK, lost her father to a heart attack when she was very young. For the 20 year anniversary of his death, she decided to raise funds for the British Heart Foundation with a 2020 calendar of nude CrossFitters, with photos taken by photographer Neil Shearer.

— “It’s our member Klare Osbourne why we’re all naked. She wanted to do a month of hero WOD’s to raise money for BHF as it’s the 20 year anniversary of Klare heartbreakingly losing her dad. 

— “Rather than doing Hero wods I thought we could do something different and as Klare is always getting naked I thought, why not! I was so surprised by how many members wanted to get involved. 48 in fact! This was so incredible to see. I’m all for positive body image and building people’s confidence so to see how many people were comfortable to do this for a great cause was amazing.”

— Get your copy of the Naked M Squared Calendar here

Funds for Coach Liam Hogan — Moments from completing event 1 at SouthFit CrossFit Challenge last weekend in Buenos Aires, Liam Hogan collapsed on the competition floor. He was taken to the hospital where he was eventually diagnosed with Rhabdo. A GoFundMe was opened to help with his medical bills and to fly his partner to Argentina from Bournemouth, UK. Within a matter of hours, the CrossFit community at large rallied from near and far, the funds were raised, and the page was closed. 


“First Communion, Confirmation, Confession and CrossFit,” by Jessica Danger, Morning Chalk Up 

Allyn Doyle is a regular face at CrossFit Defined in Chicago, IL. A natural athlete, she played cross country, basketball and softball in high school before becoming a Varsity Cross Country team member and captain at Saint Anselm College. So when she became Vice Principal of St. Sylvester School she knew one of the first changes she wanted to make was in physical fitness.

She removed traditional P.E and instead offered CrossFit to the entire school population, all 260 students.

“Although I loved traditional gym class with all the sports we got to learn, I knew there were others who despised it. Traditional sports weren’t their thing and traditional PE didn’t give them an opportunity to explore another avenue for health and wellness. With childhood obesity on the rise, I felt it was important to reach more students; to show them that fitness can be more than what we typically think of as ‘sports.’  I want the kids at my school to see fitness as a natural extension of the learning they are already doing,” Doyle told Morning Chalk Up.

And she brought in help, Coach Danny Wright from CrossFit Defined. Not only was Danny a coach at Doyle’s box, he was also her boyfriend and was working in the Charter school system. It was an easy transition from the beginning. “Danny was helping the students here understand that fitness was more than traditional sports. It was movement, it was playing, it was doing handstands and making good nutritional choices at school and at home,” said Doyle.

They didn’t have any real CrossFit equipment at St. Sylvester when the program started. Coach Wright was using plastic hockey sticks instead of PVC pipes and wooden blocks instead of dumbbells. They used dodge balls instead of wall balls and owned a tangled mess of jump ropes. But in September of 2018 they were able to raise some funds through RPM Training’s 10K Jump Challenge and through a fundraiser with CrossFit Defined in the Spring of this year. 


12/11 – 12/14: Dubai CrossFit Championship (Dubai, UAE)
12/13 – 12/14: CFVN Christmas Team Battle (Varna, Bulgaria)
12/14: Syndicate Vault (Columbia, MD)
12/14: Inaugural 2019 Redemption Road Invitational (Limon, CO)
12/14: Angel Tree Games (Smithville, TN)
12/15: Strong New York (New York, NY)
12/18: 2nd Über Belles and Balls (Bandera, TX)
1/10 – 1/12: CrossFit Mayhem Classic (Cookeville, TN)
1/11: Unbroken Ocala (Ocala, FL)
1/25: Lost River Rumble II (Bowling Green, KY)

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