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No More Sausage and Egg McMuffins?

Morning Chalk Up

July 22

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Good morning and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up. We have three profile pieces covering different ways CrossFit is making an impact on lives. Today:

  • The Green Beret Project is leading the charge against poverty in Delaware and Missouri’s inner-cities. 
  • CrossFit gives a grieving wife a fighting chance.
  • An athlete changes his unhealthy relationship with food to lose nearly 100 pounds in seven months. 

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Green Beret Project Serves Inner City Youths Through CrossFit

  Green Beret Project Serves Inner City Youths Through CrossFit  

The Green Beret Project (GBP) was created in 2016 by former Army Green Berets who wanted to take the Green Beret mission and apply that to fighting the destructive forces of poverty facing inner-city youth. To take on that challenge, they’re using CrossFit to form relationships and be a supporting resource in the lives of youth.

By the numbers:

  • Six locations across the U.S. with the headquarters in Dover, DE; one in St. Louis, MO and another in Kansas City, MO.
  • Mentored around 250+ inner-city kids in the last four years.
  • 15 mentors working with the program.
  • 304 juveniles arrested in Dover, DE in 2016.
  • It costs $150,000 to incarcerate a juvenile for one year in Delaware.
  • The juvenile recidivism rate is 85% in Delaware.

The Project: The Delaware-based nonprofit offers free CrossFit classes after school and during weekends for at-risk youths. These programs include helping youths develop foundations in fitness and nutrition through the CrossFit methodology.

  • Using fitness as a base, the volunteers and mentors teach leadership, accountability, teamwork and other important life skills that are often lacking in the youth’s household.
  • In 2018, the organization’s mission and success within the inner city led them to becoming an official CrossFit Foundation partner. Donations to the CrossFit Foundation, the charitable arm of HQ, is distributed to their partners and their causes to help set up programs and new affiliates, specifically in underserved communities.

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Leslie Wagner: Attacking Grief Head-on Through Fitness

  Leslie Wagner: Attacking Grief Head-on Through Fitness  

When Leslie Wagner lost her husband from a brain infection he contracted after having chemotherapy for colon cancer, she was adamant she didn’t want to turn to traditional medication, or anti-depressants to get through her grief.

  • “I wanted to feel what I was feeling and process it,” she said of her approach to grieving Scott Wagner’s death three years ago this Thursday, a man she had been married to for just one year.

To do this, Wagner turned her attention to fitness and the community at The Loop Fitness in Lake Stevens, WA.

  • “I was spinning. I pride myself on being in control. Having to sit and watch my husband die, I had no control. I was powerless. Lifting gave me some control, if only for a small hour each day. The best days were heavy (lifting) days…as well as days where there was a slam ball. I could take all my hurt and anger and put it into that. The physical relief gave me so much that I was able to negotiate my grief without any anti-depressants,” said 40-year-old Wagner.


Giving up Sausage and Egg McMuffins to Lose 99.4 Pounds in Seven Months

  Giving up Sausage and Egg McMuffins to Lose 99.4 Pounds in Seven Months  

Dylan Wahlstrom thought he loved his job.

Turns out, it wasn’t the job he loved so much. He enjoyed getting out of bed in the morning because he was excited to go to McDonald’s and order his usual two Sausage and Egg McMuffins and a large orange juice.

“I thought the orange juice was healthy,” he said.

Though Wahlstrom legitimately thought juice was a good way to start the day, he admits his life was compounded with lies. Lies he’d tell others, and lies he’d tell himself.

“I would get to work and someone would ask me to go for breakfast, and I’d be like, ‘Yeah, sure. I haven’t eaten yet,’” he said. “I would sneak food when nobody else was around and wouldn’t count those calories. I was constantly making up lies to myself.”

“I would sneak food when nobody else was around and wouldn’t count those calories. I was constantly making up lies to myself.”

It wasn’t uncommon for him to eat two full plates of food and a milkshake for lunch and then head home and have an entire pizza.

By the summer of 2019, the 32-year-old Wahlstrom weighed 307 pounds at five-foot-ten.




A Day in the Life of Lauren Fisher, Ep. 5

In the final episode in this five-part series, six-time CrossFit Games athlete Lauren Fisher talks about her inspiration for pursuing competitive sports early on and discusses the disappointing end to the 2020 season, missing out on competing at the West Coast Classic.

  Morning Chalk Up  



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Congratulations to CJ G., who was the first to correctly answer who were the only three siblings that have competed at the Games as Individuals. The correct answer was ZA, Alex, and Jacob Anderson. ZA: CFG13, Alex: CFG15-18, Jacob: CFG16.

  • Today’s question: What are the heaviest programmed weights for men and for women in an Open Workout?

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