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No Rest for the Weary; New CrossFit Season Starts Now

Good morning and welcome to the weekend edition of the Morning Chalk Up. This is Justin LoFranco, your Editor-in-Chief to bring you a quick wrap-up of the major news items throughout the week.

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“I think about competing everyday of my life. I crave the competition, pushing myself to the limits of my potential. I think that’s when I’m most alive, when I’m most myself and that’s only possible with competition.” — Will Moorad

No Rest for the Weary; New CrossFit Season Starts Now

You guys ever heard of Runner’s Blues? A lot of times after spending months and months training for a big race, runners feel kind of empty after they complete it, asking themselves, “What’s next?”

Well, that’s not going to happen in CrossFit.

Here’s what’s next: We’re already rolling into the next competitive season with the announcement of WOD 1 for the International Online Qualifier, a single online qualifier for four Sanctionals: Filthy150, Wodapalooza, Atlas Games and SouthFit CrossFit Challenge.

Then we’ll find ourselves in the Open, which kicks off October 10 and also serves now as the qualifier for eight sanctioned events

After the Open, we’re staring head-on at the 2019/2020 season schedule, with the Filthy 150 kicking off the Sanctionals in November, followed by Pandaland CrossFit Challenge, Dubai CrossFit Championship and SouthFit CrossFit Challenge in December alone.

Get those passports ready because you have options all over the world this year to catch a CrossFit sanctioned event, and you can do it almost every weekend over the next year if you wanted to.

Or don’t, because you can always stay up-to-date here with Morning Chalk Up as we continue to be the go-to source in the CrossFit industry. That’s one thing that won’t change. 

Now to get ready for the Open, or the International Online Qualifier, or both if we want.

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Managing Editor

Jacob Heppner Quit
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The sixth Fittest Man on Earth, Jacob Heppner, made public that in June before the 2019 CrossFit Games he left his full-time day job as a project manager. Heppner made the call to free up time to focus on his new company and train for the next season.

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A Decade of Fuelling the Fittest on Earth
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Morning Chalk Up’s Brittney Kleyn paid a visit to FITAID headquarters in the old Santa Cruz Wrigley’s factory to chat with Aaron Hinde, co-founder of FITAID, about fueling the CrossFit world for the last decade. 

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Forget Madison: CrossFitters setting their sights on becoming Olympians
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Many athletes returned home from Madison and headed straight into training for the 2020 season. But a handful of them are also hoping to qualify for the International Functional Fitness Federation World Championships in Sweden at the end of August.

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CrossFit athletes everywhere are preparing for the next season, be it a Qualifier, a Sanctional, the Open, or a new season in life. Here are a few of the things we highlighted this week.

1. Caught on camera: Shane Orr cleaning up the athlete area just after his wife and athlete Tia-Clair Toomey won the 2019 CrossFit Games.

2. Congratulations to Bartek and Anna Lipka on the birth of their twin boys, Oskar and Olivier. 

3. At 80-years-old, Pops is still doing rope climbs. 

4. If you need some motivation to get after it this weekend, may we present Zach Watts and his 315 pound snatch PR. 

5. Tommy Marquez and the Buttery Bros announced they’re taking on the Iron Games in September. 

6. Streat Hoerner and Katrin Davidsdottir took a post-Games vacation together.

7. Armen Hammer got Greg Glassman on the phone about how he’ll make cuts next year.

…and don’t ask Taylar Stallings to train with you tomorrow

Oh and let’s not forget…

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