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Morning Chalk Up

April 2

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Good morning and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up. Patrick Clark offers up his third of eight age group qualifier profiles, this time focusing on the 45-49 bracket. And, Emily Beers profiles Canadian athlete, Jolaine Undershute, the third-place finisher in the 45-49 division this year. Today:

  • What to look for in the 45-49 division.
  • Jolaine Undershute manages her Games training and her affiliate during the pandemic.
  • Check out part three of our four-part mini-documentary, “Proving Grounds: Jeffrey Adler in Dubai.”

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“It is how we embrace the uncertainty in our lives that leads to the great transformations of our souls.” – Brandon A. Trean


2020 CrossFit Games Age Group Preview: Men and Women Ages 45-49

 2020 CrossFit Games Age Group Preview: Men and Women Ages 45-49 

Today we preview the men and women that qualified for the 2020 CrossFit Games 45-49 Age Group division. These standings are unofficial after the Age Group Online Qualifier (AGOQ) scores were submitted and could change due to score adjustments as the top-25 athletes in each division must submit videos to CrossFit HQ for review. The video review period concludes on April 13 with the top ten athletes in each division receiving an invitation to the Games.

Chad Schroeder dives into the numbers of the AGOQ even more, breaking down all the divisions with his statistical analysis.

Men’s 45-49 division: All ten athletes in qualifying spots after the AGOQ have all appeared at the Games in the Masters division previously; it’s the only division to feature such a high level of experience. Five of these athletes competed in the age group at this past year’s Games including the returning champion. The division features eight Americans, but the top two spots in the AGOQ are held by international athletes.

  1. Michael Orlov won the AGOQ after recording four top-ten finishes including an event win. The Russian athlete will appear in his second Games, his first appearance in this division. Orlov competed in the 40-44 division at the 2017 Games, finishing 16th. That year he recorded four top-ten finishes with his best finish being sixth in the “Final Couplet” event.
  2. Giulio Silvino will make his fourth-straight appearance at the Games as a Masters athlete and third in this division. Last year he placed eighth at the Games following a sixth place showing in 2018. The Italian is one of two athletes in the division to record multiple event wins in this year’s AGOQ. Silvino won two events including the one-rep max clean and jerk, with a lift of 353 lbs, 33 lbs more than his nearest competitor. His two event wins gave him seven total career AGOQ victories, tied for second all-time in the AGOQ.
  3. Justin Lasala joins Silvino with his fourth-straight Games appearance. Last year he won the AGOQ in dominating fashion with 18 points and five top-five finishes. That translated over to a runner-up finish at the Games after a 13th place showing in 2018, his debut in the division. Lasala also joined Silvino with two event wins in this year’s AGOQ.

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CrossFit Games Qualifier Jolaine Undershute: No Time to Celebrate

 CrossFit Games Qualifier Jolaine Undershute: No Time to Celebrate 

Once all the scores were tallied after the CrossFit Games Age Group Online Qualifier on March 16, Jolaine Undershute found herself in unofficially in third place overall in the women’s 45-49-year-old division.

But she had no idea.

The next morning, she was still in the dark about having qualified to her seventh CrossFit Games.

In fact, Undershute, 48, hadn’t looked at the leaderboard all weekend. She was too busy fielding text messages and calls from anxious members, asking her to hold or cancel their memberships because of the growing coronavirus pandemic.

  • “I just started receiving so many messages of fear and panic. This person was canceling, that person wanted a refund, this person wanted a credit. My phone kept going off like that all day,” said the single mother of a 9-year-old boy, who owns CrossFit Invermere in British Columbia, a town of just 2,900.”
  • “I don’t even know how many students dropped off in those 48 hours (the day after the AGOQ ended),” she said. She estimates she received calls or messages from close to half her 100 members, as a big part of her membership base are small business owners and people who had just been laid off.”

Undershute added: “It felt like everything I have worked so hard for that I started in 2009 was going down the drain. Like I am on the Titanic and I’m a captain going down with the ship—just this overwhelming sense of failure and that it’s all coming crashing down on me.”

About her Games qualification: While some members reached out for holds and cancellations, others began asking Undershute if she had looked at the leaderboard yet.

  • “I kept saying no, and then a few of my students and one of my coaches were like, ‘You should really look.’ I had no idea,” she said.

VIDEO: Proving Grounds: Jeffrey Adler in Dubai — Part 3

 VIDEO: Proving Grounds: Jeffrey Adler in Dubai -- Part 3 



Making Butter (Literally) with the Buttery Bros

In this episode, Buttery Bros Marston Sawyers and Heber Cannon make some homemade butter, talk with Loud and Live Sports president Matt O’Keefe about United in Movement, hit a virtual workout with Tommy Marquez and some cool down GOWOD stretching with Fittest on Earth Mat Fraser.

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 Morning Chalk Up 


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  • Chris Simmons snatches 189 pounds for 3 and cleans 242 pounds for 3 from the blocks.
  • Kevin Inspeyer snatches 296 pounds for a PR.
  • Alejandro Praxedes does a clean + front squat reset, then clean and jerk at 286 pounds.
  • Landon Gillerson deadlifts 105 pounds for a 25 pound PR.
  • Hunter Reaves back squats 340 pounds for a PR.
  • Brandon Santiago teaches his son, Lucas, how to deadlift.
  • Joey Wittman snatches 230 pounds for a PR.


Community Roundup

Here are few cool things we have our eyes on today:

  • PAINKLLR x Air Force Special Warfare: PAINKLLR and U.S. Air Force Special Warfare have teamed up for the 2020 Virtual Box Tour. How it works: your box posts the PAINKLLR x Air Force Special Warfare Workout on April 3 and members have until 11:59 PST on April 5 to do the workout plus share on IG with special tags. Just by posting, the box is entered into cash prize drawings happening each week. Members can help their box receive additional entries by sharing themselves plus they’re also entered into a separate pool of prizes from us and our partners including COMPEX, Ultima Replenisher, Snow Monkey and others.
  • Dad Bod WOD Podcast: Creator of the Reebok Nano Club, a fan page on Instagram, has released a new podcast series, “Dad Bod WOD” bringing together a community of dads, new dads and soon-to-be dads who may struggle with maintaining fitness during the tumult of the early days of fatherhood. Here is how the show is described: “Join a community of dads who are fighting the dad bod! Unlock tips, tricks, and strategies to be the father your family needs and to achieve the fitness you want. The demands of fatherhood drastically limit your free time. But that doesn’t mean that your fitness has to suffer or that you have to deprioritize yourself in an effort to be a good father or husband. Through weekly interviews with other influential dads, you’ll learn how to stay fit with limited time and minimal or zero equipment, how to be present with your family at all times, and how to refocus your mindset from overwhelm to stress free.” Future guests include Austin Malleolo, Marcus Filly, John Wolley and many more. 
  • Small Business Loans in the Coronavirus Stimulus Act: A key component of the massive $2.2 trillion CARES Act is the Paycheck Protection Program, which is designed to get cash in the hands of struggling small businesses and incentivize them to keep staff on payroll, or re-hire workers who have already been laid off. Learn more.
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