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NOBULL is Making Moves

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If you’re like many of our clients, when you’ve tried counting macros or following a meal plan in the past it’s been difficult to stick to.

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“Training is like sweeping the floor. Just because we’ve done it once, doesn’t mean the floor is clean forever. Every day the dust comes back. Every day we must sweep.” — Daniele Bolelli

From Footwear to Film Festival: The Motivation Behind NOBULL’s Latest Marketing Move


NOBULL is proving to be just that.

The brand just announced its latest marketing venture, a NOBULL film to premiere at their very own Fitness Film Festival – to cap off a massive twelve months for the footwear and apparel company.  

  • Opened their first brick and mortar store in the chic New York neighborhood of SoHo, in addition to their pop-up store at their Boston HQ. Word is there are talks of a third location in Miami, FL in the works. 
  • Added two CrossFit Games champions to their athlete roster: Katrin Davidsdottir and Tia-Clair Toomey
  • Signed Carolina Panther’s QB Will Grier as their first non-CrossFit sponsored athlete

The details.

The film will premiere on November 23 at NOBULL’s very own Fitness Film Festival in Brooklyn, New York City.

Head of Marketing Todd Meleney told the Morning Chalk Up: “At the event we will  premiere a film we’re in the process of creating, in addition to showcasing films made by the community.”

NOBULL’s rented out a massive warehouse space to be transformed into a theatre. The guests of honor will include the film’s stars and NOBULL sponsored athletes Tia Clair Toomey, Katrin Davidsdottir and Brooke Wells. The Festival will also be hosted by Rory McKernan.

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Today’s edition of the Morning Chalk Up is brought to you by


Nutrition, Simplified

If you’re like many of our clients, when you’ve tried counting macros or following a meal plan in the past it’s been difficult to stick to.

You wanted to learn how much to eat, of what foods, and when to transform your body. But macros and meal plans actually made nutrition more difficult, while you wanted eating to be easy!

The Macro Master program will walk you through how to create your own plan that creates a transformation with ease.

This week only, MCU readers take $100 off.

Chalk Up Community

  • PRO-TIP: THE MUSCLE-UP — Jamie Hagiya and Torrance Training Lab shared steps to follow to help you improve upon or get your first muscle- up by the Open. 
  • TWELVE HOURS OF WODS — CrossFit Be Someone in Houston, TX is hosting their second annual twelve-hour WODathon on Saturday, November 2. All funds raised will go to Westbury CARE, an organization that provides compassionate animal rescue efforts and the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. 
  • ARM WRESTLING CONTEST — CrossFit Morgantown in Morgantown, WV hosted a national arm wrestling and strength competition Sunday afternoon. The event was a USA Armlifting and mas wrestling sanctioned event that tested arm wrestling and grip strength.

CHALK UP IN 2 MINUTES (a highlight reel around social media of CrossFit pros and average joes)

Chase Duke does a close grip overhead squat at 225 pounds Rachel Kenney gets 30 unbroken chest-to-bar pull-ups for a PR • Royce Dunne front squats 353 pounds for three while his son watches • Kristian Moorman back squats 450 poundsHappy birthday Caitlin Hansen • Congratulations to Jenny Arthur on her engagementBrittany Harris split jerks 240 pounds while pregnant • Vernon Neal clean and jerks 320 pounds.

…and watching this dog make this box jump PR is everything. 

NOBULL Gets Formal — NOBULL released images of their new, made-to-order, dress shoe yesterday. 

— “Formally introducing the NOBULL Dress Shoe. When our Co-Founders needed formal footwear for a black tie award ceremony, we created the NOBULL Dress Shoe for the occasion. By popular demand, we’re bringing these to life, made to order.”

Barbells for Boobs Launches Podcast — Barbells For Boobs released their first episode of Behind the Bra.

— “The first episode of the Behind the Bra is to provide you with some information about Barbells for Boobs about what we do, our programs, how we serve in breast cancer, as well as what to expect from this podcast and just a little bit of history. ⁣

⁣– “Our vision at Barbells for Boobs is that we want to redefine the standard of breast health care and improve the quality of life post diagnosis of breast cancer. ⁣”

Workout to Baby Shark — Yes, THAT Baby Shark. Danial Hooper, writing for the Outside the Box blog, recently published an article that every fitness loving parent of small children on the planet can get down with.

— “Here’s the thing about Baby Shark: at one point, it was a phenomenon in every child’s brain. It was like Furbee. Polly Pocket, The Spice Girls, and the Flintstones theme song.

— “So, when I’m thrustering and blustering, it shouldn’t be a surprise that I’m thinking about why the Baby Shark gets the title role, but daddy shark is left with only two lines of prose. Daddy shark is the one who buys baby sharks food and medicine. He’s the one who finds the baby tooth ointment. Baby shark can’t even workout. He’s a loser. Tiny, tiny loser.”

CrossFit Open Announcements — Brazil CrossFit Championship announced that they will host the live announcements of 20.1 from Kranio CrossFit in Sao Paulo. 

— “Bringing a breathtaking face off between Gui Domingues and Kaique Cerveny and Susana Etto and Tatá Rebane, this battle is going to come in hot!.”

— Also hosting 20.1: Rogue with Rich Froning v. Scott Panchik in English and French Throwdown with Carole Castellani and Sabrina Caron in French.

— Register for the Open.

— Make sure you’re ready for the Open.


“Filthy 150 Announces First Super Team Invite of the Season,” by Tommy Marquez, Morning Chalk Up 

The first new super team for the 2020 season was revealed Saturday as the first elite team invite to the Filthy 150. Known only as “Nation,” the roster includes individual Games athletes Craig Kenney, Paul Tremblay, Carol-Ann Reason-Thibault, and Jenn Smith.

One big thing: We fully expect there to be a massive reorganization among elite team rosters not only from the 2019 CrossFit Games but during the season. For starters, last season was the first time athletes could train in different locations and compete together — AKA the beginning of “super teams” so naturally there was going to be a lot of athletes feeling it out. Second, with 27 Sanctionals qualifying teams, nearly twice as many as last year, there are more opportunities for top talent to join forces and get to the Games.

We have yet to hear of a single team planning the same roster for the 2019-2020 season.

How super (experienced) are the super teams? 11 of the 12 athletes that made up the rosters of the podium teams at the Games had previous individual Games experience.

This announcement immediately puts the rest of the field in Dublin on notice, as the Nation roster brings a ton of experience in both the team and individual competition.

Kenney and Smith both competed on teams at the 2019 Games, with Kenney’s Invictus Boston team finishing 12th and Smith’s team Don’t Stop finished 6th.


10/3 – 10/21: Dubai CrossFit Challenge Online Qualifier (Online)
10/5: The Grit Games (Jacksonville Beach, FL)
10/5: Second Annual Sona Slam (Johnson City, NY)
10/5: Nashoba Learning Group FUNdraiser (Woburn, MA)
10/5: Battle of the Ages (Dallas, TX)
10/6: Barbells and Babes Liftoff (Middletown, NY)
10/6: My Mommy is Stronger Than Your Mommy (Houston, TX)
10/12: Push Pull For Pancreatic Cancer (Elgin, IL)
10/16: 2019 Graveyard Games (Kenosha, WI)
10/19: Battle for the Bell VIII: End Bell (Southbury, CT)
10/19: HYROX Miami (Miami, FL)
10/26: CrossFit Turbine’s 2019 Strongman Classic (Carol Stream, IL)
10/26: CrossFit Roots Anniversary Party (Boulder, CO)
11/2: Best of the Wurst (New Braunfels, TX)
11/2: Gangs of the Midwest Team Competition (Williamsburg , VA)
11/2: Second Annual 12-Hour WODathon (Houston, TX)

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