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Ricky Garard gets an invite to Dubai

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In today’s edition:

  • Ricky Garard gets an invite to compete in Dubai.
  • Can Eric Roza finally break CrossFit into the Chinese market?
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  Ricky Garard Returns, Receives Invite to Dubai CrossFit Championship 

Ricky Garard Returns, Receives Invite to Dubai CrossFit Championship

The organizers of the Dubai CrossFit Championship have extended an invitation to Ricky Garard to compete in their invite-only elite event in December, the Morning Chalk Up has learned. This will be the first CrossFit competition Garard has competed in since his ban from the sport in 2017.

Remind me: Ricky Garard is a controversial figure in the sport of CrossFit after testing positive for testolone and endurobol, both banned substances, at the 2017 CrossFit Games where he finished third. He was slapped with a four-year ban from the sport, meaning he could not compete in any CrossFit sanctioned event until after October 3, 2021.

  • Garard has not been shy about his intention to return, often posting videos and scores completing Open, Sanctional, Semifinal or Games events during mock trials.
  • In 2020, Garard called out Mathew Fraser asking him not to retire: “You wait for me **** I’m coming” @mathewfras In more polite words when I’m not so fired up, please don’t retire, I want to compete against the best again.”
  • Garard posted his unofficial 2020 CrossFit Games stage 1 results, where all athletes competed online from their home gyms, stating his scores would have placed him fifth.

One big thing: Garard will be the first major individual athlete to return to competition after serving a drug-related suspension and his return is already raising some eyebrows for two reasons: It’s unclear how frequently he was tested over the last four years and some feeling that he doesn’t deserve an immediate invite to one of the most prestigious off-season events in CrossFit.

  • Garard has, in fact, been tested at least once over the past four years. CrossFit announced in March, that he was tested and his results came back negative.
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Free Rowing Masterclass with the Panchik Brothers

Free Rowing Masterclass with the Panchik Brothers

Rowing workouts are essential to CrossFit training. But mastering your technique isn’t easy.

CrossFit legend Scott Panchik has years of experience in the sport and he’s passed that knowledge down to his younger brothers Saxon and Spencer, two rising CrossFit stars.

In this masterclass, the Panchik brothers take you through their top rowing secrets picked up while training for the CrossFit Games.

  • Learn how to row through fatigue.
  • Build different muscle groups to row faster.
  • Master your rowing technique.

Watch the Panchik brothers’ masterclass today and achieve your personal best tomorrow.

  Ricky Garard Returns, Receives Invite to Dubai CrossFit Championship 

Denver-based Steve’s Club National Program has officially rebranded to Forging Youth Resilience (FYR). The nationwide non-profit program has, for years, offered fitness, mentorship, and support for America’s at-risk youth.

  • “The rebrand coincided with CrossFit Home Office’s monumental shift, with new ownership and leadership creating a new way forward. As CrossFit has sought to broaden its reach and impact across the fitness community, so too has Steve’s Club.”

Kristin Holte wins Norwegian Functional Fitness Championship. Even though she’s retiring from competing at the CrossFit Games, Holte will be competing at both the Rogue Invitational and Mayhem Desert Heat.

Black Rifle Coffee Company teased plans to launch four in-person coffee shops by the end of 2021 in Utah, Florida, and two in Texas, with two dozen more by the end of 2022 (no link).

PRVN cleans up the Battle of the Barbells competition hosted at CrossFit Hendersonville. Sydney Wells, John Coltey, Streat Hoerner and Nicole Gibson-Burke cashed in the $4,000 first-place prize purse.

  Opinion: Can Eric Roza and CrossFit Achieve its Ambitious China Domination Plan in a New Age of US Geopolitics and COVID-19 Ideology? 

Opinion: Can Eric Roza and CrossFit Achieve its Ambitious China Domination Plan in a New Age of US Geopolitics and COVID-19 Ideology?

As CrossFit kicks off its world domination push under new CEO Eric Roza, who just completed a European tour, the sport will undoubtedly find itself in an uphill battle in one region moving forward: Asia.

Roza’s post-pandemic landscape looks rosy in a number of emerging and Westernized regions, but Asia’s differing strategy when it comes to Covid-19 may prove a serious hurdle. China, which has been pegged by Roza and company as a vast, untapped market, finds itself stuck with its “zero Covid-19” strategy, enduring lockdowns after lockdowns, trying to chase variants out of the country with a vaccine proven to have low efficacy in Sinovac.

In an interview with the Hong Kong-based newspaper, the South China Morning Post in early 2021 before the pandemic hit, Roza threw out an ambitious number: 20,000 boxes in 20 years in China, up from under 100 currently.

China desperately needs its citizens to embrace fitness as well as it encounters a demographic wave like no other, in which a once youthful population ages into retirement with little in terms of replacements. This has been compounded by an obesity epidemic in the country, which in turn has led Chinese Communist Party president Xi Jinping to place a growing emphasis on sport and healthy living, an entirely new concept for the once insular Eastern empire.

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  • Congratulations to Patrick Vellner and Michelle, who officially tied to knot this weekend.
  • Congratulations to teen athlete Eliana Price on your first bar muscle-up.
  • 15-year-old Olivia Kerstetter, winner of the CrossFit Games 14-15 division, hits a 250 pound/113kg overhead squat.
  • 16-year-old Sophie Shaft, 5th in the girls 16-17 division, snatches 185 pounds/84kg.
  • Congratulations Tom Bedwell on the lifetime back squat PR of 308 pounds/140kg.

🤯🤯🤯 Unclear, but we can’t stop watching.

CrossFit Obsession in Gilbert, AZ is hosting a fundraiser WOD to help support head coach Natasha who was recently diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form of breast cancer.

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