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Roberts, Porter, and Butchers Lab Conquer Pandaland

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Oxygenated water is a controversial thing. Many claim it has no benefits over mere tap water. That there’s no science behind ingested oxygen.

Meanwhile, some oxygen water companies claim their product to be an elixir — a potent magical drink that enhances exercise performance beyond your wildest dreams.

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The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity. The optimist sees opportunity in every difficulty.” — Winston Churchill

Roberts, Porter, and Butchers Lab Conquer Pandaland, Book Trip To The Games


There are three fewer invites available to the 2020 Reebok CrossFit Games, as the inaugural Pandaland CrossFit Championship crowned it’s champions Sunday at the Shuangliu Sports Center in Chengdu, China. The city at the heart of China’s Sichuan Province is known for cuisine and brought plenty of spice factor on the final day of competition as individuals and teams took on two polar opposite workouts to end the weekend.


Team Butcher’s Lab came into the day with the overall lead but there wasn’t much breathing room between them, The Athlete Program, and CrossFit Tirius. After closing day 1 with back to back wins, the team from Denmark made it three in a row by blasting the 300 pistol buy-in before out-lifting the rest of the team field in the max clean and jerk that followed. Heading into the finale, they needed a 4th place finish or better to seal the deal and book their trip to the Games.

They wouldn’t need that much slack in the finale however, as they ripped off massive sets of toes-to-bar, pull-ups, and bar muscle ups to close the competition with four straight workout wins. Their lone blemish came in the form of a 3rd place finish in the first workout of the weekend, but they quickly regrouped and were flawless the rest of the way. The Copenhagen based team now has another long fitness trip in their future as they leave China with a playdate in Madison in their back pocket.


Harriet Roberts capped off an impressive performance by staying perfect on Sunday, winning both workouts handily and remaining near perfect on the weekend. The first event of the day was a 1 rep max snatch in five minutes with a 50 bar-facing burpee buy-in. Roberts was the third in her heat to finish the burpees, but once the weight started flying she jumped right back to the front. She made all her lifts to give her the win and a commanding leading going into the last workout. The finale played out much like a victory lap for Roberts, who led from the front and cruised her way to her fourth consecutive event win.

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Shadburne, Shaw and Odd Squad Rise to the Top in Buenos Aires


The final day of competition at the SouthFit CrossFit Challenge was action-packed and full of drama as both the team and men’s individual winners were decided in the final event. On the women’s side a familiar face punched her ticket to the 2020 Games.


Team Odd Squad carried their day 2 dominance into the final day of competition as they once again swept the final three events to secure their invite to the 2020 Games. The team of Alexis Johnson, Emily Tanner, Jordan Cook and Brandon Luckett finished just ahead of Argentinian team Q21 by 26 seconds to claim the event win. The leaders heading into day 3, Invictus, placed third, knocking them out of the top spot.

In event 6, Odd Squad and Invictus battled back and forth in an action-packed workout that featured thrusters and touch-and-go rope climbs. Odd Squad grabbed the event win finishing four seconds ahead of Invictus. Q21 placed third with their fifth top-three finish of the weekend.

Five rounds of ten worm cleans awaited the teams in the final event. Odd Squad just needed to finish ahead of Invictus to claim the Sanctional victory and Games invitation. Any pressure the team felt was quickly put to rest as they jumped out to an early lead and coasted to their seventh-straight event victory. Team Colombia finished second, over a minute behind Odd Squad, followed by Invictus.

Overall, Odd Squad finished 20 points ahead of Invictus. Q21 placed third followed by Team Colombia in fourth. Warning Team rounded out the top five teams.

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WATCH:Jacob Heppner on Qualifying Through The Open
Jacob Heppner sat down with Morning Chalk Up’s Tommy Marquez at CrossFit Tianfu in Chengdu, China to catch up after unofficially qualifying through the Open and why he decided to still compete in China.


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The Science Behind Oxygenated Water

Oxygenated water is a controversial thing. Many claim it has no benefits over mere tap water. That there’s no science behind ingested oxygen.

Meanwhile, some oxygen water companies claim their product to be an elixir — a potent magical drink that enhances exercise performance beyond your wildest dreams.

We explore the science behind oxygenated water and what it does, or doesn’t do, in our latest blog post in The Recovery Zone. Check it out here.

Chalk Up Community

  • FIRST RESPONDER THANK YOU — On Saturday, December 14 CrossFit Arise in Windsor, CA is hosting an event to thank their community and local first responders for their incredible work during the recent Kincaid fires. There will be a WOD, followed by a potluck. All are welcome.
  • REDEMPTION ROAD FUNDRAISER IN PRISON — On December 14, Redemption Road CrossFit Program will hold the first CrossFit competition inside a prison. With 25 ‘outsiders’ and 5 Correctional Officers teamed up with 30 ‘insiders’ from the Limon prison in CO, the funds raised will go towards a new gym for staff and Correctional Officers.

CHALK UP IN 2 MINUTES (a highlight reel around social media of CrossFit pros and average joes)

Happy birthday Katie FerraroHappy birthday Matt Banwart • Mat Fraser signed someone’s arm for their first tattooChris Oerman gets his first muscle-upTara Fox cleans 145 poundsElaine Tsay benches 180 pounds for a PR • Krasi Petkov gets a rope climb on day one of CrossFit • Frank Wood back squats 300 pounds for 4 X 8.

…and introducing Mat Fraser, Nike Intern of the Decade, obviously.

Mark Your Calendars — The official dates of the 2020 CrossFit Games were announced and this year it’s a week long festival, lasting from  Monday, July 27 through Sunday, August 2.

Madrid CrossFit Championship Announces Teams Prize Purse — The Madrid CrossFit Championship upped the Sanctional ante last week when they announced their hefty Elite Teams prize purse.

Elite Teams Prize Purse:
— First:
 € 90,000
— Second: € 40,000
— Third: € 25,000
— Fourth: € 10,000
— Fifth: € 8,000

Rogue Invitational Roster is Stacking Up — The Rogue Invitational has been busy getting Individual and Legend invitations out there.

For Rogue Invitational: Cole SagerBrooke WellsSaxon PanchikMatt McleodKristin Holte and Jacob Heppner.

For Rogue Legends: Julie Foucher-Urcuyo and Graham Holmberg.

Confirmed for Dubai CrossFit Championship — Over the weekend, MisFit M10 Performance was confirmed for the Dubai CrossFit Championship. The team consists of Travis Williams, Roy Gamboa, Andrea Nisler, and Taylor Williamson.

Also confirmed to the team roster is Team Prepared with Phil Hesketh, Alexander Elebro, Mia Hesketh and Emilia Leppänen.

Wodapalooza Team Online Challenge and Qualifier — The 2020 WZA Team Online Challenge and Qualifier has started. It’s not too late to register your team for a chance to compete in Miami. Athletes have until December 16 to register and enter their scores. 


“From Games Athlete to Teacher – And How One School Is Using CrossFit To Support Its Kids,” by Niki Brazier, Morning Chalk Up 

There’s a high school in Ontario, Canada where kids are putting down their handheld video games, silencing their cell phones, and setting aside their differences during their lunch breaks. Each day, several of the 12-18-year-olds clammer into CrossFit Gage — the affiliate inside their custom-built high school fitness room — to partake in a lunchtime WOD. At the head of the class, is a world-renowned athlete; a national champion in taekwondo and hockey champion, a five-time CrossFit regionals athlete, and a Games competitor: Carolyne Prevost.

But to these kids, Prevost holds a different title: She’s a full-time French teacher at the Gaetan-Gervais school in Oakville, and she’s the driving force behind the CrossFit program that she runs for both the students and the teachers. It didn’t happen overnight, but after several years of work building her ideal program – Prevost can now proudly say the registered affiliate is thriving with five classes per week and a solid 10-15 students per class.

Here’s how she got it all started:

For the first three years of her teaching career, there was no fitness room in her school. But she had already planted the seed with her school’s leadership, and once they moved into a new building she was given carte blanche to design and outfit a room specifically for a functional fitness program.
“I immediately reached out to my CrossFit coach Paul McIntyre,” Prevost said. “We sat down and talked about how we could maximize the small space given for the fitness room. Let’s just say, I wish I could have had this gym when I was back in high school!”


12/11 – 12/14: Dubai CrossFit Championship (Dubai, UAE)
12/14: Syndicate Vault (Columbia, MD)
12/14: Inaugural 2019 Redemption Road Invitational (Limon, CO)
12/15: Strong New York (New York, NY)
12/18: 2nd Über Belles and Balls (Bandera, TX)
11/11: Unbroken Ocala (Ocala, Fl)

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