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Rogue Invitational Cancels Teams and Legends Events

Morning Chalk Up

April 22

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Good morning and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up. Sally Salazar was on a mission — lose 100 pounds — and then COVID-19 happened, check out her story below. And, CrossFit has given many teen athletes a leg up in college, our teen reporter, Ava Kitzi has more. Today:

  • Sally Salazar hits her goal.
  • The Rogue Invitational cancels the team and legends divisions.
  • CrossFit teens take on the university life. 

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100 Pound Weight Loss Goal Executed in Lockdown

 100 Pound Weight Loss Goal Executed in Lockdown 

When her gym closed in March due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Sally Salazar had a decision to make.

“Workout a lot or get fat,” said the 33-year-old Salazar, who has been training at CrossFit 808 in Oahu since she moved to Hawaii with her husband and son one year ago.

  • “It was just like this moment, where I realized my accountability system wasn’t going to be there and I’d be spending a ton of time at home. And my husband left (with the Navy) right when we were locked down, so there’d be nobody to say, ‘Get up. Did you go to class? How did class go?’” she said.
  • “It was an opportunity to test my determination,” she added.

Salazar passed the test: Since being locked down at home, she has been working out every day, has stuck to her dialed in diet, and has managed to shed the last few pounds she needed to hit  her 100-pound weight loss goal. At five-foot-four, Salazar just weighed in at 155 pounds, down a full 100 pounds from her starting point of 255 pounds three years ago.

The cruise that launched her CrossFit journey: Three years ago, while living in South Carolina, Salazar and her family went on a cruise.

  • “I was infamous for never wanting to take pictures of myself, especially full-body pictures. But they kind of force you to take those pictures on the cruise. You know, like the group picture when you first get there, and the sassy dinner dress-up pictures,” she said.
  • “When I saw the sassy dinner dress-up picture, I was really quite large. My dad was pushing 400 pounds, and I didn’t look that much smaller than him. It really forced me to face it. It was a huge reality check.”

Salazar returned from the cruise and signed up for Gold’s gym, but soon found herself frustrated, as she wasn’t sure what to do at the gym, and she had nobody to hold her accountable, she explained.


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Rogue Invitational Cancels Teams and Legends Events

 Rogue Invitational Cancels Teams and Legends Events 

In a move that wasn’t a matter of “if” but “when,” the Rogue Invitational sent an email out to confirmed athletes in the Team and Legends divisions, informing them that they were canceling those events.

The bottom line: The email stated that “due to logistical and technical challenges that come with the online competition” and the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, event organizers decided to cancel the competition for both of those groups.

  • With social distancing restrictions, gym closures, the amount and type of equipment needed to hold an online team competition, the cards were definitely stacked against those athletes.
  • The writing was on the wall nearly a month ago when the Rogue Invitational announced that their competition would be held online.
  • Last May, the Rogue Invitational hosted a stacked field of some of the top teams from the 2018 Games and 2019 Sanctional season in their inaugural year.
  • This season, teams included the two-time defending CrossFit Games team champion Mayhem Freedom, 2019 podium finisher CrossFit Invictus, OC3 Black, the Central Beasts, Team Don’t Stop, Pro1 Montreal, Team JST Compete and Team Prepared.
  • Last year Rogue introduced the Legends division, which featured past Games champions and pioneers of the sport, allowing those athletes a chance to compete in front of a large crowd once again. Due to its popularity amongst those athletes and fans it was brought back and this year’s field included past Games champions Kris Clever, Camille Leblanc-Bazinet, Tanya Wagner, Graham Holmberg and Mikko Salo.
  • Other confirmed Legends included Christy Adkins, Margaux Alvarez, Julie Foucher-Urcuyo, Annie Sakamoto, Stacie Tovar, Becca Voigt, Dan Bailey, Josh Bridges, Matt Chan, Josh Everett, Tommy Hackenbruck and Chris Spealler.
  • In an email to athletes competing in the individual competition, Rogue is still working out the final details and logistics to throw the online competition on June13-14.
  • Rogue also stated in the email that they were working on bringing those divisions and the competition back to Columbus, OH in 2021.

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How CrossFit Prepares Elite Teen Athletes for College

 How CrossFit Prepares Elite Teen Athletes for College 

Not every elite CrossFit teen athlete you see at the top of the Open leaderboard is going to be the next Rich Froning. However, as National College Decision Day rolls around again in the United States and rising college freshmen announce where they’ll be starting their adult lives, many CrossFit Games teen athletes seem to have impressed the college admissions staff around the country.

Everyone who’s done “Murph” can vouch for the tenacious spirit CrossFit instills. For these elite teens that gave up a “regular” high school experience and sold their souls for a trip to Madison, this holds true. Two-time Games athlete and current Marine Corps Officer Candidate Shelby Neal has seen this anecdote turn to reality.

  • “I didn’t feel like myself at (Officer Candidate School),” Neal admitted. She went straight to OCS training after graduating high school, jumping in the deep end without any knowledge of what she was getting herself into. Neal says CrossFit has helped her mentality in her training for the Marines.
  • I had to remind myself that all that matters, right now, at this moment for me is completing this 6 weeks. I don’t have to be the best. I came wildly unprepared.”

Current high school senior and two-time Games athlete Rylie Krahn developed the same mental fortitude as Neal during her competitive years but fell out of love with CrossFit halfway through her third Open.

  • If I could give other teens any advice at all it would be to maintain balance in their lives. I feel like I lost some of that balance during my years of training, and realized that having balance makes you a better athlete and a better person overall,” Krahn explained.

However, Krahn’s departure from her CrossFit home of Snake River CrossFit made way for her new favorite sport: track and field. Krahn joined her high school’s track team midway through the season, where she found rapid success and quickly amassed the attention of college scouts. Less than a year later, with only six meets under her belt, Krahn secured a place on Northwest Nazarene University’s track and field team.




Dan Bailey is Farm Strong

Check out Dan Bailey as he hits this odd object workout with sandbag cleans over-the-shoulder and strict pull-ups. And, stay tuned after for scaling and modification options as well as some tips and coaching from Dan.

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Congratulations to James R., who was the first to correctly answer how many individual Games events have been held at the Ranch in Aromas, CA. The correct answer is 18.

  • Today’s question: Which male AND female athlete won the most Regionals as an individual?

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Community Roundup

Here are some fundraisers and an honor WOD happening around the CrossFit community:

  • P10 Performance #Turnoutburpeechallenge: P10 Performance has partnered with the First Responders Children’s Foundation to start the Burpee Turnout Challenge. 100% of the proceeds will go directly to families who have had someone lose their lives or were injured in the line of duty. This First Responders Children’s Foundation provides financial aid and support to families in need and provides children with a safe place to learn and grow while their parents work. They also provide money for children’s education and scholarships to see them succeed long-term. Learn more and check Roy Gamboa‘s attempt at the challenge.
  • Evan Massey Raises Funds for Marin County Food Bank: A coach at Marin Heavy Athletics, and previously a CrossFit Regionals athlete, Evan Massey held a fundraiser for the Marin County Food Bank and completed two rounds of Cindy and a 19 calorie row every hour for 24 hours. He raised $3,200, all of which is being donated to the food bank.
  • Honor WOD to Commemorate the 25th Anniversary of the Oklahoma City Bombing: A CrossFitter named Raymond Stroud, a member of CrossFit RUK, who was employed in the A.P. Murrah Federal Building but was not there on April 19, 1995, the day of the bombing, created an honor WOD for his friends and co-workers who lost their lives that day.
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