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RxMindset Copies Third Barbell Physio Program

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RxMindset Copies Third Barbell Physio Program


Over the weekend, RxMindset posted another The Barbell Physio program — Strict Muscle-Up Program — reselling it without permission. Morning Chalk Up also confirmed that Catalyst Athletics programs and photographers’ images have also been used without permission.

Despite the investigation that brought this story to light, it appears RxMindset has not been deterred.

Though the program was removed Monday after Morning Chalk Up contacted Mr. Hernandez again about the program, we reviewed and confirmed that RxMindset’s Strict Muscle-Up Program matches The Barbell Physio’s. The $20 downloadable PDF also links directly to co-creator’s Dr. Zach Long and Pamela Gagnon’s YouTube video instructions.

“How he can own a CrossFit Affiliate and steal from his own community is just disgusting and outrageous,” said Pamela Gagnon, co-creator of The Barbell Physio’s training programs.

Mr. Hernandez, who also coaches at Pacifico CrossFit, said he was unaware the programs belonged to another company.

“I purchased the programs from a 3rd party for resale recently. Had no idea they were someone else’s,” Mr. Hernandez said in an email. “I have and had no intention on stealing.”

The third party Mr. Hernandez referenced is called The_wod_rxd.

“They seem to have disappeared from social media,” Mr. Hernandez told us.

An Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Google search could find no results or indication this page or company ever existed. This story was postponed more than two days to give Mr. Hernandez an opportunity to produce corroborating receipts which he said he was unable to do or provide any kind of email confirmation.

This also doesn’t explain why The Barbell Physio and Catalyst Athletics were blocked by RxMindset’s Instagram if the programs were purchased from a third party source.

Barbell Physio not the first

The Barbell Physio wasn’t the first to be stolen from. A Catalyst Athletics 5-Week Squat Pump program, developed by renowned weightlifting coach Greg Everett, was noticed as being stolen back on June 18.

“[I] contacted him via [Instagram] and offered to let him resolve it privately. No response and blocked me. No response to a few emails either,” Everett told us.

Everett confirmed that this program and his American Open 12-Week Cycle were both copied.

We received several other emails indicating that RxMindset has also used photographer’s images without permission to promote their brand but the RxMindset Instagram has undergone a makeover.

Saved by the Barbell Fundraiser Back for Second Year


The CrossFit Foundation’s Saved by the Barbell is back for another year of fitness and fundraising. The second annual summer fundraiser raises money to support school teachers, students, parents and fun CrossFit programs in school and communities across the country.

What is Saved by the Barbell?

Saved by the Barbell is an annual Labor Day fundraiser workout hosted at participating CrossFit affiliates around the world. All proceeds from the workout support school teachers, students, parents, coaches, trainers, and administrators who are doing the hard work of building CrossFit programs in their schools and communities.

Last year, over 250 CrossFit affiliates participated in the inaugural event and the fundraiser hauled in more than $95,000.

How was the money used?

The money went into a fund within the CrossFit Foundation, to which individual schools and districts apply for support. Typical school start-up grants (basic equipment funds and L1s/Kids scholarships) run between $5,000 and $10,000, and CrossFit also gives out a few dozen independent teacher scholarships throughout the year.

By the end of 2019, about 30 school programs, in addition to independent scholarships, will have been funded in 2019 using funds raised by Saved by the Barbell, contributions from CrossFit, Inc. and partnerships with other foundations.

Goals for this year?

This year, they’re looking to double registration to 500 participating affiliates.

“The funds we raise together through this event not only give thousands of kids around the world the chance to participate in a program that will set them on a path of lifelong fitness, but also connect those kids to a community that encourages them to try their utmost, to lift up others around them, and to be confident in their physical abilities without emphasis on how they look or what group or clique they belong to– everyone who has benefited from walking into a CrossFit box wants those same opportunities for the kids in their lives,” Olivia Leonard, Executive Director of the CrossFit Foundation, wrote to Morning Chalk Up in an email.

If you’d like to participate as an affiliate, email [email protected] to be added to the list of host affiliates, commit to running the Saved by the Barbell WOD in your classes on Saturday, August 31, and encourage the members of your community to register for the event. Or register as an individual for the event.

Registration is $35 and includes a T-shirt and access to the worldwide CrossFitbtwb leaderboard.

Things To…


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Today’s edition of the Morning Chalk Up is powered by

Chalk Up Community

  • AED FUNDRAISER — On August 3, CrossFit Excess in Vandalia, OH is holding the 4th annual fundraiser for AEDs in honor of Dale Cornett, who passed away from a heart attack in 2016. The box will hold an in-house partner workout called “Dale” to raise enough money to buy and donate an AED to another CrossFit gym.
  • THE SOUTHWEST CHAMPIONSHIPS — The Southwest Championships is an elite and amateur fitness event, modeled after Regionals, that benefits the TCM Foundation Inc., a non-profit organization who’s mission is to resolve some of the issues that are involved in dealing with chronic disease. This two-day event takes place August 30 – 31 at UCCU Events Center Arena in Orem, UT.
  • BACKYARD BRAWL — CrossFit Elation is hosting the third annual Red Raider Backyard Brawl on Sunday, August 18 in Coatesville, PA. Proceeds will benefit Coatesville Football. There will also be vendors and food trucks.
  • VETWOD 2019 — The second annual VETWOD, an online-only functional fitness competition, will take place September 1- 21, with one workout per week. Proceeds benefit GallantFew, an organization that fights to ease the transition from active duty to civilian life.

CHALK UP IN 2 MINUTES (a highlight reel around social media of CrossFit pros and average joes)

Spencer Moorman deadlifts 260 pounds for three • Barrett Wherry power cleans 245 poundsAdrian Conway snatches 265 poundsSam Dancer does a 305 pound thruster • Tommy Marquez deadlifts 503 pounds • Tia-Clair Toomey is giving away a head-to-toe NOBULL package • Christine Bald back squats 190 poundsSeamus Keating push presses 155 pounds for 8 reps.

…and if you don’t shop like this, are you even shopping?

Games Watch:

— Brazil CrossFit Championship will provide Portuguese commentary

— Morning Chalk Up will be providing English commentary and play-by-play. 

— WIT is now an official sponsor of the CrossFit Games. 

Hear Katrin Davidsdottir Read From Her New Book — On Monday, August 5, Katrin Davidsdottir will read from her book, Dottir; My Journey to Becoming a Two-Time CrossFit Games Champion at A Room of One’s Own in Madison, WI. 

Lindy Barber’s Five Favorite Fitness Tips — Games athlete Lindy Barber recently shared five of her favorite fitness tips on her blog.

— “Sleeping recharges your entire body including your brain, muscles, organs, sass, everything. Five hours a night is not enough. Your body needs at least 7-8 hours each night. If you are unable to get consistent sleep then that should be your first priority, above everything else. All fitness will be harder with inadequate sleep.”

A Weekend of Podium Finishes — Fourteen-year-old Emma Lawson competed at the UG Series recently as both an individual and also on a team and podiumed in both divisions. She placed third as an RX Individual and her team came in first. 

— Lawson also took second place in her division in Wodapalooza earlier this year, as well as qualified for the 2019 CrossFit Games through the AGOQ.


“Survival of the Fittest,” an Op-Ed by Adrian Conway, Morning Chalk Up 

Please make this the title of event 1! Am I right? If you haven’t seen the way the cutting structure will work once the Games get rolling, here it is:

Event 1: 150 to 75
Event 2: 75 to 50
Event 3: 50-40
Event 4: 40-30
Event 5: 30-20
Event 6: 20-10

Then we advance forward with the top 10 for the remaining events and we are not quite sure how many that will be.

Some of you will be up in arms about this as spectators as if your opinion matters (shakes head at you). And there will even be some competitors that won’t like the idea of such a large cut and so soon. Dave Castro doesn’t care about your feelings in case you didn’t already know that. This year the CrossFit Games has hit us with all kinds of “change” and this is just another one to add to the long list. While it does seem crazy that only half the field will get a shot at more than 1 workout, I freaking love this!

You can’t show up with ANY holes in your fitness. In years past we’ve seen athletes toward the top of the podium and literally even crowned champion with as low of finishes as 37th place. With a larger field and an even more diverse skill set when it comes to measurable fitness those kinds of finishes will send you home early, “Bye Felicia”.


7/19: OUTWOD Las Vegas CrossFit Social City (Las Vegas, NV)
7/19 – 7/20: The 2nd Annual 24 Hour Kettlebell Challenge (Chino, CA)
7/20: OUTWOD Twin Falls The Pack CrossFit (Twin Falls, ID)
7/20: OUTWOD Chicago PXM CrossFit (Chicago, IL)
7/20: The CFB Gymkhana (Burlington, VT)
7/20: Masters Mayhem (Kilgore, TX)
7/20: Belmar Beatdown (Belmar, NJ)
7/20: Battle at the Falls (Granite Falls, NC)
7/20: Old Timers Classic (Williamsburg, VA)
7/20: Hero Games 2019 (Bedford, VA)
7/20: 2019 McCall Throwdown (McCall, ID)
7/20: RX’Mas in July 2019 (Urbana, OH)
7/20: Sacred Pine Invitational (Ladson, SC)
7/20: Barbells for Bullies Denver (Denver, CO)
7/20: Shoofly Lift Off (Fuquay Varina, NC)
7/20: Coffland Hero Challenge at CrossFit Mt. Hood (Gresham, OR)
7/20 Rookie Rumble at CrossFit SOAR (Hawthorne, NJ)
7/20 – 7/21: Battle of the Barbells (Nashville, TN)
7/21: The Buckeye Games (Medina, OH)
7/21: Coffland Hero Challenge at Rough House CrossFit (Bridgeport, CT)
7/26 – 7/28: CanWest Games (Coquitlam, BC)
7/27: The Mountain Meltdown (Arapahoe Basin, CO)
7/27: 7th annual Dog Days of Summer Competition (Roswell, GA)
7/27: The CF Summer Circus (Des Moines, IA)
7/27: 2019 Summer Meltdown (Birmingham, AL)
7/27: Masters Tour (Travelers Rest, SC)
7/27: The WoDer Games (Ontario, Canada)
7/27: Girls Gone RX Waco (Waco, TX)
7/27: Rock the Ages at CrossFit Templum (Carrollton, TX)
7/27: The Meshugge Melee (Overland Park, KS)
7/27: All Gave Some, Some Gave All (Whitesboro, NY)
7/27: EVF “Stronger Together” Challenge (New York, NY)
7/27: X’s and Y’s (Lilburn, GA)
8/2: Pirate Supporters Friday Night Light Kick Off (Lefors, TX)
8/3: OUTWOD Kansas City at CrossFit FIF (Kansas City, MO)
8/3: War of the WODs Summer Series (Greensboro, NC)
8/3: Riverport Rumble (Louisville, KY)
8/3: 31 Heroes (Norfolk,VA)
8/3: G’Town Throwdown – Chapter 3 (Georgetown, MA)
8/3: Brawl in the Burbs (Bridgeport, PA)
8/10: CFE’s Sugar & Spice Co-Ed Partner Competition (Burlington, MA)
8/10: Best of the Midwest Team Series at CrossFit 9 Degrees (Brownsburg, IN)
8/10: OUTWOD Charlotte at Silver Wolf CrossFit (Charlotte, NC) 
8/10: OUTWOD Phoenixville at CrossFit Lock 60 (Phoenixville, PA)
8/10: Sparrow Classic 2 Scaled Partner Competition (Pearland, TX)
8/10: Summer Battleground 2019 (Farmingdale, NY)
8/10: Goddess Games (Charlotte, NC)
8/10 – 8/11: No Surrender Survival Games (Wooster, OH)
8/11: The Rise of The Resilient (Hopkinton, MA)
8/16: OUTWOD Charlotte (Charlotte, NC)
8/16 – 8/17: WodFest 2019 (Joplin, MO)
8/17: Fittest in the Fork (Ft. Sill, OK)
8/17: Barbells For Bullies at CrossFit QDA (Buffalo, NY)
8/17: CrossFit Sua Sponte’s Summer Slam (Raleigh, NC)
8/17: The Fossil Games (Denver, CO)
8/17: Warhorse Games KC (Kansas City, KS)
8/17: CrossFit Shatter Summer Slam (Albany, NY)
8/18: Red Raider Backyard Brawl III (Coatesville, PA)

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