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RxMindset Removes Copycat Program After Cease and Desist

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“Make sure your own worst enemy doesn’t live between your own two ears.”  — Laird Hamilton

RxMindset Removes Copycat Program After Cease and Desist


On June 27, an Instagram follower messaged The Barbell Physio director Dr. Zachary Long with a curious message: “Do you also run rxmindset? They seem to be reposting some of your content and their programs looked a bit similar.”

Long and co-owner Pamela Gagnon, who is also head coach of The Gymnastics Course, began investigating a potential copycat program but were unable to find RxMindset on Instagram.

“When I tried looking them up via my Instagram TheBarbellPhysio I could not find them but could from the other accounts I ran,” Long told us.

This is usually a sign that a user has blocked you from viewing their content or even showing up in an Instagram search. However, when Barbell Physio staff were able to purchase the two questionable programs they noticed nearly identical programs being resold on RxMindset’s website.

The Morning Chalk Up was granted access to both programs in order to verify this.

After obtaining what Barbell Physio determined was sufficient evidence they sent a cease and desist letter to Richard Hernandez, who’s position at the company is unclear but is listed as associated via Instagram, demanding that all materials be removed from RxMindset by July 10, 2019. Morning Chalk Up can confirm that RxMindset has removed both programs — The First Pull-Up Program and Overhead Squat Overhaul — and their Instagram has been overhauled to remove any reposted videos of either Long or Gagnon.

Morning Chalk Up reached out to Hernandez for explanation about the duplicate programs but received no reply.

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Media Misreports CrossFit Affiliate Growth Down 2.4%


Yesterday, an Instagram post caught our attention. Heatonminded reported that CrossFit affiliates worldwide declined 1.2% and that North American boxes declined 3.2% so far this year. 

The post, which mirrors numbers reported on the CrossFit Subreddit, cites CrossFit.com’s affiliate list as the source, but CrossFit HQ says these stats are inaccurate. 

CrossFit’s CEO Jeff Cain said in a statement: 

“Year over year, worldwide CrossFit affiliate growth is strong, with the total number of CrossFit affiliates hitting a new high in July of 15,200. Social media posts claiming a decline in CrossFit affiliates are false. The truth: There are more people today increasing their work capacity across broad time and modal domains in more CrossFit affiliates in more cities and in more countries around the globe than ever before. 

“The online CrossFit affiliate map includes only commercial affiliates. While the online CrossFit affiliate list and affiliate column at CrossFit.com include commercial, military, LEO, fire, school, hospital, and non-commercial affiliates, affiliates without a serviceable website for linking are not included in the online lists. There has never been a better time to become a CrossFit affiliate.”

Twice we’ve analyzed and reported on the overall affiliate numbers and international growth specifically, a painstaking process which required reviewing tax records, information on business filings and CrossFit.com’s own reporting. Given the extent of that task, we will wait to do our analysis at the end of 2019.

Reporting on numbers like these can also be difficult. Morning Chalk Up itself has made mistakes when analyzing Open registration figures for the March 2019 CrossFit Open. 


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WATCH: Jacob Heppner Responds to Affiliate Dress Code
Jacob Heppner made a quick video to offer his response to the dress code policy instituted at Eleventh Element CrossFit, his experience with other affiliates that have dress code policies, and how he views the relationship between the affiliate owner and the gym members.


HEAR: Power Couple Mark and Andee Bell with Jason Khalipa
Jason Khalipa welcomes guests Mark and Andee Bell, inventors of the Slingshot, to discuss how to start your own company, what consistency, attention to detail, and trust in the process can do for your business, and how to capitalize on your strengths.


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  • SCHOOL SUPPLY DRIVE — CrossFit Wachusett in Fitchburg, MA is collecting back to school supplies for Fostering Change, a nonprofit that aims to provide 200 backpacks stuffed with school supplies to area foster children through their annual Supplies for Success program.
  • CROSSFIT BOX IN HISTORIC BUILDING — PXM CrossFit in Chicago, IL is open for business. Owners Ben Owen, Lamont Lynn and Senad Drpljanin opened the box in a historic building, inaccurately rumored to be Charlie Chaplin’s studio, in March of 2018.
  • PERFORMANCE SEMINAR FOR FIRST RESPONDERS — Performance First US is holding a Performance Seminar for First Responders on August 20 – 22 at CrossFit Chesapeake in Chesapeake, VA for police, fire and military. 
  • MEMORIAL FOR FALLEN OFFICER — Warriorz Fitness is hosting a fundraiser WOD for fallen Sacramento police officer Tara O’Sullivan on Saturday, July 13. All funds received will go to the Officer Tara O’Sullivan Memorial Fund.

CHALK UP IN 2 MINUTES (a highlight reel around social media of CrossFit pros and average joes)

Sam Briggs is practicing her sprints Tyler Tosunian does three overhead squats at 305 poundsBen Bergeron warms up with son BodeEhea Schuerch has partnered with Xendurance Lacy Baumgart gets a 200 pound clean and jerk at five months postpartum • Edward deadlifts 615 pounds at CrossFit JääkarhuMia Akerlund gets a 286 pounds split jerk • Lauren Smith overhead squats 154 pounds for a PR • Congratulations to Cal Strength athletes Nicole Lim and Robert Blackwell on their engagementwodndone is hosting a giveaway with Chestee, RP, Ascent Protein, Junk Headbands and more to celebrate hitting 50,000 followers • Alexandra LaChance clean and jerks 264 pounds

…and Camilla Salomonsson Hellman shows that CrossFit helps you be a more entertaining aunt. 

Fueling for Competition Days — If you have a competition coming up, what you eat before and during the competition can make a difference. Fuel Your Fitness breaks down competition day fuel for you.

— “Contrary to popular belief, we’re not actually fueling for our workouts the day of. In fact, glycogen stores take 24-36 hours to synthesize so what matters more is what you’re eating the days BEFORE your competition.”

BIRTHFIT Prenatal Swim Program — The BIRTHFIT Prenatal Swim Program has launched. BIRTHFIT Prenatal Swim is designed to bring you all of the benefits of training with BIRTHFIT into the water. Designed to support a pregnant body in the water, the course contains 20 weeks of programming with three training days per week.

Managing Your Blood Sugar During a Workout — Writing for Diabetes DailyAllison Caggia outlines five ways that diabetics can manage their blood sugar during a WOD.

— “I am so very grateful for a coach who not only is prepared, but who also had a type 1 father, so he truly understands this disease. I appreciate him for trusting that I know my body and letting me continue…

— “No one likes to leave a workout half-finished. And no one likes diabetes to be the reason!”

Jessica Borg Ghigo on Representing Malta in Madison — CompTrain highlighted athlete Jessica Borg Ghigo, national champion of Malta.

— “The 35 year-old pharmacist nearly swept the Open in Malta, finishing 1st in four of the five Open workouts.⁠

⁠– “I’m looking forward to carrying the Maltese flag along with my fellow athletes, the Games workouts and meeting the world famous athletes who I admire a lot.”⁠

Mahendra Arditirta on Going to the Games —  Mahendra Arditirta is Indonesia’s top male finisher in the 2019 CrossFit Open and is headed to Madison at the end of the month. He shared his story with the South China Morning Post, including how he found CrossFit and how he feels about competing at the Games.

— “I don’t know many people who are full-time athletes…So it will be eye-opening.”


“The Showdown of the Super Teams,” by Brittney Kleyn, Morning Chalk Up 

The shakeup to the system as we know it has seen the roster for the 2019 CrossFit Games stacked with so-called “super teams.” The Teams competition – once described by commentators as a “controlled riot” – one could argue is now set to rival the main event.

But first: Invictus Boston just announced they’ve tapped Kaitlyn Kassis to replace Meg Reardon who will take her individual invite instead. Kassis competed on Invictus X’s Games team last year.

Invictus Boston in a statement to Morning Chalk Up: “Invictus Boston is excited to announce that the newest addition to their team will be Invictus Athlete Kaitlyn Kassis. Kaitlyn has been in the Invictus family for a long time and took second place at the Games with Invictus X last year. Invictus Boston is looking forward to the Games and continuing showing the world that they are a dominant force despite the changes to this season.”

The set list is now set in stone. If you struggled to keep up with team reshuffles throughout Sanctionals, you’re not alone. The line-ups are now finalized and this is how the top 14 teams will take to the field.

Invictus: Qualified at Dubai CrossFit Championship — Rasmus Andersen, Tommy Vinas, Lauren Fisher, and Regan Huckaby (Alternates Mitch Wagner and Jenn Ryan).

CrossFit Krypton: Qualified at Wodapalooza — Alec Smith, Cody Mooney, Jessica Griffith, and Camille Leblanc-Bazinet (Alternate Adam Klink).

Project X: Qualified at Australian CrossFit Championship — Khan Porter, Brandon Swan, Jessica Coughlan, and Harriet Roberts (Alternates Matthew Reilly and Justine Beath).

CrossFit Vondelgym: Qualified at Fittest in Cape Town — Jeremy Reijnders, Sven Verheul, Sigrid Koolhaas, Nienke van Overveld (Alternates Daniel Colpo and Linda Keesman).


7/12: OUTWOD San Diego Crossfit Invictus (San Diego, CA)
7/13: Warrior Affiliate League Barbellas (Anaheim, CA)
7/13: Wods For A Cause Nova Scotia (Bedford, Nova Scotia)
7/13: The Mountain Meltdown Wilmot (Wilmot Mountain, WI)
7/13: Battle of the Beasts (Hudson, NY)
7/13: The Freedom Fitness Festival (Gainesville, FL)
7/13: River’s End Rampage 2019 (Sharpsburg, KY)
7/13: OUTWOD Westport CrossFit Westport (Norwalk, CT)
7/13: OUTWOD Lubbock Capstone CrossFit (Lubbock, TX)
7/13: Showdown at the Swamp 2019 (Greenville, SC)
7/13 – 7/14: Fresh Coast Games (Muskegon, MI)
7/19: OUTWOD Las Vegas CrossFit Social City (Las Vegas, NV)
7/19 – 7/20: The 2nd Annual 24 Hour Kettlebell Challenge (Chino, CA)
7/20: OUTWOD Twin Falls The Pack CrossFit (Twin Falls, ID)
7/20: OUTWOD Chicago PXM CrossFit (Chicago, IL)
7/20: The CFB Gymkhana (Burlington, VT)
7/20: Masters Mayhem (Kilgore, TX)
7/20: Belmar Beatdown (Belmar, NJ)
7/20: Battle at the Falls (Granite Falls, NC)
7/20: Old Timers Classic (Williamsburg, VA)
7/20: Hero Games 2019 (Bedford, VA)
7/20: 2019 McCall Throwdown (McCall, ID)
7/20: RX’Mas in July 2019 (Urbana, OH)
7/20: Sacred Pine Invitational (Ladson, SC)
7/20: Barbells for Bullies Denver (Denver, CO)
7/20: Shoofly Lift Off (Fuquay Varina, NC)
7/20: Coffland Hero Challenge at CrossFit Mt. Hood (Gresham, OR)
7/20 Rookie Rumble at CrossFit SOAR (Hawthorne, NJ)
7/20 – 7/21: Battle of the Barbells (Nashville,TN)
7/21: The Buckeye Games (Medina, OH)
7/21: Coffland Hero Challenge at Rough House CrossFit (Bridgeport, CT)
7/26 – 7/28: CanWest Games (Coquitlam, BC)
7/27: The Mountain Meltdown (Arapahoe Basin, CO)
7/27: 7th annual Dog Days of Summer Competition (Roswell, GA)
7/27: The CF Summer Circus (Des Moines, IA)
7/27: 2019 Summer Meltdown (Birmingham, AL)
7/27: Masters Tour (Travelers Rest, SC)
7/27: Rock The Ages CrossFit Team Comp (Carollton, TX)
7/27: The WoDer Games (Ontario, Canada)
7/27: Girls Gone RX Waco (Waco, TX)
7/27: Rock the Ages at CrossFit Templum (Carrollton, TX)
7/27: The Meshugge Melee (Overland Park, KS)
7/27: All Gave Some, Some Gave All (Whitesboro, NY)
7/27: EVF “Stronger Together” Challenge (New York, NY)
8/2: Pirate Supporters Friday Night Light Kick Off (Lefors, TX)
8/3: OUTWOD Kansas City at CrossFit FIF (Kansas City, MO)
8/3: War of the WODs Summer Series (Greensboro, NC)
8/3: Riverport Rumble (Louisville, KY)
8/3: G’Town Throwdown – Chapter 3 (Georgetown, MA)
8/10: CFE’s Sugar & Spice Co-Ed Partner Competition (Burlington, MA)
8/10: Best of the Midwest Team Series at CrossFit 9 Degrees (Brownsburg, IN)
8/10: OUTWOD Charlotte at Silver Wolf CrossFit (Charlotte, NC) 
8/10: OUTWOD Phoenixville at CrossFit Lock 60 (Phoenixville, PA)
8/10: Sparrow Classic 2 Scaled Partner Competition (Pearland, TX)
8/10 – 8/11: No Surrender Survival Games (Wooster, OH)

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