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Sara Sigmundsdottir is the newest LSKD athlete

Morning Chalk Up

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Good morning and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up.

In today’s edition:

  • Sara Sigmundsdottir is now with LSKD
  • Training vs. Testing in Crossfit
  • New Morning Chalk Up writer, Austin Heaton offers some thoughts on the Semifinal strength of field in the men’s division
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  Sara Sigmundsdottir is the Newest LSKD Athlete  

Sara Sigmundsdottir is the Newest LSKD Athlete

Six-time CrossFit Games athlete and fan-favorite Sara Sigmundsdottir has joined the LSKD team as their newest sponsored athlete, she announced in an Instagram post on Tuesday.

With less than a month until the European Semifinal in Berlin, Germany, Sigmundsdottir will be able to debut her new partnership on the competition floor.

  • From LSKD: “We’re pumped to welcome Sara Sigmundsdottir to Team LSKD. It’s our mission to inspire you to chase your vibe through sports, fitness and adventure.”
  • “Sara’s career, training, outlook and presence as a CrossFit athlete and 6x CrossFit Games competitor is an inspiration to every athlete. We’re excited to share your journey with you Sara, lets create magic.”

Sigmundsdottir says her partnership with LSKD started organically–when she forgot a shirt while competing at Wodapalooza in the winter, her teammate and LSKD team member Katelin Van Zyl lended her an LSKD top. She instantly fell in love with the clothes–with both their comfort and style–and was convinced by the end of the competition.

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ICYMI: Annie Sakamoto shared her thoughts on almost two decades in the CrossFit space.

  Testing vs. Training in CrossFit  


Testing vs. Training in CrossFit

Marathon runners don’t run a daily marathon in preparation for their race. Football teams don’t play a game at practice to prepare for their next opponent.

The same principle should apply to the way athletes are trained in the walls of a CrossFit affiliate. Beating people over the head with endless metcons without planning intentional development of technique, strength and skill is a slippery slope towards injury, burnout and/or boredom.

One of the first steps in combating this is to understand the difference between testing and training.

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  Semifinal Strength of Field: Individual Men  

Semifinal Strength of Field: Individual Men

Yesterday we covered the most competitive Semifinal regions for the women’s competition, today we are taking on the men.

By looking at each individual athlete in each Semifinal, here is how we power ranked this year’s Semifinal regions.

We have created a Semifinals Strength of Region Ranking based on the following criteria:

  • Total combined Games appearances of all athletes in the region
  • Total combined top 10 Games finishes of all athletes in the region
  • Total combined podium finishes of all athletes in the region
  • Total combined championships of all athletes in the region

The following rankings will be listed from most difficult to least difficult.

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  Semifinal Strength of Field: Individual Men  

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