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Saxon Panchik Talks about his Move to PRVN

Morning Chalk Up

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Good morning and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up.

In today’s edition:

  • Seven takeaways from 22.1 as 22.2 is here today
  • How can dads get rid of “Dad Bod” and stay in shape?
  • Saxon Panchik talks about his move to PRVN
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  Seven Takeaways From Open Workout 22.1  

Seven Takeaways From Open Workout 22.1

The Scores of NOBULL CrossFit Open workout 22.1 have been submitted and are under review. We take a look at the leaderboard as we await for official confirmation and here are seven takeaways from the first workout of the 2022 CrossFit Games season.

1. The Wells Sisters

When Brooke Wells stated her intention was to compete at the Games this season after her horrific elbow injury on the Alliant Energy Center Coliseum floor, most thought she was a year away. But here she is sitting in 22nd place with 363 reps completed in an event that tested her repaired elbow with the wall walks and dumbbell snatches. This no doubt will boost her confidence and bodes well for her to make her return to the Games this year.

If you look one spot down you will see Brooke’s sister Sydney, who finished just one rep behind her twin and is tied for 25th place. Sydney made some news last season when she went from someone who signed up for the Open with no expectations to a Semifinal appearance at the West Coast Classic. Since then she has been fully immersed in the PRVN programming with the goal of making the Games. Now that she has her sister, Tia-Clair Toomey and Shane Orr back at CrossFit East Nashville training together, don’t be surprised to see her name on the first page of the leaderboard from here on out.

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Morning Chalk Up‘s 22.2 Live Pre Show is ready to roll with some amazing guests. Mark your calendar, March 3 at 11am PT, hosted by none other than our amazing Lauren Kalil. 🤩

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  • “Through ABG’s operating model, Reebok will have the ability to evolve and embrace its iconic creativity, quality and innovation. It’s time to let Reebok be Reebok.”

The International Functional Fitness Federation has decided to relocate the World Championships 2022 that was originally to be held in Moscow, Russia.

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  How Can Dads Stay Fit and Avoid “Dad Bod”?  

How Can Dads Stay Fit and Avoid “Dad Bod”?

When Brandon Swan – who has competed at the CrossFit Games three times – became a father in 2019, his daily life took on a whole new look.

  • “Not only did I become a dad, but I became a full time stay at home parent,” said the Brisbane, Australia resident who is now training to become a firefighter. “My wife was a school principal, and I was training full-time so out of the two of us, it made sense for me to stay home. We converted our garage into a gym and I started training whenever I had time, which I quickly learned wouldn’t be very often and mostly at times that weren’t ideal.”

Swan quickly found out being a dad was a full-time gig in itself, and that he was either training really early in the morning, late at night or while his son was napping. He was also loading regular work and errands onto his schedule and found that pretty soon, he was burning the candle at both ends.

It was here when Swan started sharing some of his experiences on Instagram, using the hashtag #dadhours. “It turned out a lot of other people found motivation and resonated with it also,” he said.

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  How Can Dads Stay Fit and Avoid “Dad Bod”?  

Saxon Panchik Moves to PRVN and Prepares for Open Announcement 22.2

The 2022 CrossFit season has begun and Saxon Panchik is starting it with a new zip code and training environment. After spending his CrossFit career training in Ohio with his brothers Scott and Spencer, Saxon is now part of the PRVN training team – and living – in Nashville, Tennessee.

“This is something that’s evolved over the last few weeks,” he said. “It was a pretty quick change…I came down and worked out with them at the end of January and I got along with the group and I really liked what they were about. I felt like it made me better just spending two days down here.”

From there – Panchik, his wife Taylor and twin daughters packed their bags and moved to Nashville. After Panchik finished fifth last year at the CrossFit Games, he’s hoping this move will help him inch all the way to the top of the podium.

And what better way than to get an early start going head to head with last year’s champ, Justin Medeiros, as they both throw down live at the 22.2 Open Announcement.

“To be one of the athletes that are blessed to be able to do one of these, especially since now there are only three weeks, I think for me that’s pretty rare so of course, I want to jump on any opportunity to compete.”

Panchik is hoping to see a barbell for the 22.2 announcement but regardless of the workout, this will be a very different experience for him than last year when he went head to head with his brothers, Scott and Spencer, for 21.3 and 21.4.

“Being able to go against your brothers you want to beat them but you also want to see everyone succeed so going against someone who’s not family will be more where I’m focused on myself.”

Although the Open is certainly not when Games level athletes are looking to peak, Panchik made it clear that he wasn’t going to just skirt by – and that his performance in these three weeks is still a crucial confidence builder for his season.

“If I was to go through the Open and finish 50, 60, 100, 120, that’s not going to help your confidence going into these other events but if you finish top five, top three, or you win it, I also think that that’s going to help your confidence.”

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  Who is Travis Mead, 11th in the Open after 22.1?  

Who is Travis Mead, 11th in the Open after 22.1?

One of the added nuances to the 2021 Open (that is back for 2022) was the introduction of payouts for the top five overall finishers at the conclusion of the final week. Questions were asked about what type of athletes, and who in particular, might have the best chance to cash in.

When the dust finally settled last year, there were familiar names occupying those spots, especially on the men’s side. Amongst those five were Rich Froning and Scott Panchik, 2020’s fifth place Games finisher Jeffery Adler, and Scott’s younger brother Saxon, all of whom have made a name for themselves in the sport. But, joining them, occupying the third place position, is a name barely anyone had heard of: Travis Mead.

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