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“If you are not willing to risk the usual, you will have to settle for the ordinary.” — Jim Rohn

Games, Health and CrossFit Instagram, Facebook Pages Taken Down “Indefinitely”


Monday afternoon, Armen Hammer reported that the CrossFit Instagram account appeared to have been taken down, showing “User not found” when attempting to access their page.

What was first speculated to be a case of a hacked account, now appears to be deliberate action by CrossFit.

“I can confirm that CrossFit [has] removed all their Facebook and Instagram channels indefinitely,” wrote Ollie Mansbridge, the director of Strength in Depth and manager of the CrossFit UK Facebook page. “I have just received notification that the CrossFit Twitter account will remain. Our U.K. CrossFit FB and Insta page will also be shifting over to Twitter.”

Since the news of that broke, the CrossFit Games, CrossFit Health, CrossFit Training and CrossFit Affiliates Instagram and Facebook accounts have all been deactivated. The only account that remains active on Facebook at the time of writing this is CrossFit Health.

CrossFit’s YouTube, Twitter and CrossFit Games’s Twitter are still online. 

Mansbridge also said that CrossFit HQ will be making an official announcement “in the coming days.”

The move caught many by surprise as CrossFit Games’ channels were actively sharing content throughout the weekend, including some of Morning Chalk Up’s stories.

The CrossFit Games and CrossFit Facebook pages alone combined for more than 5 million fans, with similar numbers on Instagram.

Things To…


WATCH: Jason Khalipa Reflects On the Rogue Invitational

Jason Khalipa just got back from the Rogue Invitational as a Legends athlete, and came home fired up to bring the same attention to detail, doing a little bit better than the others, and in a way that only you can for an experience no one else can provide.



HEAR: Joy and Claire Get Uncomfortable

Joy and Claire of Girls Gone WOD discuss coming to terms with feeling totally freaked out by life and worrying about something to try to keep it from happening. Finally, they answer a bunch of listener questions, from talking about wedding days to the latest fights with their spouses, and what household tasks they just don’t see.



GET: Your First Muscle-Up

Gymnastics are one of the things everyone loves to hate. But with the Invictus gymnastics programming, you can learn to love them and develop the skills needed for all the gymnastics movements, even muscle-ups.



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Chalk Up Community

  • STRENGTH IN OUR STREETS — On Saturday, June 22 the fifth annual Strength in our Streets competition will take place at Park Tudor School in Indianapolis, IN. All proceeds raised will go to Wheeler Mission and Outreach, Inc to help the homeless.
  • FREE WEBINAR — On May 23 at 4:00 PM PT Working Against Gravity is hosting a free webinar on the dysfunctional beliefs about nutrition, equip you with the tools you need for better results and some counseling on your relationship with food.

CHALK UP IN 2 MINUTES (a highlight reel around social media of CrossFit pros and average joes)

Twelve-year-old Maddie gets her first muscle-up • Congrats to Michelle Bowman for catching Tia-Clair Toomey’s shirt at the Rogue Invitational
Congratulations to Mariah Moore and Tyson Oldroyd on their weddingCorey Lunney power clean and jerks 300 pounds • Sean Hutchinson back
squats 300 pounds for ten. 

Kara Saunders Welcomes Baby Girl — Kara and Matt Saunders welcomed their daughter, Scotti Madison Saunders.

Stacie Tovar on Training At the End of Her Pregnancy — Games athlete Stacie Tovar shared with Live Well Nebraska what it’s been like training while pregnant. 

— “You would think that as a former professional athlete, slowing down in the gym would be a challenge for me, but it wasn’t. Much like training, I would go with the flow. There were days I could push and then there were days where I had to pull back. Eventually, though, with all the physical changes that were happening to my body, I had to slow down. I learned new ways to modify movements and actually found myself falling more in love with physical activity. The benefits aren’t just for me anymore, they are for both of us.”



“Using CrossFit to Prepare for the Marines,” by Jessica Danger, Morning Chalk Up

At CrossFit Overwatch in Concord, CA one program stands out amongst the others. High school students who enlisted in the Marines under a delayed entry program come there to train.

They’re called “poolees” and they are ”Marines awaiting training” who are getting “mentally and physically prepared for boot camp training,” said Gunnery Sgt. Angel Rodriguez, the Station Commander for the RSS Contra Costa.

But the poolees aren’t the only ones giving themselves to service. Six years ago, CrossFit Overwatch owner Jimmy Greninger started a scholarship that allows Marines to train at his affiliate for free. To be considered, each applicant needs to write a letter explaining why they joined the Marines.

“For me it’s my opportunity to give back and to help any person getting ready to give back,” said Greniger.

Greninger reads the letters himself, selecting poolees that stand out for exceptionally understanding their “why.” Currently, CrossFit Overwatch has 12 poolees attending CrossFit Overwatch regularly.



5/21: Brady’s Border2Border Ruck March (Beach, ND)

5/24: 24 Heroes in 24 Hours (Ardmore, PA)

5/25: Battle of the Barn 2019 (Bright, ON)

5/26: 24 Heroes in 24 Hours 2019 (Southborough, MA)

5/27: ValorFit Community Murph (Urbandale, IA)

5/30 – 6/2: Granite Games (St. Cloud, MN)

5/31: OUTWOD at Roy CrossFit (Roy, UT)

5/31 – 6/2: CrossFit Lowlands Throwdown (Apeldoorn, Netherlands)

6/1: Warrior Affiliate League Terrible Two (Murrietta, CA)

6/1: Warrior Affiliate League Terrible Two (Victorville, CA)

6/1: The Burn Out 4 Person Team Competition (New Bern, NC)

6/1: Battle of the Vikings (Frederick, MD)

6/1: The Hound and The Mountain Team Competition (Sudbury, MA)

6/1: 2019 Hammy (Hudson, OH)

6/1: Rise of the Masters (Statesboro,GA)

6/1: 7th annual Battle Beyond the Barbell (Sudbury, ON)

6/1 – 6/2: River Ruckus VI (Asheville, NC)

6/7 – 6/8: Bricktown Throwdown 2019 (Oklahoma City, OK)

6/8: The Mountain Meltdown (Park City, UT)

6/8: Battle In The Basin 2 2019 (Joshua Tree, CA)

6/8: Battle on the Creek (John’s Creek, GA) 

6/8: Supergiant Meltdown (Westerville, OH)

6/8: Double Down Skylands Showdown (Sparta, NJ)

6/8: CFE’s Summer Sizzler 2 Masters Competition (Burlington, MA)

6/8: The Charlotte Throwdown for Mental Health Awareness (Charlotte, NC)

6/8: 3rd Annual WODing for SuperTy (Pawling, NY)

6/8: OUTWOD Showdown at Brick (West Hollywood, CA)

6/8: Flex on the Mall ( Washington, D.C.)

6/9: Million Meters Row (Baxter, MN)

6/8 – 6/9: CFCC Triple Threat (Denver, CO)

6/14: 2019 Summer Splashdown (Tuscon, AZ)

6/14 – 6/15: CanEast Games (Hamilton, ON)

6/15: Best of the Midwest Team Series (Greenwood, IN)

6/15: AZFITCOM (Phoenix, AZ)

6/15: Rep Your Box 8 (Jacksonville, FL)

6/15: Rookie Rumble at CrossFit Mercenary (Owings Mill, MD)

6/15: SweetTatas (Newtown,CT)

6/15 – FireTeam 4 Challenge and Fundraiser (Wheaton, IL)

6/15: Gameday (Rochester, MN)

6/15: Summer Slam 2019 (Staten Island, NY)

6/15: The East Coast Gambit (Brooklyn, NY)

6/15: Raise the Bar for Caleb (Cibolo, TX) 

6/16: Three Fathers RCMP Memorial Challenge (Bedford, NS)

6/21 – 6/23: The Bacon Beatdown (Daytona Beach, FL)

6/22: The Brethren Throwdown (Morgan Hill, CA)

6/22 – 6/23: Clash on the Concrete (Miamisburg, OH)

6/22: Femme Royale (Fort Atkinson, WI)

6/22: OUTWOD (Winter Garden, FL)

6/22: Flower City Throwdown – Men’s Division (Rochester, NY)

6/22: Rookie Rumble at CrossFit Powerhour (Lebanon, NY)

6/22: Barbells and Beer at CrossFit Electric City (Anderson, SC)

6/22: 2019 Midsummer Melee (Houston, TX)

6/22: Girls Of Summer Competition (Katy, TX)

6/22: Asbury Park Games (Asbury, NJ)

6/23: Third annual Bro Royale (Fort Atkinson, WI)

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